Sniffy the Virtual Rat Lite, Version 3.0 with CD-ROM

Available on a cross-platform cd-rom, the lite version of Sniffy includes twenty-three exercises that cover the essential phenomena of learning psychology, making it equally appropriate for psychology of learning and introductory psychology courses. Users begin by training Sniffy to press a bar to obtain food.

Bring the theories of learning to life using sniffy, the virtual rat! instructors praise Sniffy, a realistic digital rat in an operant chamber Skinner Box, for his ability to give students hands-on experience in setting up and conducting experiments that demonstrate the phenomena of classical and operant conditioning.

. Then they progress to studies of more complex learning phenomena. The cd-rom comes with a lab manual that walks users through the steps necessary to set up classical and operant conditioning experiments that closely resemble the experiments discussed in learning texts. Screen shots are included for both Macintosh and Windows users.

The manual also includes instructions on how to print or e-mail results so that Sniffy can become part of students' homework assignments and term papers. Throughout each, a series of "mind windows" enables students to visualize how Sniffy's experiences in the chamber produce the psychological changes that their textbooks discuss in connection with learning.

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Introduction to Learning and Behavior

To help you maximize your learning, the text is packed with innovative study and review tools to further your understanding of key concepts. The authors demonstrate the application of behavioral principles to such relevant issues as improving your study behavior, reducing procrastination, raising children, and managing relationships.

Wadsworth Pub Co. Using examples derived from both animals and humans, the text vividly illustrates the relevance of behavioral principles to understanding and improving human behavior. Introduction to learning and behavior, 5th edition provides you with a clear introduction to the basic principles of behavior presented in an accessible, engaging manner.


Introduction to Learning and Behavior PSY 361 Learning

Wadsworth Pub Co. The authors clearly demonstrate how the study of learning helps solve practical problems, such as improving study skills, improving relationships, raising children, and effectively stopping smoking. Designed to apply learning theory and principles to the presentation of learning, it vividly illustrates how learning principles work in both animals and people.

Based on the latest research available, introduction to learniNG AND BEHAVIOR, 4e equips students with a clear introduction to the basic principles of learning and behavior. An all-new chapter focuses on "Comparative Cognition". Helping readers maximize their comprehension and retention of key concepts, the authors include numerous opportunities for review and self-testing.

Used book in Good Condition.

Principles of Everyday Behavior Analysis with Printed Access Card

Cengage Learning. Principles of everyday behavior analysis uses generalization programming to show you how to apply behavioral concepts to complex everyday situations. The author introduces, defines, and illustrates each behavior modification concept and then immediately includes vignettes that show you how to apply concepts to the real world.

. Wadsworth Pub Co. Used book in Good Condition.

Let Me Hear Your Voice: A Family's Triumph over Autism

Heartfelt. Behavioral therapy. Finally, anne-Marie was saved by an intensive behavioral therapy. Let me hear your voice is a mother's illuminating account of how one family triumphed over autism. Used book in Good Condition. It is an absolutely unforgettable book, as beautifully written as it is informative. A vivid and uplifting story.

Offers new strength to parents who refuse to give up on their autistic children. Kirkus Reviews"Outstanding. Blame. In her first year, she picked up words, smiled and laughed, and learned to walk. And when her little girl lost some of the words she had acquired, and showed no interest in anyone around her, cried inconsolably, Catherine Maurice took her to doctors who gave her a devastating diagnosis: autism.

In their desperate struggle to save their daughter, the Maurices plunged into a medical nightmare of false hopes, "miracle cures, " and infuriating suggestions that Anne-Marie's autism was somehow their fault. Cengage Learning. She was a beautiful doelike child, with an intense, graceful fragility. But then anne-Marie began to turn inward.

A lifeline to families in similar circumstances.

Learning & Behavior 7th Edition

It also emphasizes the behavioral approach but not exclusively so; many cognitive theories are covered as well, and there is a chapter on comparative cognition. Learning goals upon completing this book readers will be able to: Understand the field of learning Discuss real-world applications of learning principles Note: MySearchLab does not come automatically packaged with this text.

