Stop Trying So F*cking Hard: Live Authentically, Design a Life You Love, and Be Happy Finally

Grab your copy today! Breathe. You’re about to discover a more natural, less stressful, and more effective way of living. Imagine a world where you’re validated, you make decisions based on what you want, what brings you joy; a space where you’ll become more successful—authentically successful—and ultimately happier than you’ve ever been.

After all, one at-bat, you only get one ride, one whirl on this rock. So, stop. You can’t do the wrong thing with the right person. I hardly think it’s worth your time to be the least bit miserable. It’s time you enjoy life while you continue to grow, discover your best self, and love almost every minute.

Just as you are. Forever. Always remember, you are enough. Right now. And, you can’t do the right thing with the wrong person. If you struggle with self-doubt, even profound sadness—or any other number of hard-as-fuck internal challenges, indecision, exhaustion, promising too much, discouragement, worry, copious amounts of stress, comparison-itis, anxiety, the time has come for you to stop.


You Must Write a Book: Boost Your Brand, Get More Business, and Become the Go-To Expert

This is the guide you need to write yours!The biggest and best tool you'll ever have in your belt is a business book with your name on the cover. When's the last time someone did that with your business card? You Must Write a Book introduces you to how a book can help you to build and grow your business and your brand, and how you can put your ideas on the page.

You'll learn: why a book matters to your businesspre-planning and strategic thinking, without writing a wordthe steps for launching your book like a champMarketing plans-both for your book, before putting even the first word on the pageHow to write your book by committing to only a few words per dayHow to hire ghostwriters or other professionals to get your ideas on the page, and using your book to market yourself and your businessYou'll also learn from the masters-gain insight from some of the most advanced thinkers in publishing, so that you can skip level one and build from their success.

Honorée corder is the author of dozens of books, she does all sorts of other magical things, and her badassery is legendary. A book establishes your Authority and Credibility Faster and Easier Than Anything Else. As a first-time author this book made a huge positive impact on my ability to write and publish my own book.

Amazon Customer. Brand recognition-your own book makes your name and brand easier to recognize, extending your reach further than ever before. She is hal elrod's business partner and co-creator of The Miracle Morning book series, and she coaches high profile professionals, guiding them into some of the best decisions they've ever made.

If you're looking for a single tool to achieve next-level success, pick up your copy of 'you must write a book' right Now!Praise for You Must Write a Book:"This is one of the only books that's told me I needed to write a book in a way that made me believe it-and I help people write books for a living!" -James Ranson "My advice, "You must buy this book.

The Miracle Equation: The Two Decisions That Move Your Biggest Goals from Possible, to Probable, to Inevitable

Hal elrod has taken the mystery out of miracles and gives you a simple, proven formula for creating extraordinary results in your life. And my friend, hal elrod, has simplified these two decisions into a simple equation for achieving results. The bestselling author of The Miracle Morning shares the secret to unlocking your full potential—all day, every day.

A simple, proven formula for creating extraordinary results in your life. Lewis howes,  new york times bestselling author of the School of GreatnessEven after the incredible success of his book The Miracle Morning,  Hal Elrod realized that he still had more to share with the world. If you want your biggest goals to move from possible, to inevitable, to probable, you better read The Miracle Equation.

Mel robbins, bestselling author of The 5-Second Rule. Follow it, and your success is virtually guaranteed. No goal is out of reach!praise for the miracle equation“The Miracle Equation isn’t just a book, it’s the formula that I myself have used to achieve greatness beyond what I ever believed was possible.

What he had discovered was a timeless but overlooked formula for success. He used it to thrive against seemingly insurmountable odds, from overcoming life-threatening health challenges to near financial collapse. That formula is the miracle equation, and then putting forth extraordinary Effort until you do, and it couldn’t be any simpler:Unwavering Faith + Extraordinary Effort = MiraclesBy establishing and maintaining Unwavering Faith that you can achieve anything you desire, you’ll create results beyond what you believe to be possible.

Highly recommended.

