My Sweet Angel: The True Story of Lacey Spears, the Seemingly Perfect Mother Who Murdered Her Son in Cold Blood

Lacey spears made international headlines in January 2015 when she was charged with the “depraved mind” murder of her five-year-old son Garnett. Prosecutors alleged that the 27-year old mother had poisoned him with high concentrations of salt through his stomach tube. To the outside world lacey had seemed like the perfect mother, regularly posting dramatic updates on her son’s harrowing medical problems.

When a westchester county jury found her guilty of killing Garnett in April 2015, she was sentenced to twenty years to life in prison. Using lacey’s own never-before-seen facebook, an exclusive prison interview with Lacey herself, and blog posts, as well as interviews with her family and the three police investigators who broke the case, Twitter, My Sweet Angelgives the definitive account of this extraordinary case that shocked the world.

The lacey spears story will be the subject of an hour-long special on Discovery ID, featuring author John Glatt, and CBS 48-Hours is working on a primetime special on the case. But in reality, lacey was a text book case of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome. From the time he was an infant, she deliberately made Garnett sick to elicit sympathy from medical professionals, as well as her hundreds of followers on Facebook and other social media.


I Have To Call Someone Mama: A Grandmother's Story of Two Siblings Rescued from Munchausen by Proxy Abuse

It is very difficult to prove and even harder to prosecute. He would get better and then suddenly relapse with no reasonable explanation. After three years of her grandson being constantly sick with countless hospitalizations, this grandmother was faced with the horrifying realization; that her grandchildren were sick because their mother was making them sick.

By the time he was three years old, he had been hospitalized more times than she could count. Follow her journey of faith as she fights to rescue, protect, and bring healing to her grandchildren's broken spirits and shattered little souls. She had known that her daughter-in-law seemed to exaggerate but never could she have imagined this.

The children's mother was so cunning and crafty in her manipulative deception that she fooled dozens of medical professionals along the way. This story chronicles a woman's journey as she discovers that her two grandchildren are victims of this abuse that most people have never even heard of. From as early as one month old, he was gravely ill with one illness after another.

Her grandson was literally on the brink of death's door. When her granddaughter was born, she too started having alarming health problems. Then the real fight began. Munchausen's syndrome by Proxy is one of the cruelest forms of child abuse imaginable.

Cruel Deception: The True Story of Multiple Murder and Two Devastated Families St. Martin's True Crime Library

Morgan's texas-born mother tanya, pulled up stakes with her grieving husband Jim, a nurse and devoted wife, and moved on. In and out of hospitals since birth, angelic nine-month-old Morgan Reid finally succumbed to what appeared to be Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Until their son michael, a boy who by all accounts was terrified of his mother, began showing signs of the same affliction that stole the life of his baby sister.

. First, the suspicion: Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. It would become a landmark trial that unfolded in a series of reversals and bizarre twists of fate as it gradually revealed another side of Tanya Reid--of her own troubling childhood and the dark secrets that drove a woman to the cruelest deception of all.

. Gregg olsen tells the whole shocking story of this true crime in Cruel Deception. It was the best way to put the past behind them. Then, tanya was charged and convicted with felony child abuse of her son. She was later tried and ultimately convicted for first degree murder of Morgan.

The Family Next Door: The Heartbreaking Imprisonment of the Thirteen Turpin Siblings and Their Extraordinary Rescue

I’ve never been out, ” she stammered. From new york times bestselling true crime author John Glatt comes the devastating story of the Turpins: a seemingly normal family whose dark secrets would shock and captivate the world. But what police discovered when they entered the Turpin family home would eclipse the most shocking child abuse cases in history.

On january 14, a seventeen-year-old girl climbed out of the window of her Perris, 2018, California home and dialed 911 on a borrowed cell phone. Struggling to stay calm, she told the operator that she and her 12 siblings—ranging in age from 2 to 29—were being abused by their parents. In the first major account of the case, investigative journalist John Glatt delves into the disturbing details and recounts the bravery of the thirteen siblings in the face of unimaginable horror.