Miracle cures. Medical. A thorough survey of the field of learning. Cengage Learning. The book includes thorough coverage of classic studies and the most recent developments and trends, while providing examples of real-world applications of the principles discovered in laboratory research. Autism. Learning & behavior covers topics such as classical and operant conditioning, stimulus control, reinforcement schedules, avoidance and punishment, comparative cognition, observational learning, motor skill learning, and choice.

Wadsworth Pub Co. Used book in Good Condition. Behavioral therapy. Blame. To purchase MySearchLab, please visit: www.

Learning & Behavior: Eighth Edition

Discussions of recent developments in the growing field of neuroscience. Coverage of various theoretical perspectives to the study of learning―behavioral, cognitive, and physiological. Real-world examples and analogies make the concepts and theories more concrete and relevant to students. Cengage Learning.

This book reviews how people and animals learn and how their behaviors are changed as a result of learning. Wadsworth Pub Co. Behavioral therapy. The volume is intended for undergraduate or graduate courses in psychology of learning, learning processes, conditioning and learning, behaviorism, learning and motivation, animal behavior, introduction to learning, principles of learning and behavior, experimental analysis of behavior, human learning, and behavior analysis.

Although the behavioral approach is emphasized, many cognitive theories are covered as well, along with a chapter on comparative cognition. Medical. In the media, spotlight on research, education, sports, and Applying the Research boxes that highlight recent applications of learning principles in psychology, and the workplace.

Autism. Used book in Good Condition. Thoroughly updated, each chapter features many new studies and references that reflect recent developments in the field. A website at www.

Learning and Behavior

Based on the theme that learning is a biological mechanism that aids survival, this book embraces a scientific approach to behavior but is written in clear, engaging, and easy-to-understand language. Used book in Good Condition. Cengage Learning. Used book in Good Condition. Medical. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections http://gocengage.

Com/infotrac. Learning and behavior, seventh edition, is stimulating and filled with high-interest queries and examples. Blame. Behavioral therapy. Wadsworth Pub Co. Autism. Miracle cures. Used book in Good Condition.

The Principles of Learning and Behavior

Miracle cures. Used book in Good Condition. Autism. The principles of Learning and Behavior 7th Seventh Edition Hardcover. Used book in Good Condition. Behavioral therapy. Applications boxes help you understand how findings from animal research relate to human learning and behavior, while neuroscience boxes offer you insights into the brain activity underlying learning.

Blame. Used book in Good Condition. From habituation, and instrumental conditioning to stimulus control, classical conditioning, and their applications to the study of cognition, aversive control, this learning and behavior textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to the elementary forms of learning that have been the focus of research for much of the 20th century.

Wadsworth Pub Co. Cengage Learning. Medical.

Learning and Memory

Cengage Learning. Each chapter integrates coverage of both human memory and animal learning, with separate sections specifically devoted to behavioral processes, brain systems, and clinical perspectives. Medical. Autism. Used book in Good Condition. Wadsworth Pub Co. Behavioral therapy. Used book in Good Condition.

Used book in Good Condition. The principles of Learning and Behavior 7th Seventh Edition Hardcover. Miracle cures. Gluck, mercado and myers’s learning and memory is the first textbook developed from its inception to reflect the convergence of brain studies and behavioral approaches in modern learning and memory research incorporating findings both in animals and humans.


The Essentials of Conditioning and Learning

Now in its fourth edition, michael domjan’s classic textbook offers an introduction to learning and conditioning in a concise and accessible style, including the latest influential research findings and theoretical perspectives. Miracle cures. Yet in recent years, these core areas have become less prevalent in psychology and neuroscience curricula.

Autism. Used book in Good Condition. The principles of Learning and Behavior 7th Seventh Edition Hardcover. Students and scientists from multiple areas of psychology and neuroscience will value this succinct overview of the processes and mechanisms responsible for conditioning and learning. Cengage Learning. Basic principles of learning and conditioning are relevant to an increasingly broad range of psychologists and neuroscientists.

Blame. As a result, many researchers today lack the training to understand key concepts that underlie human development and behavior. Domjan summarizes these developments as well as basic learning and conditioning principles using both human and animal examples. Used book in Good Condition. Wadsworth Pub Co.