The Virgin Trial

Fifteen-year-old bess has no idea when she heads to London to see her Uncle Ted that she is about to find herself at the heart of a scandal involving sexual impropriety; her stepfather, Thom; and an attempted overthrow of the government. What does all this have to do with her? how adroitly can Bess manoeuvre through a series of interviews to avoid being swept up in the peril that might ensue? And will she be able to spin the facts to create a myth based on her own innocence?


The Last Wife

But her obligatory marriage to henry is rife with the threat of violence and the lure of deceit; her secret liaisons with Thom, her husband’s former brother-in-law, could send her to an early grave; and her devotion to the education and equal rights of Henry’s daughters is putting an even bigger strain on her marriage.

Does kate risk her life to gain authority in both her relationship and her political career? Which love will she be led to if she follows her heart? And what kind of future is there for her children if she makes a crucial mistake? Kate parr is smart, confident, and passionate: a rising star in a world of intense competition.


Marley: A Novel

Meticulously crafted and beguilingly told, Marley revisits and illuminates one of Charles Dickens’s most cherished works to spellbinding effect. They meet as youths in the gloomy confines of Professor Drabb’s Academy for Boys, where Marley begins their twisted friendship by initiating the innocent Scrooge into the gentle art of extortion.

Between marley’s genius for deception and Scrooge’s brilliance with numbers, they amass a considerable fortune of dubious legality, all rooted in a pitiless commitment to the soon-to-be-outlawed slave trade. Now, for the first time, Scrooge and Marley find themselves at cross-purposes. Marley and scrooge are destined to clash in an unforgettable reckoning that will echo into the future and set the stage for Marley’s ghostly return.

As marley toys with the affections of Scrooge’s sister, Fan, Scrooge falls under the spell of Fan’s best friend, Belle Fairchild. With their business interests inextricably bound together and instincts for secrecy and greed bred in their very bones, forged documents, the two men engage in a shadowy war of deception, false identities, theft, and cold-blooded murder.

But in jon clinch’s ingenious novel, a scoundrel, business partner to Ebenezer Scrooge, is very much alive: a rapacious and cunning boy who grows up to be a forger, Jacob Marley, and the man who will be both the making and the undoing of Scrooge. Years later, in the dank heart of London, their shared ambition manifests itself in a fledgling shipping empire.

By some uncanny act of artistic appropriation, without imitating Dickens, Clinch has, entered into the phantasmagoric realm that is the great novelist’s quintessential territory…Startling and creative…Remarkable… Masterly. The new york times book review from the acclaimed author of Finn comes a masterful reimagining of Dickens’s classic A Christmas Carol with this darkly entertaining exploration of the relationship between Ebenezer Scrooge and Jacob Marley.

Every Brilliant Thing Oberon Modern Plays

You’re seven years old. Mum’s in hospital. Dad says she’s ‘done something stupid’. She finds it hard to be happy. You start a list of everything that’s brilliant about the world. Everything worth living for. You leave it on her pillow. You know she’s read it because she’s corrected your spelling.


Beverly is organizing the perfect dinner, but everything seems doomed from the start: the silverware is all wrong, the carrots need chopping and the radio is on the fritz. Winner of the 2019 pulitzer prize for drama “dazzling and ruthless…One of the most exquisitely and systematically arranged ambushes of an unsuspecting audience in years…A glorious, scary reminder of the unmatched power of live theater to rattle, roil and shake us wide awake.

Ben brantley, new York Times Grandma’s birthday approaches. What at first appears to be a family comedy takes a sharp, sly turn into a startling examination of deep-seated paradigms about race in America.

Clybourne Park: A Play Tony Award Best Play

Are the issues festering beneath the floorboards actually the same, fifty years on? Bruce Norris's excruciatingly funny and squirm-inducing satire explores the fault line between race and property. Clybourne park is the winner of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, and the winner of the 2012 Tony Award for Best Play.

In 1959, russ and bev are selling their desirable two-bedroom at a bargain price, unknowingly bringing the first black family into the neighborhood borrowing a plot line from Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun and creating ripples of discontent among the cozy white residents of Clybourne Park. Clybourne Park spans two generations fifty years apart.

In 2009, the same property is being bought by a young white couple, whose plan to raze the house and start again is met with equal disapproval by the black residents of the soon-to-be-gentrified area.

Jen Silverman: Three Plays Oberon Modern Playwrights

Contains the plays the roommate, The Moors and Collective Rage: A Play in 5 Betties. Collective rage: a play in 5 betties - Five different women named Betty collide at the intersection of anger, sex, and the “thea-tah. The moors - two sisters and a dog live out their lives on the bleak English moors, and dream of love and power.

. A dark comedy about love, desperation, and visibility. The roommate - a dark comedy about what it takes to re-route your life - and what happens when the wheels come off. Three plays from award-winning American Playwright Jen Silverman.

Without Warning

He smiled when the spray arched higher, signaling the ship had begun changing course again. You’re right on schedule, ” he said to the image in his eyepiece. Lemp’s pulse quickened with the knowledge that his war was about to begin. Based on accounts written by passengers, and original documents, books, Without Warning honors the memory of Athenia’s passengers, newspaper stories, personal interviews with survivors and descendants of survivors, both living and dead.

. On september 1, 1939, the passenger liner Athenia set sail from Glasgow for Montreal by way of Belfast and Liverpool. On september 3, Athenia was torpedoed by a German submarine. Fritz-julius lemp tracked the approaching ship in his submarine’s periscope. In without Warning, author Thomas C. She carried 1, 100 passengers, nearly three-quarters of whom were women and children.

. Sanger tells the harrowing story of the sinking of the Athenia from the perspective of eight people: six passengers, Athenia’s chief officer, and the commander of the German U-boat. It had become a silhouette barely distinguishable against the darkening twilight sky, but Lemp was close enough to see the foaming white wave thrown up by its bow.


Dance Nation Oberon Modern Plays

Maybe this is the year, this is the dance where your lives will start!'Somewhere in America, this is the moment, a revolution is coming. An army of competitive dancers is ready to take over the world, one routine at a time. With a pre-teen battle for power and perfection raging on and off stage,  Dance Nation is a ferocious exploration of youth, ambition and self-discovery.

Winner of the susan smith blackburn prize and The Relentless Award,  Dance Nation is Clare Barron’s explosive new play.

The Whistling Season

Can't cook but doesn't bite. So begins the newspaper ad offering the services of an "A-1 housekeeper, sound morals, exceptional disposition" that draws the hungry attention of widower Oliver Milliron in the fall of 1909. When the schoolmarm runs off with an itinerant preacher, his three sons, Morris is pressed into service, setting the stage for the "several kinds of education"-none of them of the textbook variety-Morris and Rose will bring to Oliver, and the rambunctious students in the region's one-room schoolhouse.

And so begins the unforgettable season that deposits the noncooking, nonbiting, ever-whistling Rose Llewellyn and her font-of-knowledge brother, Morris Morgan, in Marias Coulee along with a stampede of homesteaders drawn by the promise of the Big Ditch-a gargantuan irrigation project intended to make the Montana prairie bloom.

A paean to a vanished way of life and the eccentric individuals and idiosyncratic institutions that made it fertile, The Whistling Season is Ivan Doig at his evocative best.