The New Kosher

Emphasizing fast, and delicious dishes for everyday meals and special occasions, easy, this is your comprehensive guide to kosher cooking. Kim kushner comes from a diverse foodie background and her easygoing, mix and match style has helped her redefine kosher cooking. Looking for a modern twist on a traditional dish? try Kim’s sticky date and caramel challah bread pudding, 5-minute sundried tomato hummus or Mediterranean-inspired lentil, homemade challah with za’atar everything topping, carrot and lemon soup.

Trying to find a new family favorite? whip up some coconut- banana muffins with dark chocolate, penne with lemon zest, pine nuts and Parmesan “pesto”, easy dill chicken and stew or a crispy rice cake with saffron crust. Need a dessert everyone will love? you can’t go wrong with recipes like deconstructed s’mores, miniature peanut butter cups and dark chocolate bark with rose petals, crunchy-chewy-nutty “health” cookies, pistachios and walnuts.

Weldon Owen. With over 100 recipes from all over the world, there’s something for everyone in this unique cookbook. Kosher cooking has been redefined for the modern family. The new kosher is filled with healthy recipes, exquisite flavors, and a fresh sensibility for the modern lifestyle. Warmly written with personal narratives and detailed nuance, Kim’s recipes reflect her experience as a generous instructor who loves to teach and a mom who cooks tasty and nourishing fare for a big family.

I Heart Kosher: Beautiful Recipes from My Kitchen

Inventive and healthy, colorful and satisfying. She also divulges her special arsenal of essentials such as easy-to-prepare staples, signature dressings, and homemade marinades for cooking ease and versatility. In this fresh collection of 100+ kosher recipes for any occasion, and kitchen savvy for preparing beautiful, culinary expertise, delicious, Kim Kushner shares her passion, and nourishing food for sharing with family and friends.

Einat admony, taïm & kish-kash   as a longtime fan of Kim's chic, delicious cooking, Chef-Owner Balaboosta, I'm happy to say she's done it again. This inspiring cookbook offers her collection of essential, go-to recipes—those learn-by-heart favorites that will deliver superlative results every time, streamline prep, and guarantee amazing meals with family and friends.

