The Omega Project: A Sean Wyatt Archaeological Thriller Sean Wyatt Adventure Book 17

And despite his world-class security, they’ve tracked Dawkins down. They drug him, kidnap him, and stash the former president all the way across the country. And they pin the crime on former secret-agent-turned archeologist Sean Wyatt, one of the former president’s closest friends. The news media, the feds, local cops—it seems everyone is hunting Sean, and he barely escapes the dragnet as he races to save his old friend.

But this will be no mere rescue mission. With nerve-shredding action and the precision of a master craftsman, sometimes, Dempsey reminds us that, the greatest dangers are those we think we’ve put behind us. This archaeological thriller is sure to keep you burning through the pages late into the night. President John Dawkins has earned a break.

After two successful terms—despite a series of political maelstroms—this humble Southern gentleman united the country behind a common purpose, strengthened America’s standing throughout the world, and kept his nation safe. So, when dawkins retires to his cabin in the Georgia woods, about the only excitement he’s looking for involves romantic dinners with his girlfriend and the occasional cold beer while watching his Atlanta Falcons.

Unfortunately, powerful past enemies he didn’t even know he made have been waiting—waiting for their chance to exact revenge for a series of vile grudges and dubious grievances. To solve the riddle and save the former president, the kidnappers give Sean just one week—an impossible task to evade a nationwide manhunt and solve the most dangerous mystery of his life.

The Forbidden Temple: A Sean Wyatt Archaeological Thriller Sean Wyatt Adventure Book 16

They aren't the only ones who seek the treasure, though, and if it falls into the wrong hands, the entire planet could be brought to its knees. Don't miss this installment of the USA Today Bestselling archaeological thriller series by Ernest Dempsey. One of his colleagues secures the help of Sean Wyatt and sidekick Tommy Schultz to uncover the truth behind the disappearance.

India, passion, a continent of culture, and mystery. For thousands of years this vast and wondrous nation has harbored vast treasures, inexhaustible history, and unimaginable secrets. Grab yours today. Now a pre-eminent expert on Indian history has gone missing. Some doors should remain unopened. In doing so, however, they discover a mystery surrounding an ancient Indian Temple, a puzzle that could lead to nearly infinite wealth and power or worldwide destruciton.


The Napoleon Affair: A Sean Wyatt Archaeological Thriller Sean Wyatt Adventure Book 18

The napoléon affair will keep you guessing until all of its secrets are finally revealed. And the grand master of a once-powerful order of medieval Catholic knights wants it to help his twisted holy warriors regain their former glory. They’ll stop at nothing until they possess the ring, kill Wyatt and his friends, overthrow the pope, and enlist believers worldwide into their unholy New Crusade.

Usa today best-selling author Ernest Dempsey delivers his most taut thriller to date. And the catholic church has spent untold blood and treasure to recover them—often to no avail. For nearly two thousand years, the Catholic Church has revered and protected its priceless, sprawling inventory of holy relics.

From the bones of apostles to pieces of the cross Jesus died on, Catholics worldwide have long viewed their cherished relics as sacred—reminders of the possibility of miracles, of the power of the Almighty. But some of the holiest relics in all of Christendom have been lost down through the centuries to war, thieves, or worse.

Get into some of the best adventure fiction kindle unlimited has to offer and find out why Ernest Dempsey is one of the hottest adventure fiction authors in the genre. This archaeological thriller will keep you burning through the pages long into the night. So, when a high-ranking cardinal is murdered in his Vatican apartment over clues he might possess to the whereabouts of a relic considered truly divine, the Vatican calls in the experts.

They enlist former secret agent sean wyatt; his wife, if at all possible, Adriana; and his best friend, the renowned archaeologist Tommy Schultz, to help find both the cardinal’s killer and, the missing relic, thought to have been hidden by Napoléon Bonaparte two hundred years ago.

The Sahara Legacy: A Sean Wyatt Archaeological Thriller Sean Wyatt Adventure Book 13

A breathless sprint across two continents, The Sahara Legacy is both a gripping tale of intrigue and an imagining of ancient powers that lie just beyond the limits of human control and comprehension. Grab your copy today and join the adventure. Unfortunately for sean and Tommy, some very evil, very powerful men are also on the trail.

