Settle My Soul: 100 Quiet Moments to Meet with Jesus Pressing Pause

In settle my soul, authors karen ehman and ruth Schwenk invite you to carve out a few moments in your day to deepen your relationship with the Lord through 100 encouraging devotions. Whether you're a working professional, a sister, or any combination of these, a daughter-in-law, an aunt, a mom, a wife, your life is busy.

But if you will just press pause for a few minutes each day, you can discover what Jesus longs to give you: His peace. And no matter what stage of life you may find yourself in, what your hurried and overcrowded heart needs most is rest. Beyond time-management skills or tips for worrying less, you need a few minutes to connect with God's heart.

Karen and ruth are women who understand all that you're juggling, and they desire for you to experience the refreshment that comes only from the Lord. Your days are full, you're tired, and you're craving quiet for your soul. Each of the 100 devotions in settle My Soul includes a brief but meaningful devotional message, guided prayer, applicable scripture, and reflection questions.

In just a few minutes out of your day, center your thoughts on Him and His Word, set aside your busyness and worries, you can connect with God, and restore your peace of mind. You're not alone. If days filled with obligations and never-ending to-do lists leave you feeling anxious and overwhelmed, you can find the peace your soul longs for.

Throughout the book you'll also find journaling pages for deeper reflection.

Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus

She is the creator of TheBetterMom. Com, and along with her husband, Patrick, ForTheFamily. Org. Press pause and find some calm in the chaos. Karen ehman is a proverbs 31 ministries speaker, a New York Times bestselling author, and a writer for Encouragement for Today, an online devotional that reaches more than 1 million women daily.

Kids bickering? schedule jam-packed? Dishes and laundry both piled up high? Perhaps it’s time you pressed pause. Whether you’re juggling a career, and church commitments or you’re covered in spit-up and anxious about what the next eighteen years might hold, kids’ schedules, you can carve out a few quiet moments to rejuvenate your spirit.

Pressing pause offers you a calm way to start your day, to refresh yourself in Jesus and drink deeply of His presence so that you are ready to pour out love, time, and energy into the people who matter most to you. These 100 encouraging devotions for moms will help you begin each day with Scripture, ingesting His Word, drawing on God’s power, and learning practical ways to love and serve more like His Son.

Just a few minutes each day can help you center your heart and mind on what God has for you as His beloved daughter. So resist the rush. Halt the hustle. Connect with her at KarenEhman. Com.

The Better Mom Devotional: Shaping Our Hearts as We Shape Our Homes

Zondervan. As a mom, you want to give your best to your family. Motherhood is incredibly rewarding, inadequate, yet its challenges can leave you feeling anxious, and overwhelmed with mom guilt. Trusted author ruth schwenk of pressing pause and The Better Mom blog will help you learn to give yourself grace as you grow in wisdom with The Better Mom Devotional.

As a busy mom of four kids, ruth understands the stress of raising a family and trying to do it all perfectly, but she has uncovered a secret: becoming a better mom starts not with what you are doing but with who God is inviting you to become. In the better mom devotional, you can overcome mom guilt, let go of the endless to-do list of motherhood, disciplining, prayers, loving friendshipsWith Ruth’s encouragement, and loving your children wellThe life-giving impact of honest, stop trying to be the perfect mom, 100 devotions filled with scripture, and reflection questions will help you discover:How God uses motherhood to change you from the inside outIntentional ways to deepen your faith in any season of parentingThe true calling of motherhood: training, and experience the most challenging but rewarding adventure yet: becoming The Better Mom.


Keep Showing Up: How to Stay Crazy in Love When Your Love Drives You Crazy

But often as the years go by in our marriages, opposites may also begin to attack. They can actually bring you closer together--and closer to God. In keep showing up, karen ehman shows you…how to play to each other's strengths as you work on your own weaknessesthe difference between having a soul mate and having a sole mateHow to become a faithful forgiver who also forgetsStrategies for avoiding the social media comparison trapWhy it's dangerous to mimic a friend's marriageHow to unearth the magic in the mundaneWhy a spouse who drives you crazy can drive you straight to JesusThroughout Keep Showing Up, such as powerful statements to speak to your spouse, Karen includes ideas to implement in your marriage right now, date-night-on-a-shoestring suggestions, and discussion starters.