Vision to Reality: How Short Term Massive Action Equals Long Term Maximum Results

When you become clear on exactly what you want and how to get it, you'll get results at lightning speed. A great life awaits!do you keep putting your dreams off to the side? discover the power of Short Term Massive Action to finally achieve your lifelong goals! Are your urgent daily tasks getting in the way of what's really important? Have you procrastinated for months or years when it comes to your true calling? Groundbreaking coach and bestselling author Honoree Corder is here to take you where you want to be.

Simple and revolutionary, Vision to Reality helps you dream big so you can achieve big. Vision to reality is more than a collection of good ideas. It's an easy-to-read blueprint used by successful men and women to transform daily actions into their ideal lives. Vision to reality is the concise shot in the arm you need to build your destiny.

In this book, much more! through applying the lessons of honoree's short term massive action coaching program, overcome your challenges, you'll increase your efficiency, you'll discover:A step-by-step process to identify and achieve your visionHow to create Big Hairy Audacious Goals and start taking action toward their realizationWhy laser focus can give you the power to do more than you ever thought possibleHow to get the best out of your team and yourself And much, and live with the passion you need to turn the wildest visions into your true reality.

Buy the book to take a giant leap toward your dreams today! .

Prosperity for Writers: A Writer's Guide to Creating Abundance The Prosperous Writer Book 1

Once you've transformed your inner world, you'll be able to boost your bank account with proven action steps that will help you live off your writing. With honorée's invaluable 100-day plan and daily practices by your side, you'll go from struggling to prosperous faster than you ever thought possible. This is a must read for all who seek to live more creatively and abundantly.

Honorée provides a practical and powerful process for breaking through the blocks getting in our way. Prosperity for writers is a MUST READ for any creative trying to make a living with their art. You work hard on your writing. This is your year to become a full-time writer!praise for prosperity for wRITERS! "Prosperity for Writers is amazing, the only book of its kind that takes the principles of prosperity and abundance and applies them specifically to writing and writers.

You believe that you've taken up the mantle of the starving artist, and that means you have to struggle for every cent you earn. Get the earnings and the life you deserve! Writers don't get paid much. By sharing her money-changing beliefs, affirmations, and proven success stories, Honorée has elevated writers from every area of the profession to financial success.

Read this book to finally become the person you knew you could be: a financially-successful career writer. Author honorée Corder is here to help you transform your life. Prosperity for writers goes in a different direction entirely, tools, providing you with the techniques, and ideas you need to revolutionize your writing business and beliefs.

Release Strategies: Plan your self-publishing schedule for maximum benefit Successful Indie Author Book 2

Do you publish one book a year? Or twenty? Here’s a secret. And Execute. With checklists, and candid discussion, recommendations, you’ll find everything you need to determine your best publication strategy. Publish your books in a way that brings you the most readers. Put the experience of over one hundred book launches to work for you.

It’s how successful indie authors get ahead. Plan. Implement it and keep your foot on the gas. Right here. Prepare. Release Strategies. It’s time to take the ride of your life. Release Strategies. You can be successful with either. The book you didn’t know you needed.

The Miracle Morning for Couples: Create Legendary Connections One Morning at a Time

Hal elrod’s Miracle Morning Life S. A. V. E. R. S. Have been the key to extraordinary success for readers worldwide, and now they can help take your relationships to legendary levels. These six daily practices will lead to incredible change in your relationshipsthe miracle morning for Couples uses Hal’s Life S.

A. V. E. R. S. Why settle for an ordinary relationship, when it can be legendary?since 2012, the miracle morning has helped to empower millions with a step-by-step process for achieving goals and realizing dreams. To put you on a path of personal development and growth, so you can show up for your relationship and get more joy, greater intimacy, and a lifelong friendship.

You’ll learn:why mornings matter more than you thinkhow to become a “morning person” in just five minutesthe secrets to a connected friendship and long-term happinessThe formula for an exceptional daily routine together, lasting relationship with the one you love, right after you wake upThe steps to building greater intimacy and fostering deeper vulnerability and trustHow to pull all the pieces together to become a Legendary Couple! The Miracle Morning for Couples is your key to nurturing a fulfilling, and living a miraculous life together.