But the legend and the unlimited power it promises are so improbable that other archeologists—including Tommy’s parents—gave up looking for Zerzura decades ago. To keep zerzura’s near-limitless power from falling into the wrong hands, they must outwit a dark nemesis from their past, blast through his legions of gun-toting assassins, and forge new and unstable alliances that threaten their mission nearly from the start.

The god-like power promised by the lost desert city of Zerzura is as frightening as it is alluring. Unimaginable wealth. Eternal life. Former secret agent sean Wyatt and his best friend, Tommy Schultz, have never hunted anything like it. Most call it a myth. That all changes when a chance discovery in the middle East reveals long-hidden clues about the possible truth behind the Zerzura legend and catapults Sean and Tommy smack in the middle of a race to find the lost city and to protect humanity from its dark, unlimited dominion.

The authority to command nations.

The Templar Curse: A Sean Wyatt Archaeological Thriller Sean Wyatt Adventure Book 15

Dive into some of the best adventure fiction Kindle Unlimited has to offer and find out why Ernest Dempsey's Sean Wyatt Series has some of the top adventure fiction books around. Readers, hold fast to wyatt and Schultz, or you too might be lost to the deadly Templar Curse. Before their order can pervert this heavenly power and wield it to enslave all of humanity.

In a life-or-death fight to save both themselves and free people everywhere, this group of murderous villains, Sean and Tommy must again beat the clock, and a series of cryptic traces left by the ancients both to throw these bloodthirsty men off the trail and to save us all. In his latest sean wyatt thriller, secrets, USA Today best-selling author Ernest Dempsey again rips the veil from history to throw readers headlong into a hidden world of clues, and danger.

And that realization terrifies him. Together with his best friend and sidekick, Tommy Schultz, Sean must track down the Ark before the Order of the Assassin can. Throughout the course of human warfare, as deadly, no weapon has been as feared, as the Ark of the Covenant. Legend claims that this mysterious, was so powerful that the Ark could lay waste to entire armies, first carried into battle by the ancient Israelites, supernatural force, entire cities in moments—thousands of years before the advent of nuclear bombs.

So, when an ancient order of killers reemerges from the shadows after centuries of hiding—convinced that other secret societies took the Ark from Jerusalem to hide it in early America—international treasure hunter Sean Wyatt knows exactly what they seek and why. Grab your copy of one of the hottest thrillers and mysteries of 2019 today and find out why Ernest Dempsey is one of the top action adventure authors in the world right now.

The Fourth Prophecy: A Sean Wyatt Archaeological Thriller Sean Wyatt Adventure Book 14

It’s not political gridlock that’s paralyzed the capital of the United States this time. A ruthless killer is assassinating members of Congress, leaving authorities with neither clues nor hope to stop the slaughter. Washington is at a standstill. Swarmed by spies, shysters, and professional slayers, Dempsey’s vision of international treasure hunting would send even Indiana Jones running for retirement.

Fear grips the city as the federal government grinds to a halt. So, tommy schultz? they’re thousands of miles away in the middle of the Mexican rain forest, where are former government agent Sean Wyatt and his sidekick, leading a private mission for one of the congresswomen targeted by the murderer. The congresswoman is convinced ancient documents in her possession hold the keys to a new world—a golden age without murder, scandal, or lust for power.

Sean and Tommy should be so lucky. In their quest to solve another ancient, yet again, and shady mercenaries—and learn that, counterrevolutionary guerrillas, deadly series of riddles, Sean and Tommy take on Mexican drug cartels, nothing in either the modern or the ancient world is what it appears to be.

In his grittiest thriller yet, Ernest Dempsey again thrusts readers into the heart of the global criminal underworld.

The Denali Deception: A Sean Wyatt Archaeological Thriller Sean Wyatt Adventure Book 12

Their goal is simple: reshaping the country according to their dark, dangerous plans. Ernest dempsey exploded onto the scene of adventure fiction authors and has entertained millions with his books. Find out why the sean Wyatt Series has some of the best adventure fiction kindle unlimited has to offer. What if the greatest secret of the us civil war never made the history books? what if the union and the Confederacy had fought not just for country and principle but for a source of unlimited, unimaginable wealth and power?While on a classified mission from the president, Tommy Schultz, secret agent turned treasure hunter Sean Wyatt and his sidekick, stumble upon these darkest American mysteries long thought to be lost to history.