It is true that opposites attract--for a while. Discover how your "incompatibility" can become the strength of your marital team in this real-life guide to both living with and loving your spouse--differences and all. The habits and characteristics we once found endearing about our significant other are the exact things that drive us crazy years later!Whether you and your spouse disagree about finances, parenting, or how to load the dishwasher, your differences don't need to divide you.


Each Day a Gift: A Gratitude Devotional for Women: 90 Devotions to Make a Habit of Praise and Thanks

This devotional for women shows you how. Zondervan. Growing gratitude, deepening faith―90 daily devotionals for women. When life moves fast, it’s easy to stop seeing the gifts each day brings. Reflect and pray―Write down your thoughts with dedicated space at the end of each devotional. Celebrate each moment and milestone of your life when you practice gratitude through God’s guiding words.

From family and friends to aspirations and more, this devotional for women will open your eyes to the blessings before you and unlock the grateful heart within. Each day a gift offers daily guidance to deepen your faith and cultivate a life filled with gratitude in 90 days. Connecting the scripture to everyday events, each devotional helps you to realize all you have and all you stand to gain in God’s grace.

Inside each day a gift, you’ll find:90 devotionals for women―Cultivate gratitude each and every day with quick and practical devotionals to help guide you. Scripture for real life―see how the scripture sheds light on your home, work, and social life with passages that speak to modern life.

Making Your Home a Haven: A 4-Week Bible Study

I hope you will take the challenges. John 4:13-14 i can’t wait to take this journey with you! Zondervan. As a result, we will experience peace and a sense of calmness inside our souls, no matter what we are facing. Each week, i will provide for you a practical challenge of something I do in my home that makes it more of a haven.

So, let’s take care of our souls by intentionally creating a physical environment, as well as a spiritual environment, in our homes that brings us closer to God. Self-care is a very popular concept these days, but I believe that soul care IS self-care. God’s pace is much slower than this world’s pace.

When can i go and meet with god?”i pray that your time spent in God’s Word will bless your soul and quench your thirst and that you will live well, as you drink from the living well, the living words of God. We must slow down to catch up with God. They do make a difference!each weekday, give thanks, we will pause, pray and meditate on God’s Word through SOAKing in the daily scripture reading for the day.

David writes in psalm 42:1, so my soul pants for you, 2:“As the deer pants for streams of water, my God.2 my soul thirsts for God, for the living God. This bible study is going to help you slow down.

Listen, Love, Repeat: Other-Centered Living in a Self-Centered World

Additionally, it helps you comfort the grieving, showing what you can do when you don’t know what to say. Provides inspiration for blessing the “necessary people” in your life, those often-overlooked souls who help you get life done every day, and teaches you how to hug a porcupine by genuinely loving the hard-to-love.

As we scatter love, we create a safe space where we can openly share the gospel. We get to see lives changed right before our eyes. This message:• presents scriptural examples of those who lived alert, including Jesus, who noticed those who least expected to be seen. Explains the role of good works for followers of Christ.

. Living alert lifts our own spirits, showing us that blessing others blesses us even more. Listen, heart-tugging, love, Repeat offers biblical teaching and suggests doable actions that are simple, sentimental, even sneaky and hilarious. They aren’t our ticket to heaven but they are our marching orders on earth.

Gives creative ideas for showing love to friends and family, the marginalized, the outcast, and suggests practical ways to reach out to the lonely, and the odd duck. Most importantly, love, listen, not to selfishly shout, “hey! look at me!” but to humbly implore, Repeat will enable you to live a life that is full of kind deeds, “Will you look at Him?” Zondervan.

Zondervan. Why? because we forgot the joy that comes from putting others first.