Adeena sussman, lemon & vinegar kale chips caramelized leeks & herb salad chopped kale, chicken & kale grilled veal chops with grainy dijon, broccolini & rosemary roasted chicken with crispy rice roasted chicken, caramelized onion & caramelized onion crust twice-cooked charcuterie with sweet dijon dipping sauce brunch vanilla-berry overnight oats green eggs & crunchy brussels sprouts with spicy peanut sip halibut with blitzed chickpeas, zucchini, bestselling cookbook author and food writer chapters ready to go sliced beets & garlic lemony whole branzino & a bottle bone marrow broth with cipollini onions & za’atar citrus, my way essential tartines m: do we want to list the variations on toc or just ess tartines?            tuscan beans with roasted garlic & orange vegetable curry with sweet potatoes kefta beef & parsley carrot-ginger soup with curly pasta, pecans & barley tamari garlic beef roast with fresh basil all-day short ribs with ginger barbecue sauce pulled lamb shoulder with red onions, green pesto & sea salt roasted leeks, parsley & garbanzos 1-2-3 babka french toast loaf lemon & fancy mushrooms caramelized sweet onion halves baked on parchment crispy sweet potato halves baked on parchment asparagus, kale & tahini drizzle charred broccoli with ginger & potatoes roasted salmon steaks with salt & citrus sauce dill & sour cherries stovetop toasted granola & broccolini crispy chicken & onions whole roasted cauliflower with Olive Oil & Truffle Honey Arugula with Roasted Asparagus, Avocado & Bursting Berry Loaf with Tart Lemon Butter Chocolate Cinnamon ‘Z’ Loaf with Cinnamon Swirl Butter Medjool Date Squares with Quinoa, Ginger & Lamb Kabobs with Tahini Pesto Panko Crispy Chicken Pasta Bowl with Charred Broccoli & Baked Ricotta Sliced Denver Steak with Balsamic Vinegar & Chicken Sunday Soup: Veggies, Leeks & Hazelnut Spinach Rice 1-2-3 Salt & Radishes on Ice Caramelized Onions Herb Chop Chop Shredded Cabbage Fried Lemon Slices Julienned Carrots Washed & Braised Cod Roasted Salmon Topped with Squash & Edamame Mash Roasted Rainbow Carrots, Feta & Nibbles Addictive Red-Roasted Chickpeas Smoked Salmon Carpaccio with Jalapeños & Green Beans with Lemon & Watermelon Radish Salad Fresh Figs, Ricotta & Sea Salt Kadaif Nests Filled with Spinach, Red Onion, Dill & Radishes             Caramelized Onions with Cherry Tomatoes, Celery, Olive & Lemon Sip Quick Stovetop Mains Gingery Healing Broth with Mushrooms, Carrots, Chickpeas & Za’atar Shaved Fennel & Sides Spinach, Grainy Dijon & Pomegranate Overnight Chicken Hamin Stew Sticky Chicken Thighs in Fig-Wine Sauce Salads & Beet Salad with Caramelized Grapefruit Sexy Red Kale with Beets & Pomegranate Cabbage & Olive Oil Cake Quick No-Fail Carrot Cake Simply Divine Almond Cake Honey-Drizzled Watermelon with Herbs Magical Meringue Kisses Capri Biscotti One-Bowl Nutella Brownies Tahini Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Sea Salt Flourless Chocolate-Almond Gooey Chewy Giant Cookies Chocolate-Dipped Figs with Pistachios & Cherry Tomatoes Chicken Strips & Rosemary Savory Biscotti 5-Minute Spicy Green Hummus Heirloom Tomatoes with Basil Wine & Lemon Sip Roasted Sesame Marinade Spicy Peanut Sip Golden Chicken Broth Quick Vegetable Broth Appetizers & Lime Sauce Marinated Feta Walnut & Fried Lemon Slices             Labne Za’atar with Sliced Beets & Warm Apple Bowl Red Shakshuka, Baby Tomatoes, Carrots, Citrus, Watermelon & Zucchini Crunchies Hot, Sumac & Mustard Seeds Red-Rubbed Baby Lamb Chops Turkey Sliders with Sesame Onions 4-Ingredient Arctic Char Chicken Meatballs with String Beans in Tomato Sauce One-Pan Meals Sesame Chicken Drumsticks with Crispy Broccoli & Olives Rustic Tartlets with Ricotta, Slow & Vinegar Kale Chips Desserts Apple & Stored Kale Favorite Pickled Onions Roasted Garlic Paste Green Pesto Red Pesto Homemade BBQ Sauce Wine, Cucumbers & Cheese Board Farmers’ Market Board Rustic Tartlets with Red Pesto, Squash & Radicchio Slaw with Toasted Sesame Marinade Heirloom Tomato, Avocado & Walnuts Chopped Kale, Avocado & Lemon Slices Herbes de Provence & Simmered Whole Chicken & Fresh Dill in Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette Aromatic Veggie Mash with Pesto Oil Drizzle Iceberg Wedges with Red-Roasted Chickpeas & Rice with Sweet Potatoes & Pickled Onions Angel Hair Nests Topped with Sticky Chicken Wings Cauliflower & Honey Simple Roasted Chickens with Hasselback Potatoes Chicken Thighs with Roasted Carrots & Creamy Turmeric Drizzle Cabbage Slaw with Golden Raisins & Rose Petals .

With her stylish and laid-back approach to cooking and entertaining, Kim Kushner presents kosher food in a modern and vibrant manner—and doles out her indispensable strategies for keeping calm, organized, and prepared in the kitchen along the way.

Millennial Kosher: recipes reinvented for the modern palate

Chanie apfelbaum, makes her cookbook debut with a collection of modern, cultural, trendy, creator of world-renowned kosher food blog Busy In Brooklyn, and bold dishes that reflect her passion for reinventing traditional foods with a Millennial vibe. There's an emphasis on fresh and seasonal ingredients, less processed foods, and healthier nondairy alternatives.

Modern kosher food reinterprets and reinvents tradition, while still staying true to our heritage. Millennial kosher features: -over 150 innovative recipes for everyday and holiday meals -Beautiful color photos for every dish -Meatless Meals section includes dairy-free and vegetarian options -Guide to kosher meat cookery -Comprehensive tools and ingredient list The millennial kosher kitchen is one in which food is reinvented and reimagined in new and exciting ways.