The legend begins here: pick up your COPY NOWGet an early start on the relationship you deserve.

Help! My Facebook Ads Suck: Second Edition Help! I'm an Author 2

We were there too, but now we've have quit our day jobs and make a living selling fiction. Learn how to make great ads, and quickly spot the lemons. Second edition updated with new strategies such as audience stacking, personalized audience creation, and more. Have you put up facebook ads to sell your books time and time again, only to spend a pile of money and not see any sales?You're not alone.

You'll learn how to target your ads and how to tweak them for maximum returns by age, gender, region. You'll see how to write plot-based ads, pure marketing ads, character based ads, the whole bit. Stop losing money every time you run an ad and instead turn them into book-selling machines. Both our initial successes and the sustainability of our book sales have come from Facebook ads.

In this book, you'll learn how to find the cost per click and sales volumes you'll need to hit to know if an ad is profitable.

I Must Write My Book: The Companion Workbook to You Must Write a Book

I must write my book provides the guidance and space to capture your thoughts, gain clarity, and move through the process with ease. I know many entrepreneurs and small business people who want to figure out how to write a book to position themselves as an expert. Honoree's comfortable style of relating combined with a no-nonsense "you can do the work" approach is refreshing.

Not only is it a step-by-step process manual, it is also a motivational book as well. A book is your new business card. Chris syme, sell more books with Less Social Media Great book, Author, with great advice and real examples. Highly recommend. As we learn from honoree, the best action plan for any book is planning to write it.

Aloisio matos, Attorney Great book. Allan. Now there is a blueprint I can send them to. You were inspired by you Must Write a Book, and the time has come to begin writing yours. Scott B. Anyone who wants to validate their expertise needs to get the book and do the work. Before you write a book, you have to know what it is you are writing, and WHY you are writing it.

The Miracle Morning for Teachers: Elevate Your Impact for Yourself and Your Students

Have been the key to extraordinary success for readers worldwide, and now they can help take your teaching—and your students—to unimaginable heights. These six daily practices will lead to incredible change in your classroomthe miracle morning for Teachers uses Hal’s Life S. A. V. E. R. S. You can find out more at HonoreeCorder.

Com. Hal elrod’s Miracle Morning Life S. A. V. E. R. S. Visit HalElrod. Com to find out more!honorée corder is a book strategist, author of dozens of bestselling books, and Hal’s co-creator in The Miracle Morning book series. Ready to elevate your impact for yourself and your students?since 2012, the miracle morning has helped to empower millions with a step-by-step process for achieving goals and realizing dreams.

To put you on a path of personal development and growth, so you can show up for your students and have a better attitude, greater connection, and a long list of happy students. You’ll learn:why mornings matter more than you thinkhow to become a “morning person” in just five minutesthe secret to become a positive role model for your fellow teachers and your students The formula for quick yet powerful morning routine you can share with your students The steps to fostering profound connection and creating an incredible classroom community How to pull all the pieces together to become a Legendary Teacher! The Miracle Morning for Teachers provides your formula for creating a fulfilling teaching career and positively impacting the lives of your students.

The legend begins here: pick up your coPY NOWBecome the teacher you’ve always known you can be.

Dear Writer, You Need to Quit QuitBooks for Writers Book 1

And there are patterns to what writers need to quit, what we need to keep, and what we need to question. Those patterns are why I'm here, writing to you. Anyone can tell you what worked for them, and of course they can say, "it might not work for you, " but they can't tell you why. Come and join me, and I'll tell you why.

Becca. But there are a lot of things that you do need to quit doing, when it comes to both your writing career and the writing process. How do i know this?Because I have coached thousands of writers. I don't want to quit writing. Nods* i don't want you to quit writing, dear writer. Six- and seven-figure authors, midlisters, major award winners, and new authors alike.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "But, Becca.