Natural Cravings USA Steer Stix Bully Sticks 1 lb 20-22 7-8 inch sticks Odor Free

We guarantee that our Steer Bully Sticks are the best in the industry. Hand-inspected to ensure premium quality. Our roasted steer sticks are 100% Natural and made of only American Beef. This means each bully stick is packed with protein and low in fat to support your dog's healthy diet. Healthy Dog Snack. Oven roasted Odor Free.

Natural cravings pet treats is committed to providing your dog with a healthy and enjoyable experience with all of our dog and cat treats. Usa steer bully sticks 12 oz 20-22 7 to 8 inch by natural Cravings provide a Long-Lasting, Our unique roaster gives these chews a unique durable treat that is also 100% Natural.

Ingredients: natural beef pizzle quantity 12 oz pack Size: 7-8 inches in length Country of Origin: USA Our Promise: We passionately love dogs and want what's best for them. Our standard bully sticks are single-ingredient which make them fully-digestible and a healthy, flavorful alternative to other guys chemically-processed dog treats and chews.

We support local rescues and animal causes. Made from only chemical free with no additives or preservatives means our Roasted Steer Sticks serve as a healthy alternative to rawhide. 100% natural and doES NOT contain smokey juice.

8oz 10-14 Made in Nebraska - Gentle Chew Beef Pizzle Bully Dog Chews for Sensitive Teeth - Sancho & Lola's Crunchy 6-Inch Steer Sticks for Dogs

No cheap fillers. Traditional bullys are baked at very low temperatures to preserve moisture. Grain-free & rawhide-free. Easy to chew: these are a more crispy style of bully stick. This enables them to be a longer lasting chew. Steer meat is actually preferred over bull meat by humans due to the tenderness and better palatablity.

Thus the number of sticks will vary. Dogs may prefer bully sticks made from steer pizzle for the same reason. Packed by weight: we offer them this way since sticks vary so much in size. Steers are a delicate, savory "treat. Bully sticks are a hearty, solid "chew". Our mantra is pet products with a purpose because Sancho & Lola's Closet was founded on the belief that Every Dog Deserves a Forever Home.

Neutered bulls have a lot less testosterone so their pizzles are naturally less dense. This reduces the moisture, making them a 'crunchy' treat that dogs seem to tolerate better. Perfect for size and density for small dogs, puppies, and older dogs. Steers vs bulls: our gourmet bully steer sticks are used interchangeably with bully sticks because steers are bulls who have been neutered.

But they can get bored.