The Dinosaur Coloring Book Dover Nature Coloring Book

Forty scientifically accurate drawings depict prehistoric creatures in their natural habitats, classification, accompanied by captions explaining their size, behavior, and other fascinating details. Meet stegosaurus, named for its giant skull and parrot-like beak, an armored lizard as big as a car with a peanut-sized brain; Pteradon, a flying reptile with an incredible 27-foot wingspan; Protoceratops, and Oviraptor, its egg-stealing enemy; and Tyrannosaurus, the fiercest carnivore that ever roamed the earth.


Dinosaurs! Coloring Book

Based on the most up-to-date information available, gastonia, velociraptor, Diplodocus, Carnotaurus, this awe-inspiring collection features all the popular dinosaurs — plus recent discoveries! Thirty highly detailed drawings spotlight the Tyrannosaurus rex, Iguanodon, Triceratops, Troodon, Oviraptor, and others — all set in their natural habitats.

A great choice for dinosaur fans of all ages! Dover Publications.

The Amazing Age of Dinosaurs: Jumbo Coloring & Activity Book

With over 90 pages of exciting images and up-to-date science, your child will not only have fun coloring but learn the latest scoop on Dinosaur knowledge! Your favorite Dinosaurs are waiting to see you, join the fun! Dover Publications. Explore the amazing age of earth’s mightiest animals like never before in this prehistoric coloring & activity book.


Jim Lawson's Dinosaurs Coloring Book

Each ready-to-color drawing is accompanied by a caption that's loaded with fun facts about where the dinosaurs lived, what they ate, and how they adapted to their environment. Along with familiar prehistoric animals like T. Get ready to discover thrilling pictures from the long-ago days when dinosaurs ruled the earth! These illustrations of giant hunters and gentler creatures ― some of them no bigger than chickens ― are based on up-to-date scientific discoveries.

Dover Publications. Dover Publications. Rex and stegosaurus, you'll meet plenty of less-famous but equally fascinating dinosaurs, marine reptiles, and fish.

Dinosaurs Coloring Book 8.5x11

These fun books are 8. 5 x 11 with a high quality, full color card stock cover. Really big coloring books presents dinosaurs, the newest and latest and the greatest on dino info for kids! The power and mystery of dinosaurs are captured for children to coloring and become educated on these prehistoric beasts! Realistic, detailed pictures teach children about the unique qualities of these enigmatic creatures.

Filled with facts and illustrations of dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus and Seismosaurus, including favorites like Velociraptor, the experienced paleontologist to the elementary school student alike can enjoy this book and learn about ferocious carnivores and peaceful plant-eaters. Dover Publications. Each inside page is a high-bright, colored pencils, white paper that children can use crayons, magic markers and even water colors on! Dover Publications.

. Readers of this book can learn about the names, Triassic, including the correct pronunciation, of many dinosaurs of the Jurassic, and Crustaceous periods.

Dinosaur ABC Coloring Book Dover Coloring Books

Dover Publications. Here's a moderately priced coloring book that comes with an entertaining as well as educational twist!Illustrator Llyn Hunter has dramatically rendered — in alphabetical order — 28 prehistoric beasts as they might have appeared in their natural habitats millions of years ago. Extensive notes contain fascinating background information on the mighty Apatosaurus, the "helmeted" Corythosaurus, the herbivorous Brachiosaurus, and other Mesozoic creatures.

Young amateur paleontologists are provided with a list of sources for further reading, plus helpful suggestions for coloring the drawings. Dover Publications.

Dinosaurs Dover Coloring Books

A great way to become acquainted with dinosaurs, this exciting book will also teach you new words while you're having fun coloring. Inside, you'll find 30 large pictures of the long-necked Apatosaurus and the mighty tyrannosaurus, stegosaurus, triceratops, parasaurolophus, as well as the ankylosaurus, and 24 other awesome reptiles.

Easy-to-read captions, along with the dinosaur's name and its phonetic spelling, accompany each picture. A herd of prehistoric creatures comes to life on the pages of this exciting coloring book. Dover Publications. Dover Publications.

The Days of the Dinosaur Coloring Book

Return to the era of Mesozoic monsters with this fascinating coloring book collection of ancient reptiles. 39 accurately-rendered prehistoric creatures set in their natural habitats. Twenty dramatic double-page and five single-page illustrations arranged in chronological order vividly display the evolution of the dinosaurs from the early reptilian Euparkeria to such giants of the dinosaurs' last days as Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops.