For years, fear, david and louise had kept their children in increasing isolation, trapping them in a sinister world of torture, and near starvation. When the dispatcher asked for her address, the girl hesitated. To their family, and online friends, neighbors, Louise and David Turpin presented a picture of domestic bliss: dressing their thirteen children in matching outfits and buying them expensive gifts.


Sickened: The True Story of a Lost Childhood

Many mbp children die, but julie gregory not only survived, she escaped the powerful orbit of her mother's madness and rebuilt her identity as a vibrant, healthy young woman. Punctuated with julie's actual medical records, sickened re-creates the bizarre cocoon of her family's isolated double-wide trailer, their wild shopping sprees and gun-waving confrontations, the astonishing naïveté of medical professionals and social workers.

The realization that the sickness lay in her mother, not in herself, would not come to Julie until adulthood. Through her painful metamorphosis, she discovered the courage to save her own life—and, ultimately, the life of the girl her mother had found to replace her. Her mother, on the other hand, seems curiously excited.

Munchausen by proxy mbp is the world’s most hidden and dangerous form of child abuse, in which the caretaker—almost always the mother—invents or induces symptoms in her child because she craves the attention of medical professionals. It’s four o’clock, and she hasn’t been allowed to eat anything all day.

But when it did, it would strike like lightning. It also exposes the twisted bonds of terror and love that roped Julie's family together—including the love that made a child willing to sacrifice herself to win her mother's happiness. Just twelve, skinny, she’s tall, and weak. She's about to suggest open-heart surgery on her child to "get to the bottom of this.

Twisted: The Secret Desires and Bizarre Double Life of Dr. Richard Sharpe St. Martin's True Crime Library

The murder revealed more about the millionaire doctor-and his double life-than polite Boston society was prepared for. He also had a secret that Shot His Picture-Perfect World To Hell. Behind the doors of their upscale Massachusetts home, Dr. Fearing a crushing divorce settlement, Richard ended the marriage first by unloading a.

22-caliber rifle into Karen's chest. But not even his own family could have imagined that it would take cold-blooded murder to finally reveal the good doctor's disturbing secrets, and shatter forever the prosaic façade of an all-American family. Sharpe was a compulsive cross-dresser with a penchant for his own daughter's underwear-a respected family man who had not only been taking hormones to grow breasts, but who stole his wife's birth control pills to supplement them.

He had a successful career, A Selfless Wife, And Three Loving Children. When high school sweethearts karen and Richard Sharpe married, a desire for family, they shared an interest in medicine, and a dream for the future. For karen, that dream became a nightmare. After years of abuse at the hands of her physician husband, she put an end to their 26-year marriage.


The Prince of Paradise: The True Story of a Hotel Heir, His Seductive Wife, and a Ruthless Murder St. Martin's True Crime Library

Was born into a life of luxury and opulence. He sat by while his parents entertained presidents and movie stars, as they reigned over Miami Beach in the ‘50's and ‘60's, and when the family business went sour he became wealthy in his own right, founding a multi-million dollar business using connections he made at the Fontainebleau.

Seven years earlier, police found Novack in an eerily similar situation—when his wife Narcy duct-taped him to a chair for twenty-four hours and robbed him. But ben, Jr. S luxurious, celebrity-studded lifestyle would end in another hotel room—a thousand miles away from the one where he grew up—when police found him bound up in duct tape, beaten to death.

But it would be Narcy's own daughter who implicated her to the police. Heir to the legendary fontainebleau hotel, he spent his childhood surrounded by some of the world's biggest stars, including Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, and Ann-Margret, Elvis Presley, who performed regularly at the Fontainebleau's La Ronde Room.

They also suspected she was involved in the horrendous death of Novack's mother, just three months before. Ben novack, Jr. Now prosecutors claimed Narcy let the vicious killers into the room and watched as they beat her husband with dumbbells. Claiming it was a sex game, he never pressed charges and never followed through with a divorce.

