Nicholas Phree and the Emerald of Bool

This looks like a kid's story, but it was written for adults. These two are main characters in the story and have been together for over a thousand years, so they know each other inside and out. Gene has narcolepsy and falls asleep at inopportune times, and Jules has a top speed of about Mach 1. 6 so hopping around the world is no problem.

And it's funny. You get the picture, except. This one was written for adults who still remember the good old stories that really took you away. There is a new girlfriend, and a town bully, Hannah, Burgess Mumm. Lifelong readers in their sixties and beyond have laughed out loud and often at this. Nicholas phree, living in an old mansion with seven aunts and one uncle, finds a genie named Gene and a flying carpet named Jules in his attic.

It contains references that only adults will get, but it is suitable for children ten and older who will get most of the adventure in the story. What would any of us have given to have had a genie to take care of the burgess mumms in our lives? And then there are the shore patrol guys on Wake Island who think they ought to take Nick and Hannah in for trespassing, and trolls guarding the Emerald of Bool, and the out of control air conditioner in New Delhi that fills the hotel room with frost, and.


Richter Ten

Full-blooded, and intensely suspenseful, bestselling author of “the 13th juror”never get between greedy men and eight billion dollars worth of anything-words to live by, character rich, RICHTER TEN is as far beyond other "disaster" novels as a ten earthquake is beyond a six -- orders of magnitude! - John Lescroart, as geophysicist Steven Bell is finding out.

Government wants bell to shut up and go away; drew gannon wants Bell dead; 14-year-old Lissa Bell just wants to spend the summer with her dad; and gorgeous ex-model Kate is caught in the middle, forced into a disturbing agenda of her own. To bell, this is just a "leak, " a pinhole, relatively speaking.

Bell wants the fumarole plugged in order to study the problem, but the hot gas is carrying with it a rare-earth element worth billions, an element with military applications. The U. S. Forces of nature, government, greed, and love collide with the potential for an explosion that could make a major earthquake on the San Andreas Fault look like a whisper in the wind.

A disaster of monstrous proportions is brewing. In eastern oregon, 90, 000 cubic feet of mantle-hot gas is roaring out of the Devil's Pore fumarole every second. But what is leaking? where is all that gas coming from? And why is 700 square miles of land subsiding, inch by inch, it turns out, year by year? The fumarole, is just the visible tip of an iceberg.


Goes. The sunspot was huge. Which is why he's under surveillance after having been told to keep his theory to himself. Keeping his theory under wraps isn't easy, has him in her sights, Gail Dionne, not when a gorgeous reporter for Parsec magazine, out to get a story. Out. Morris tyler at northern arizona University in Flagstaff has a theory that might explain what's happening, and the news isn't good.

Tyler's well-ordered world spins out of control when all these forces converge on him, and the world begins to grow colder as the sun. Nothing like it had ever been seen before-a twenty-billion square mile blot on the surface of the sun, and growing. Dr.

Maxwell's Demon

And the russian military to be the most dangerous person on the planet. Due to his unique and deadly ability, Josh is thought by the U. S. At the same moment, three thousand miles away, the commander of the submarine she was trying to detect dies in the same impossible way. But all josh wants is to have his family back and his life to return to normal, unaware that what he and Angel are doing as they run from the authorities is about to start World War Three.

And near san francisco, age 13, josh Anders, with an IQ of 170, is at the center of this storm. He has the power of maxwell's Demon, a concept proposed by James Clerk Maxwell in 1871. Hours later, a beautiful catatonic girl, Angel, in a Rhode Island mental hospital escapes. On the run with angel, josh is hunted by the FBI, the CIA, and Russian commandos.

While attempting to locate a submarine in a top-secret defense facility in Maryland, a well-known psychic dies an inexplicable death.

The Tenderfoot

He returned in 1875 with a civil engineering degree. Upon arriving in willow creek, he finds that his father has been murdered by hired guns of a rival rancher, Wyoming, but that can't be proven in a court of law. He has "book learnin'. He's almost an outsider. To them, he's more city dude now than rancher. Andy stillman went off to college in 1871.

People in town don't know who he's become. He's a tenderfoot. A drought is causing will o'meara's Circle-K ranch to lose cattle, and he wants Stillman's water: Little Muddy Creek. He's been away for four years. How does a tenderfoot with eight cowhands and a young brother and sister, six recently-hired rough men, fight a violent rancher with twenty men, and three murdering gunslingers? Answer: he sends his family and all his cowhands away, then goes it alone.

And his father's ranch--Andy's ranch now--is under attack.

January Cold Kill A Gabrielle Johns novel Book 1

She hopes gabbi will be able to get him to stop, and get the pictures, without her husband finding out. She's being stalked by a man who says he loves her. On a cold day in january, ashley Dinsmore, the young wife of a federal judge, asks Gabbi for help. As usual, bert dumps the case on Gabbi's shoulders, putting her squarely in the jaws of a meat-grinder that could cost her her life.

She refers them to her father-in-law, but under the delusion that Gabbi still works for him, Bert puts the cases back on Gabbi's shoulders. But having trained years ago as a PI at her father-in-law's investigative firm, people she knows come to her for help. He has compromising pictures of them “together.