. Today, kosher food is spicier and bolder than the food we grew up eating. There is still a place for the kosher comfort foods of our youth, and for that there are hundreds of cookbooks. Yesterday's margarine is today's coconut oil, bone broth is the new chicken soup, and the onion soup mix of our youth is replaced with umami-rich porcini mushroom powder.

But for now, it's time for Millennial Kosher. Dimensions: 088l x 8. 25w in.

Real Life Kosher Cooking:family-friendly recipes for every day and special occasions.

Made by ArtScroll Publications. They know that they will find recipes there for food that is wholesome yet elegant, finally, adventurous yet doable - and fun! Thousands of her fans asked for it, and now, here it is: Miriam's stunning collection of recipes for real life cooking- and real people. In real life kosher cooking miriam shows us that you don't need hard-to-find ingredients or pricey equipment to make interesting food; all you need is a touch of passion, a dash of caring, and a hearty helping of creativity.

Real life kosher cooking: It's about creating delicious food for the life you live. Over 160 doable recipes you'll make again and againmouthwatering photo for every dishAccessible, easy-to-find ingredientsEasy-to-follow instructionsMenu suggestions for family and special occasions"Plan Ahead" and/or freezer tips for each recipePesach substitutions guideComprehensive Index Made by ArtScroll Publications.

Blue, orange, multi-Colored, yellow, green, red, Gold. Dimensions: 088l x 8. 25w in. Dimensions: 050l x 8. 50w in.

Modern Jewish Cooking: Recipes & Customs for Today's Kitchen

Made by ArtScroll Publications. Featuring holiday menus and rich photography, this collection is at once a guide to establishing traditions and a celebration of the way we eat now. Dimensions: 088l x 8. 25w in. Dimensions: 050l x 8. 50w in. Approachable recipes for everything from soups to sweets go beyond the traditional, incorporating regional influences from North Africa to Central Europe.

Author leah koenig shares 175 recipes showcasing handmade, seasonal, vegetable-forward dishes. From a leading voice of the new generation of young Jewish cooks who are reworking the food of their forebears, this take on the cuisine of the diaspora pays homage to tradition while reflecting the values of the modern-day food movement.

Made by ArtScroll Publications. Blue, red, multi-colored, Orange, yellow, green, Gold. Chronicle Books. Classics of jewish culinary culture—such as latkes, matzoh balls, challah, and hamantaschen—are updated with smart techniques and vibrant spices.

Perfect Flavors: Creative, easy-to-prepare recipes inspired by my family and travels

More than 130 fantastic, herbs, creative recipes, with tips and variations Eye-popping photos by food photographer Miriam Pascal for every recipe Tips to kitchen essentials, and spices Detailed index Made by ArtScroll Publications. Dimensions: 088l x 8. 25w in. The author of the bestselling perfect for Pesach cookbook shares her passion and enthusiasm for cooking, serving, eating, and sharing amazing food - every single day.

. Whether you're looking for elegant and sophisticated cuisine or a quick and wholesome meal, you'll find what you need among these delicious and doable recipes. Naomi nachman is a renowned, food columnist, recipe developer, round-the-world cooking teacher, and personal chef. Dimensions: 050l x 8. 50w in. Perfect flavors brings us exotic recipes from all over the world - and old favorites with a new twist.

Made by ArtScroll Publications. Blue, orange, yellow, Multi-Colored, red, green, Gold. Chronicle Books.

The Modern Menu

Her students always want to know what goes with what, so she organized the recipes into menus, named for the way the dishes make her feel. In fact, the author never approaches any dish with the idea that it will be perfect. She has prepared the recipes in the book dozens of times; they're tried and true, foolproof, and beautiful.

Made by ArtScroll Publications. And the truth is, a thoughtfully prepared dish is far more interesting than a perfectly prepared one. But never, ever skimp on the passion you put into making any dish, right down to a simple salad dressing. Blue, green, yellow, red, Multi-Colored, Orange, Gold. Chronicle Books.

The concept for this book has been building for the last decade. There's a vibrant menu, filled with color, which inherently translates to flavor; the Crisp menu is loaded with pleasing crunch; the Saucy menu highlights the transformational power of a well-made yet simple sauce. Dimensions: 088l x 8. 25w in.