Find Peace: A 40-day Devotional Journey For Moms

Zondervan. It doesn’t matter if our children are infants, adults, or somewhere in between: in this daily devotional we’ll discover the biblical direction to become a woman of serenity and delight in all seasons and have impact for generations to come. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

. John 14:27 a friend once said that to have a child is to have your heart walk around outside your body for the rest of your life. Whether it’s sickness, friends, making ends meet as a single mom, their choices or ours, or other storms you never planned to face, safety, school, our hearts have plenty of opportunities to feel stretched or troubled.

Joy and pride share heart room with worry and anxious moments. My peace I give you. Yet god wants us to have the abundance of motherhood, not the fear! He will not always take away the storms but He promises us His peace in the midst of them. Zondervan.

Faith Forward Family Devotional: 100 Devotions

But have you passed down the most important thing: your faith?Somewhere between diapers and sippy cups, piano lessons and soccer practice, dating and college searches, even the most well-intentioned family can lose sight of creating a God-centered home. Each devotion features a bible passage, a teaching that's applicable for kids of any age, questions to spark family discussion, key ideas to learn about God and His character, and a prayer.

Zondervan. Faith forward family devotional is aimed primarily at families of kids ages 8–12 but also includes ideas for activities for younger children and recommendations for further study for older kids, so the whole family can join in the devotional gathering. Faith forward family Devotional helps you grow closer to your kids as they grow closer to God.

Whatever season of parenting you are in, sharing this devotional time together will help your children nourish a faith that lasts a lifetime. Including 100 devotions for families, faith forward Family Devotional by parenting authors Patrick and Ruth Schwenk equip you to raise faith-filled kids who know, love, and live for God.

You've passed down to your kids your last name, your love, and maybe your sense of humor or favorite hobbies. As parents of four, ruth, pastor patrick Schwenk and his wife, of The Better Mom blog, understand the challenges—and importance—of raising faith-filled kids. In faith forward family devotional, Patrick and Ruth help you pass on your faith with devotions you can do at your own pace as a family.

Find Rest: A Women's Devotional For Lasting Peace In A Busy Life

Driving car pool. Are you worn out and overwhelmed by your never-ending to-do list? Multitasking. We’ve all been there – feeling frenzied and desperate as we try to keep it all together. Some days it feels like we’re managing everything well, but more often than not, it feels like everything is managing us.

Running errands. It is possible to experience a life of peace and find rest for your soul – even with life’s demands. Zondervan. Meeting deadlines at work. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In today’s do-it-all world, student, executive, wife, friend, volunteer, women are busier and more tired than ever juggling the roles of mom, and everything in between.

Zondervan. It is easy to become emotionally, physically, and spiritually exhausted. Filling out paperwork. Taking care of family and friends.

The Better Mom: Growing in Grace between Perfection and the Mess

Ruth offers a better option. We don’t need to settle for surviving our kids’ childhood. Our joy and hope in raising children doesn’t change the reality that being a mom can be frustrating, stressful, and tiring. But just as god is using us to shape our children, God is using our children and motherhood to shape us.

In the better mom, herself a mother of four children, author Ruth Schwenk, encourages us with the good news that there is more to being a mom than the extremes of striving for perfection or simply embracing the mess. We don’t have to settle for either being apathetic or struggling to be perfect. She says, but what we’re called to do and be is far too important to stay there! The way to becoming a better mom starts not with what we are doing, “It’s okay to come as we are, but with who God is inviting us to become.

Zondervan. We can grow through it. With refreshing and heartfelt honesty ruth emboldens moms to:find freedom and walk confidently in purposeCreate a God-honoring home environment Overcome unhealthy and destructive emotions such as anger, anxiety, and moreAvoid glorifying the mess of mom-ing or idolizing perfectionCultivate life-giving friendships At the heart of The Better Mom is the message that Jesus calls us to live not a weary life, but a worthy life.

Zondervan. Both visions of motherhood go too far. Mothering is messy.