To guard these truths and the power they conceal, sean and Tommy must battle a rich and powerful secret society bent on unearthing these secrets for themselves—a clandestine cabal willing to lie, steal, and kill—even the president himself—for a shot at limitless power.

The Samurai Cipher: A Sean Wyatt Archaeological Thriller Sean Wyatt Adventure Book 8

When sean wyatt and his longtime friend tommy Schultz try to help a troubled Japanese woman, they find themselves right in the thick of a power struggle between some of the most dangerous gangsters in the world. Some historians claim it was destroyed with the rest of Japan’s weapons. At the end of world war II, the greatest Samurai sword of all time vanished without a trace.

Others believe it is hidden somewhere. Rumors abound as to its whereabouts. Now sean and company must race across japan, unravel clues that were left decades before, and discover the true location of a blade made by the greatest sword maker of all time: Honjo Masamune. Theories about its location vary from intricate cave systems to monks protecting the blade in a shrine deep in the mountains.


The Excalibur Key: A Sean Wyatt Archaeological Thriller Sean Wyatt Adventure Book 11

Excalibur: sword of kings. But more than a thousand years after the mythical kingdom of Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, tales of Excalibur and its exploits have long been considered only that: legend. That is, until an astonishing archaeological find in France convinces former secret agent Sean Wyatt and his sidekick, Tommy Schultz, that even this unlikeliest of myths is rooted in a truth that now threatens the modern world.

Racing against time and a north korean madman bent on finding, and brandishing, this ancient blade of unstoppable power, Wyatt and Schultz must also outwit an underground brotherhood sworn to keep the secrets of this sacred sword for eternity. In yet another heart-pounding tale with more twists than the ancient legend itself, beloved author Ernest Dempsey’s The Excalibur Key is a thrill ride like no other—and will keep you guessing until the very end.

Blade of destiny. Legend holds that whoever wields this mighty, ancient weapon is invincible, able to vanquish all enemies and rule entire lands. Slayer of armies.

The Cairo Vendetta : A Sean Wyatt Archaeological Thriller Prequel Sean Wyatt Adventure Book 9

Beyond the plains of the Serengeti, in the distant shadows of Kilimanjaro, a new new evil has risen. Sometimes a terrorist threat comes from the least expected place. Join the adventure in this exhilarating prequel to the series with Government Agent Sean Wyatt and his partner Emily Starks as they travel to Tanzania to foil a warlord's evil scheme and bring his reign of terror to an end, but what they find is that there is more to the mission than they first believed.

Go back in time to the years just after the tragic events of 9/11. Follow sean, emily, and tommy schultz as they race against the clock to figure out who is pulling the strings behind a wicked plan that could bring the world to its knees. A warlord is building an army with child soldiers he abducted from Tanzanian towns.

Somehow this rebel has acquired powerful missiles armed with enough nerve gas to wipe out entire cities. But the threat he poses isn't just to East Africa. Grab this exhilarating thrill-ride now and see why readers are saying Ernest Dempsey is one of the best new voices in this genre.

The Uluru Code: A Sean Wyatt Archaeological Thriller Sean Wyatt Adventure Book 10

A mysterious email, a desperate request, and bizarre cave drawings lead to a wild adventure through the Australian outback in search of an artifact as old as time itself. After a museum curator goes missing, and another murdered, Sean Wyatt and Tommy Schultz must decipher the code from a 120 year old document that could alter the course of history of a nation and put incredible power in the hands of a madman.

The mysterious relic they seek dates to back to the earliest of Earth's people, the Aborigines, an ancient tribe filled with legends, and secrets passed down through the ages for 40, lore, 000 years. The only thing more important than power is revenge. If you love archaeological thrillers, you're going to love this one instantly.

Grab a copy of the high octane adventure readers are calling "addicting, " "the best book of the year, " and "first class story-telling. ". What unfathomable power does this relic possess? And why does a businessman in Australian want it so badly? Only Sean and Tommy can unravel the clues and find the answers.