Used book in Good Condition. During these years the author has been teaching, out of her own kitchen, various groups of friends how to cook and put together menus.

Joy of Kosher: Fast, Fresh Family Recipes

Plus, holiday menus, jamie offers a whole chapter on the art of making challah, 10 sweet and savory recipes, a special Passover section. Used book in Good Condition. Jamie geller, “the jewish rachael ray” new york Times and founder of the Kosher Media Network, including Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller magazine and JoyofKosher.

Com, shares more than 200 ideas for fast, fresh family-friendly recipes, each with tips on how to dress them up for entertaining or dress them down for everyday meals. Accompanied by gorgeous full-color photos, nutritious, foolproof, flexible recipes for scrumptious, Joy of Kosher includes original ideas for authentically kosher, and easy dishes—all with no slaving over a hot stove or rabbi required.

Enjoy such delectable dishes as crystal clear chicken soup with julienned vegetables and angel hair dress it down: chicken Noodle Alphabet Soup, Garlic Honey Brisket Dress It Down: Honey Brisket Pita Pockets
, Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese Dress It Down: Mac and Cheese Muffin Cups
, and Gooey Chocolate Cherry Cake Dress It Up: Red Wine Chocolate Cherry Heart Cake.

Blue, red, green, multi-Colored, yellow, Orange, Gold. Chronicle Books. Made by ArtScroll Publications. Made by ArtScroll Publications. Dimensions: 050l x 8.

Bais Yaakov Cookbook

Made by ArtScroll Publications. Dimensions: 050l x 8. 50w in. White, Multi-Colored. Blue, multi-colored, Orange, yellow, red, green, Gold. Chronicle Books. Get this year's best-selling kosher cookbook - 50, this unique cookbook is a first of its kind, 000 already sold!Much more than just another kosher cookbook, containing a wealth of information.

200 original recipes with stunning, full color photographya personal brocha and challah recipe from Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky a"hA pictorial history of Sara Schneirer and the Bais Yaakov movementComprehensive section of Halachos of cooking in the kitchenGuide to complex brachos situationsColor guide to checking fruits and vegetables Tips on shopping for, wine, and serving gourmet mealsComprehensive guide to shopping for meat, preparing, cookware, etc.

This special cookbook belongs in the kitchen of every kosher home! Made by ArtScroll Publications. Made by feldheim publiSHERS. Dimensions: 088l x 8. 25w in. Dimensions: 10L x 10W in. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.

Bais Yaakov Cookbook #2

Made by feldheim publiSHERS. Used book in Good Condition. Dimensions: 10L x 10W in. Used book in Good Condition. An exclusive collection of traditional and contemporary recipes to elevate Shabbos, Yom tov and the everyday Made by ArtScroll Publications. Blue, yellow, multi-Colored, green, Orange, red, Gold. Chronicle Books.

Made by ArtScroll Publications. Dimensions: 050l x 8. 50w in. Dimensions: 088l x 8. 25w in. White, Multi-Colored.

Perfect for Pesach: Passover recipes you'll want to make all year

And make your food perfect for pesach!In this debut cookbook, Naomi Nachman shares her popular recipes from over two decades of cooking and catering for Passover. Made by feldheim publiSHERS. Blue, green, orange, Multi-Colored, yellow, red, Gold. Chronicle Books. In addition, naomi provides numerous Cook's Tips culled from her years of professional experience.

Perfect for pesach presents easy recipes that use innovative flavor combinations to create fabulous gourmet meals to enhance your holiday table. Surprise your guests. My goal is to help home cooks prepare delicious meals without making the process too complicated or exhausting, Naomi says. She also includes freezer Tips, How-to information, Prep Ahead, and recommendations for basic kitchen equipment.

From appetizers and starters, to main dishes and desserts, Perfect for Pesach has everything needed to create and serve the perfect holiday meal. Vivid photograph accompanies every recipe cookingtips culled from Naomi's years of professional experienceFreezing Tips ensure ease of prep-ahead cookingGuides to basic ingredients and kitchen equipment120 gluten free, non-gebrochts recipes Made by ArtScroll Publications.

Each of the more than 125 delicious recipes features a beautifully photographed picture by kosher blogger and cookbook author, Miriam Pascal. I want you to be as excited about cooking for Pesach as I am. Dimensions: 0