Young and old alike can share in the excitement of bringing color to such formidable specimens as Tyrannosaurus; the equally aggressive Allosaurus; the spike-thumbed Iguanodon, of course, the familiar Brontosaurus, a large, also known as Apatosaurus, plant-eating biped; the bony-plated Ankylosaurus; and, a plant-eating "lizard" that weighed up to 30 tons and grew to a length of 70 feet.

An excellent educational tool for teachers, dinosaur buffs, this coloring book offers hours of absorbing entertainment to students, natural-history enthusiasts and colorists of all ages. Dover Publications. For this unique volume, the former staff artist of the american Museum of Natural History has rendered in accurate detail 37 different prehistoric creatures in their natural habitats — stalking prey along the shores of a tropical lake, circling the skies high above lush forests of exotic vegetation and grazing in primeval marshlands.

. Educational entertainment. Informative captions for each illustration provide intriguing details about the ancient animals depicted in this reptilian review. Animals -grazing -stalking prey -flying -fighting and more.

Sharks of the World Coloring Book Dover Nature Coloring Book

Over 350 million years, sharks have evolved into the most successful hunters to roam the seas. From Dover. Also depicted are some of the shark's closest relatives: the spotted ratfish, Atlantic torpedo ray, common skate, sting ray, Atlantic guitarfish and smalltooth sawfish. A fact-filled caption accompanies each of Llyn Hunter's vivid illustrations, behavior, color, habitat, size, providing the sharks' common and scientific names, distinguishing features and other information.

Animals -grazing -stalking prey -flying -fighting and more. Tyrannosaurus brontosaurus stegosaurus and other Mesozoic monsters included. Dover Publications. Educational and informative, Sharks of the World Coloring Book doubles as an excellent and inexpensive source of royalty-free illustrations for artists and designers.

. Dover Publications. Further enhancing the book are a general introduction and a dramatic double-page illustration showing all 25 sharks drawn to scale. This educational and entertaining coloring book focuses on 25 species of shark, ranging in size from the relatively tiny cookiecutter shark 1-1/2 feet long to the monstrous whale shark up to 65 feet.

Carefully researched and skillfully rendered line drawings depict such fascinating species as the snakelike frilled shark; the thresher shark with its long, scythe-shaped tail; the rare and bizarre goblin shark; the dreaded great white shark, one of the most fearsome predators in the sea, and the swift and graceful blue shark.

Educational entertainment.

Wild Animals Coloring Book Dover Nature Coloring Book

39 accurately-rendered prehistoric creatures set in their natural habitats. Educational entertainment. From Dover. Detailed, yak, european and american bison, reindeer caribou, polar bear, gnu wildebeest, snow leopard, hippopotamus and pygmy hippopotamus, gorilla, white, Grant's zebra, giant panda, chimpanzee, red kangaroo, black-backed jackal, giraffe, elephant Indian and African, and Indian, Asiatic buffalo water buffalo, tiger, accurate, bighorn sheep, camel dromedary and Bactrian, black bear, impala, giant anteater, llama and vicuña, jaguar, including the rhinoceros black, ready-to-color illustrations depict 47 species from around the globe, and more.

Each illustration is accompanied by a brief caption describing the habits of the species; many depict the animals as they might appear in their natural habitat — lions drowsing in the heat of the African veldt, a leopard lying in ambush on a limb, a polar bear and her cub surveying their icy domain, a giant panda contentedly munching bamboo, and more.

Several double-page spreads depict exciting scenes of predator-prey relationships: muskoxen warily eying a pack of wolves, a mountain lion stalking mountain goats, and others. 8 1/4 x 11. With this charming and instructive coloring book youngsters and adults can learn a great deal about the world's wild creatures and have fun at the same time.

Colorists of all ages will find this exciting new volume irresistible; artists and designers will also find practical use for these accurately rendered royalty-free illustrations. Tyrannosaurus brontosaurus stegosaurus and other Mesozoic monsters included.

Sharks! Coloring Book Dover Nature Coloring Book

From Dover. Used book in Good Condition. Educational entertainment. Captions accompany each image, swimming, offering fascinating facts about shark ecology, including their feeding, and territorial habits.8 1/4 x 11. Dover Publications. 39 accurately-rendered prehistoric creatures set in their natural habitats.

. Thirty action-packed illustrations to color include mythic and prehistoric depictions of bloodthirsty predators as well as realistic drawings of modern species, white, bull, including the hammerhead, and other sharks. Tyrannosaurus brontosaurus stegosaurus and other Mesozoic monsters included. Dover Publications.

Animals -grazing -stalking prey -flying -fighting and more.