The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Prose Poetry: Contemporary Poets in Discussion and Practice

Literary Criticism. Half critical study and half anthology, the field guide to proSE POETRY is a not-to-be-missed companion for readers and writers of poetry, as well as students and teachers of creative writing. The essayists discuss their craft, and experiences, all while pondering larger questions: What is prose poetry? Why write prose poems? With its pioneering introduction, influences, this collection provides a history of the development of the prose poem up to its current widespread appeal.

Poetry. A wide-ranging gathering of 34 brief essays and 66 prose poems by distinguished practitioners, THE ROSE METAL PRESS FIELD GUIDE TO PROSE POETRY is as personal and provocative, accessible and idiosyncratic as the genre itself. Used book in Good Condition.

The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction: Tips from Editors, Teachers, and Writers in the Field

With its unprecedented gathering of 25 brief essays by experts in the field, The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction meets the growing need for a concise yet creative exploration of the re-emerging genre popularly known as flash fiction. Ehrhardt, robert shapard, pamela painter, michael martone, deb olin unferth, sherrie flick, Shouhua Qi, Julio Ortega, Nathan Leslie, Jayne Anne Phillips, Bruce Holland Rogers, Tom Hazuka, Jennifer Pieroni, Vanessa Gebbie, Lex Williford Used book in Good Condition.

. This guide is a must for anyone in the field of short fiction who teaches, writes, and is interested in its genesis and practice. Featuring essays by: steve almond, mark budman, robert olen butler, Kim Chinquee, Stace Budzko, Randall Brown, Rusty Barnes, Ron Carlson, Pamelyn Casto, Stuart Dybek, Pia Z.

The book's introduction provides, from its early roots and hitherto unknown early publications and appearances, a comprehensive history of the short short story, for the first time, to its current state and practice.

The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Nonfiction: Advice and Essential Exercises from Respected Writers, Editors, and Teachers

Unmatched in its focus on a concise and popular emerging genre, editors, and helpful examples of what make the brief essay form such a perfect medium for experimentation, focused exercises, and teachers offering expert analysis, THE ROSE METAL PRESS FIELD GUIDE TO WRITING FLASH NONFICTION features 26 eminent writers, insight, and illumination.

Moore, this guide is perfect for both the classroom and the individual writer's desk—an essential handbook for anyone interested in the scintillating and succinct flash nonfiction form. The flash nonfiction genre has staying power, and the rose metal press fieLD GUIDE TO WRITING FLASH NONFICTION will show you why.

These thoughtful, thought-provoking essays and exercises have the paradoxical effect of slowing down our attention and encouraging an expansion of the moment, while seeming to be saving writing and reading time. Opening with a thorough and informative history of the genre, editor, renowned writer, and teacher Dinty W.

Literary Nonfiction. Moore assembles a cast of writers who share their expertise, suggest writing exercises, and provide exemplary models of the best flash nonfiction being written today. Moore, is a lot more than flashy. This book is required reading for any writer, editor, or teacher of the brief nonfiction form.

Rebecca mcclanahan, author of the Riddle Song and Other Rememberings and Word Painting Used book in Good Condition.

Great American Prose Poems: From Poe to the Present

Great american prose poems is a marvelous collection, a must-have for anyone interested in the current state of the art. Used book in Good Condition. A prose poem is a poem written in prose rather than verse. Included here are important works from masters of American literature, as well as poems by contemporary mainstays and emerging talents who demonstrate why the form has become an irresistible option for the practicing poet today.

. In his brilliant and lucid introduction, summarizes its French heritage, Lehman defines the prose poem, and outlines its history in the United States. Used book in Good Condition. But what does that really mean? is it an indefinable hybrid? an anomaly in the history of poetry? Are the very words "prose poem" an oxymoron? This groundbreaking anthology edited by celebrated poet David Lehman, traces the form in all its dazzling variety from Poe and Emerson to Auden and Ashbery and on, editor of The Best American Poetry series, right up to the present.


Brevity: A Flash Fiction Handbook

In brevity, david galef provides a guide to writing flash fiction, from tips on technique to samples by canonical and contemporary authors to provocative prompts that inspire powerful stories in a little space. For more information, see davidgalef. Com/brevity. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.

Columbia University Press. A writer and longtime creative writing teacher, Galef also shows how flash fiction skills translate to other types of writing. Brevity is an indispensable resource for anyone working in this increasingly popular form. Galef traces the genre back to its varied origins, fables, lists, character sketches, prose poems, twist stories, surrealism, from the short-short to nanofiction, with examples that include vignettes, and metafiction.

The authors range from the famous, such as Colette and Borges, to today's voices, like Roxane Gay and Bruce Holland Rogers.