For ashley, it's a nightmare, one she desperately wants to escape. Good-old-boys" check out her blond hair and Playmate figure and think she'll be easy picking. Wrong. Gorgeous ex-showgirl gabrielle Johns, 29, makes a good living as a backroom poker in Reno, Nevada. She has a gift for poker.

Gumshoe The Mortimer Angel Series Book 1

Vanished without a trace. Enter mortimer angel, who’d just quit a thankless job as an IRS agent. Just four hours into his new career, mort finds the mayor—make that, the mayor’s head—in the trunk of Mort’s ex-wife’s Mercedes. Did the two of them take off with a big pile of the city’s money? If so, the city accountants can’t find it.

Were they murdered? There’s no sign of foul play. Mort is reno’s newest gumshoe, a private-eye-in-training at his nephew’s detective agency. The news-hungry media speculates: did mort kill the mayor? did Mort’s ex? As events begin to spin out of control, Mort realizes things have been out of control since the night before he started his new career, the night he found the unknown naked blonde in his bed.

Usa today best-selling authorFor nine long days, the mayor and district attorney of Reno, Nevada, have been missing. Did they fly somewhere together? They aren’t on any flight manifest. Their disappearances have finally made national news. Their vehicles were found parked side-by-side at Reno-Tahoe International Airport.


Olongapo Liberty

Will the uss saint paul head back to the war zone with him, or without him? And will the next few days he spends in Olongapo's silken hands affect that decision? Baggs and other sailors in "oe division" aboard ship swarm into Olongapo to blow off steam in perhaps the single most infamous place ever created by the collision of sailors, beer, bargirls, and money.

7, ca-73, charlie baggs must make a decision: stay in the Navy, 000 miles away, USS Saint Paul, aboard the heavy cruiser, or get out. Hippies and flower power are in. Baggs has but five days to decide what his future will be. As baggs struggles to make a decision, the "Fighting Saint" pulls into Subic Bay Naval Base in the Philippines.

Across a narrow river from the base lies the town of Olongapo, "mama-sans, a raucous "liberty town" teeming with bargirls, pickpockets, shoe shine boys, thieves, " and drug pushers.1969: nixon is president. Demonstrations against the Vietnam War rock America.

The Rule of Law: A Novel Dismas Hardy Book 18

Proving that he is truly “one of the best thriller writers to come down the pike” USA TODAY, John Lescroart crafts yet another whip-smart, engrossing novel filled with shocking twists and turns that will keep you on your toes until the very last page. Instant new york times bestseller in “master of the legal thriller” chicago sun-times john Lescroart’s electrifying new novel, attorney Dismas Hardy is called to defend the least likely suspect of his career: his longtime, trusted assistant who is suddenly being charged as an accessory to murder.

Dismas hardy knows something is amiss with his trusted secretary, Phyllis. That is, until recently, when he was shot to death—on the very same day that Phyllis first disappeared from work. Things take a shocking turn when phyllis is suddenly arrested at work for allegedly being an accessory to the murder of Hector Valdez, a coyote who’d been smuggling women into this country from El Salvador and Mexico.

Her out-of-character behavior and sudden disappearances concern Hardy, especially when he learns that her convict brother—a man who had served twenty-five years in prison for armed robbery and attempted murder—has just been released. The connection between phyllis, but if his cherished colleague has any chance of going free, and Hector’s murder is not something Dismas can easily understand, her brother, he needs to put all the pieces together—and fast.


Gumshoe on the Loose The Mortimer Angel Series Book 3

And along the way, he picks up an alluring young assistant who changes his life—in every conceivable way. Usa today best-selling author“rob leininger captures the voice and heart of the classic PI mystery and manages to make it completely original at the same time—Mortimer Angel is my new favorite Private Eye.

John lescroart, new york times best-selling authorirs agent-turned-PI Mortimer Angel is relaxing in a hole-in-the-wall bar in a Reno casino when an attractive young girl hires him to find out who left her a cryptic message demanding a million dollars. At the girl’s house, mort finds the body of missing rapper Jonnie Xenon—Jo-X to his legions of fans—hanging from the rafters with two bullet holes in him.

. Mort is shocked when he learns the identity of the girl’s father—and even more shocked when the father hires him to investigate the murder. Mort, being mort, accumulates a few felonies as he follows the clues to Las Vegas.

Gumshoe for Two The Mortimer Angel Series Book 2

Mort first met holiday two months ago, but now learns that she's not really a hooker. Having seen mort in the news, Holiday knows he's a PI who finds missing persons. She's a college engineering student, Allie, searching for her younger sister, who disappeared three months ago. Very deadly. Holiday hires Mort on the spot, dragging him off to Gerlach.

. The call is cut off. Usa today best-selling author"Smart, sexy, and un-put-downable. John lescroartin the style of dashiell hammett, Mortimer Angel, Holiday, is approached by a beautiful hooker, ex-IRS agent turned gumshoe-in-training, in a casino bar in Reno. When mort finds a connection between allie and US Senator Harry "Liar" Reinhart, a presidential candidate who vanished without a trace three days ago, things quickly turn deadly.

. While in the bar with mort, who says she's in Gerlach, Holiday gets an unexpected phone call from Allie, a small town in Nevada.