Operation High School

As the newest member of a "spy Club, " Emma is forced to learn self-reliance, strength, and the value of friendship. Operation high school entertains as it teaches 300 advanced-level vocabulary words. High school student emma Jones lives a pretty ordinary life until a mysterious note turns her world upside down.


Planet Exile

Planet exile entertains as it teaches 300 advanced-level vocabulary words. Finding their way home becomes a quest to stop a planetary-wide rebellion, overthrow a dictator and save a young princess. The earlmont astrofleet Academy for boys is a military school orbiting the galaxy. New roommates maleck and elihu wreak havoc upon the ship until eventually crash-landing on the mysterious Planet Exile, a wild territory of outlaws and gunslingers.


Highway to Hollywood SAT Vocabulary Practice

He latest from the vocabcafe book Series, Highway to Hollywood follows three young aspiring filmmakers and their road-trip to Los Angeles. Readers find the definition of every highlighted word at the bottom of the page - a word review and glossary complement the learning process! STOP wasting your time on fiction books that don't enhance your knowledge.

More than that, this modern story contains no foul language, no illicit sexual themes, and no sorcery! BUILD YOUR STOREHOUSE OF WORD POWER WITH VOCABCAFÉ! . Containing more than 300 unique vocabulary words interspersed throughout the engaging modern story, all 300 advanced words are highlighted by using DEFINITION, Highway to Hollywood is an easy method for students to increase their vocabulary knowledge! Based on a three-step approach to increasing vocabulary, REPETITION, and REINFORCEMENT.


The Summer of Saint Nick VocabCafe Book

Book by used book in Good Condition.

I.M. for MURDER Vocab Cafe

They hike and swim there. Will johnson is an average kid going to Lee High School, and relies on Internet communication heavily in his life. To get will out of the house, seth and Ashton make up a profile page on the Internet of a girl called Kandie, who Will asks on a date. Soon, another guy discovers Kandie's page.

He is called the anna karenina killer because when he meets his target in person, he has them bring a copy of Anna Karenina. When the boys meet him, asked to bring a copy of Anna Karenina they recognize him as being around thirty years old and a guy they met while hiking that day. When will shows up at the place of the date, he is greeted by Seth and Ashton.

Used book in Good Condition. Now, the boys must decide whether to save Christa and get involved with possible the Anna Karenina killer, or sit back. Then, christa, will's crush, gets asked out by THE SAME MAN. Fortunately the boys cannot find the guy in a book of mug shots of various criminals. The anna karenina killer strikes again! in the beginning we get a flashback informing us of the Anna Karenina killer, a murderer who preys on teenage girls and meets them through online instant messaging, etc.

He and his two bff's, seth and Ashton decide to skip school and go to the beach. They immediately get suspicious and call the police.

The Wandering Watkins

The wandering Watkins Used book in Good Condition.

High School Prep Genius

Help your students maximize their opportunities and achieve their highest potential with the help of High School Prep Genius! Used book in Good Condition. High school prep genius gives parents answers to all the questions they ask about high school and the questions they should ask! Everything from transcript preparation to nailing the college interview, HSPG teaches how to turn a student's high school career into a springboard for lifelong success! This is a guidebook to navigating through high school and beyond.


College Prep Genius: The No Brainer Way to SAT Success

Includes college scholarship contest information and much more. College prep genius covers the most common mistakes found on the Writing Section and PSAT/NMSQT. Covers the #1 key to writing a good essay. Used book in Good Condition.