Models of the Universe : An Anthology of the Prose Poem

Columbia University Press. Here at last is a comprehensive anthology of one of the world's most fascinating literary hybrids. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. This strange sub-genre encompasses the history of modern poetry, baudelaire, its adolescence in Symbolism Mallarme, from its beginnings in romanticism Bertrand, Rimbaud, Williams, Kafka, Trakl, Follain, Montale, Vallejo, its maturity in high modernism Stein, Char, Turgenev, H.

D. And others, and its middle age in post-modernism Cortazar, Bishop, Ashbery, Simic, Edson, Bly. Up to the present.

Meander, Spiral, Explode: Design and Pattern in Narrative

G. Used book in Good Condition. Other writers of nonlinear prose considered in her “museum of specimens” include Nicholson Baker, Susan Minot, Anne Carson, Marguerite Duras, Jamaica Kincaid, David Mitchell, Caryl Phillips, Gabriel García Márquez, Clarice Lispector, and Mary Robison. Columbia University Press.

Meander, spiral, explode is a singular and brilliant elucidation of literary strategies that also brings high spirits and wit to its original conclusions. Filled with clarity and wit, underlain with formidable erudition. Publishers weekly starred review "How lovely to discover a book on the craft of writing that is also fun to read.

. One of poets & writers' best Books for Writers “A boundlessly inventive look at narrative form. It is a liberating manifesto that says, in thinking of new modes, Let’s leave the outdated modes behind and, bring feeling back to experimentation. But something that swells and tautens until climax, then collapses? Bit masculosexual, no? So many other patterns run through nature, tracing other deep motions in life.

It will appeal to serious readers and writers alike. Alison asserts that the best stories follow patterns in nature, and by defining these new styles she offers writers the freedom to explore but with enough guidance to thrive.

Flash Fiction: 72 Very Short Stories

These stories are not merely flashes in the pan; there's pay dirt here!" ―DeWitt Henry, editor of Ploughshares Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Columbia University Press.

FLASH!: Writing the Very Short Story

Used book in Good Condition. Columbia University Press. Flash! identifies the qualities that make for excellent flash fiction, demystifies the writing process, and guides writers by exercise and example through the world of the very short story. An engaging and frank guide to writing the very short story, exemplary models, full of sound advice, and provocative exercises.

John dufresne’s characteristic warmth, wit, and humor remind writers of the joy in the creative process, making this a perfect guide for any writer interested in trying a new form. The history of fiction has been dominated by the novel and the short story. But now a brave new genre has emerged: very brief fiction.

Used book in Good Condition.

Short: An International Anthology of Five Centuries of Short-Short Stories, Prose Poems, Brief Essays, and Other Short Prose Forms

Contributors include: montaigne, kafka, Chopin, Woolf, Bierce, von Kleist, Stein, Leopardi, Baudelaire, Jacob, Poe, J. Lerner, T. Bender, Eggers, B. Columbia University Press. Used book in Good Condition. Short offers the tradition and glorious present of these popular forms that stretch and defy genre. From 1500 to present, hundreds of pieces.

Brimhall. Carson, hempel, wenderoth, Forche, Keret, Harjo, B. Here is a dazzling array: 100s of pieces under 1250 words from 24 Western countries, written over five centuries by more than 200 contributors, including major authors of every era. Fables, faux dictionary entries, a faux job application, chants, hint fiction, tableaus, aphorisms, meditations, lists, histories, rants, anecdotes, and much more.

Used book in Good Condition. Intensely pleasurable. Roth, transtromer, queneau, borges, milosz, kunitz, paz, calvino, atwood, Edson, Sanchez, Toomer, O'Hara, Valenzuela, Lispector, Merwin, Wideman, Barthes, Simic, Beckett, Cortazar, L. Rather than quibble, Short opts for inclusiveness. Inventive, entertaining, and addictive.

Marcus, A. Davis, Komunyakaa, A.

The American Prose Poem: Poetic Form and the Boundaries of Genre

Used book in Good Condition. Michel delville's book is the first full-length work to provide a critical and historical survey of the American prose poem from the early years of the 20th century to the 1990s. Delville reassesses the work of established prose poets in relation to the history of modern poetry and introduces writings by some whose work in the form has so far escaped mainstream critical attention Sherwood Anderson, Kenneth Patchen, Russell Edson.

G. Ballard and of articles on contemporary English and American literature. The only critical book on prose poetry that not only provides a historical background for the prose poem in English, but also focuses on contemporary American prose poets. Peter johnson, providence College The American prose poem has a rich history marked by important contributions from major writers.

Excellent. He is author of a study of J. He shows that the history of the contemporary prose poem is, in many respects, the record of its efforts to question both the nature of the "poetic" or "lyric" mode and the aesthetic and ideological foundations of a variety of other genres and subgenres. Michel delville teaches at the university of Liège, Belgium, and is a senior research assistant at the National Fund for Scientific Research in Brussels.

Used book in Good Condition.