Wild Pitch Sports Illustrated Kids Graphic Novels

Used book in Good Condition. The pitch injured Kyle, forcing him to leave the game. It took several months for Kyle's injury to heal, and he couldn't shake the suspicion that Ryan had intentionally threw at him. But kyle has put all that out of his mind, because he's excited for a fresh start this year -- until he discovers that Ryan will be joining his team.

His team lost, and Ryan got to celebrate the win while Kyle headed to the hospital. In last year's state championship game, Ryan Rogan beaned Kyle Walker with a red-hot fastball.

Power at the Plate Sports Illustrated Kids Graphic Novels

However, those types of things don’t really get you the attention that a homer does, and Luke’s tired of standing in the Jake’s shadow. Luke isn’t popular, and he hasn't hit a single home run -- but he does have the team’s best batting average as well as the most stolen bases. Jake thorson, the Vikings team captain, gets all the credit.

He leads the team in home runs, everyone but his brother, and everybody loves him for it -- that is, Luke.

Beastly Basketball Sports Illustrated Kids Graphic Novels

He joins his school's team only to find that the players are disorganized, timid,  and lacking in discipline! So, Joe uses his experience in martial arts to bring out the best--or beast!--in his teammates by assigning each player a particular style of kung fu that suits their personalities. Will their newfound skills lead to flawless victory, or will they continue to get beaten to the punch?

Joe knows kung fu. Until the day he arrives to find his studio is closed--permanently. In fact, he loves it more than anything. Every single evening,  Joe walks to his neighborhood kung fu studio to practice for hours on end. Unperturbed,  Joe decides to pursue his second-favorite activity--basketball.

Quarterback Rush Sports Illustrated Kids Graphic Novels

With a little help from his teammates, Steve goes to great lengths to toughen up Aaron only to discover that toughness isn't the quarterback's actual problem. So why are the otters struggling to win games? Steve Michaels, one of the team's receivers, notices that Aaron seems to be afraid of getting hit.

Everyone's talented and determined, Aaron Corbin, and their new quarterback, throws bullets. The otters are absolutely awesome in practice.

8-Bit Baseball Sports Illustrated Kids Graphic Novels

Despite the fact that he's never even held a baseball before, Jared ends up being pretty impressive as a pitcher--until the line between video games and reality begins to blur. Jared richards is undefeated in baseball games--video games, anyway. Can jared sort out the glitch in his brain before he blows the big game?

But when he loses a bet to his best friend, Jared is forced to get off the couch and step onto the field for his school's baseball team tryouts.

Spotlight Soccer Sports Illustrated Kids Graphic Novels

To make matters worse, the team is filled with ball-hogs, and their coach doesn't seem to care. More than anything else, Franco dreams of going pro some day. After all, his soccer coaches say he's the best kind of player--more giving than greedy, preferring to rack up the assists instead of scoring goals.

And that method works just fine until Franco has to change schools. On his new team, the warlocks,  Franco's pass-first approach to soccer just isn't working. Franco refuses to let his dream of going pro die, but the new team is pretty much a living nightmare.

Full Court Flash Sports Illustrated Kids Graphic Novels

Dash has some work to do to prove he's not all Flash and no substance. Used book in Good Condition. There's just one problem -- his teammates are having a hard time keeping up! His passes are missing the mark, and his friends are getting frustrated with Dash putting on a one man show. Now, he's taller, faster, and stronger than everyone else.

Dash the flash grew nearly a foot last year. Dash out jumps defenders and sinks big shots, all the while making it look too easy.

End Zone Thunder Sports Illustrated Kids Graphic Novels

Used book in Good Condition. Hank "thunder" wilde and Jonas "Lightning" Fine are total opposites. Jonas is flashy, while Hank lets his booming hits do the talking. Will "thunder" and "lightning" rip the Cyclones apart, or will the two wide receivers come together to create the perfect offensive storm? Used book in Good Condition.

. However, both teens have one thing in common -- their competition to become team captain is hurting the Cyclones' run at the state championship.

Quarterback Scramble Sports Illustrated Kids Graphic Novels

Soon after, a possible solution to Ben's passing problems reveals itself -- but he's not so sure it's the right answer. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. With ben at the helm, the offense starts to stall, and his teammates place the blame squarely on his shoulders.

As the backup quarterback for the Hawks, Ben Paulson is happy to ride the bench and hang out with his teammates on the sidelines. But everything changes when the Hawks' star quarterback, Wes Blake,  gets suspended for pulling poor grades in math.

Battle for Home Plate Sports Illustrated Kids Graphic Novels

But this season, the friends are forced to play on rival teams. What will happen when the former best friends collide at home plate? Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Carlos makes new friends on the field, and Justin is left in the dust. When their teams face each other in the final game of the season, Justin and Carlos aren't even speaking.

Justin and carlos have played on the same baseball team since their T-ball days. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. The game comes down to one run, and Carlos rounds third.

Soccer Longshot Sports Illustrated Kids Graphic Novels

His team is talented, but Matty can't help but feel that something's missing. He hasn't improved in a while, and wonders if he needs to switch things up in order to keep improving. So, he decides to head out to the local park to kick it with some of the street ball kids. Used book in Good Condition. Matty figures he'll run right through the disorganized teens.

Instead, he gets a swift kick in the pants! Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Matty is the team captain of the local soccer club, the Strikers.