Playing With Fire: The True Story of a Nurse, Her Husband, and a Marriage Turned Fatal St. Martin's True Crime Library

A lethal injection. A gruesomely charred corpse. A beautiful nurse. Nothing could have shocked the sleepy community of Morgantown, West Virginia, more than the lurid details that surfaced after a house fire claimed the life of Shelly Michael's husband Jimmy. Then they discovered that jimmy had been dead before the fire even started—paralyzed by a fatal dose of muscle relaxant…Did Shelly Michael, a respected nurse and mother, kill her second husband and torch her own home? Were the rumors true that she'd had an affair with her husband's employee only two weeks before the murder? Or did she kill Jimmy simply for the insurance money? Charged with first-degree murder and first-degree arson, Shelly would never stop claiming her innocence—even to this day .

Local authorities suspected possible arson.

One Deadly Night: A State Trooper, Triple Homicide and a Search for Justice St. Martin's True Crime Library

And as the ugly truth about the camms' marriage got uglier and the evidence against David started piling up, two families-and the community at large-took positions at opposite sides of a yawning and bitter divide. Was david camm a dedicated, conscientious public servant-the victim of unspeakable tragedy, railroaded by an unfair system? Or was he a cold-hearted murderer who earned his three murder convictions and every one of the 195 years behind bars to which he was sentenced?Investigative journalist John Glatt finds out in this gripping new book.

They had what seemed like a loving marriage, a nice little house with a white picket fence, and two adorable children. The camm's lived the American Dream. Then, this happened. Three days later, it got worse when police arrested David Camm for the triple murder. On september 28, former indiana state trooper david camm made a frantic call to his former colleagues in the state troopers office: He'd just walked into his garage, Brad and Jill, Kim, and found lying on the floor the bodies of his 35-year-old wife, 2000, and their two children, ages 7 and 5.

This was the kind of crime that could tear the heart out of a community. Soon, new stories started emerging: stories about mistresses and violent bursts of temper. To top it all off, david camm was a pillar of the community who had dedicated his career to the enforcement of the law and the sanctity of human life.

Love Her to Death: The True Story of a Millionaire Businessman, His Gorgeous Wife, and the Divorce That Ended in Murder

So, after killing his wife, he loaded his gun and went after the judge. And headed for Mexico with a stash of concealed weapons. A killer: wanted so began an international manhunt for a rage-filled fugitive-featured on "America's Most Wanted"-that eventually ended in Mack's capture. In a dramatic trial, the ugly divorce that fueled his anger, the public would learn shocking details of the swinging lifestyle that ended his marriage, and the final straw that triggered his bloody spree.

. Love her to death: the true story of a millionaire businessman, his gorgeous wife, and the divorce That Ended in Murder by veteran true crime writer and New York Times bestselling author John Glatt A MARRIAGE: DESTROYED They were a picture-perfect family-until a bitter divorce drove Darren Mack over the edge.

A reno millionaire, mack was ordered by the court to pay his wife $10, 000 a month in alimony. Instead, he stabbed her in the garage while their daughter watched TV upstairs. A judge: targeted the only person Mack hated more than his wife was the family court judge who presided over their divorce.

If I Can't Have You: Susan Powell, Her Mysterious Disappearance, and the Murder of Her Children

Josh's father, who was sexually obsessed with Susan, Steve, would ultimately be convicted of unspeakable perversion. When the pretty, blonde utah mother went missing in December of 2009 the media was swept up in the story – with lenses and microphones trained on Susan's husband, Josh. In if i can't have you, bestselling author gregg olsen and co-author Rebecca Morris investigate one of the 21st Century's most puzzling disappearances and how it resulted in the murder of two children by their father.

Every once in a great while a genuine murder mystery unfolds before the eyes of the American public. He said he had no idea what happened to his young wife, and that he and the boys had been camping in the middle of a snowstorm. Over the next three years bombshell by bombshell, the story would reveal more shocking secrets.

The tragic story of susan powell and her murdered boys, Charlie and Braden, is the only case that rivals the Jon Benet Ramsey saga in the annals of true crime. And in the most stunning event of them all, Josh Powell would murder his two little boys and kill himself with brutality beyond belief. Josh's brother, Michael, would commit suicide.