Militant: Resurrecting Authentic Catholicism

Litigation, legislation, and other forms of organized attacks will soon force Catholics to choose between apostasy and martyrdom. This book is meant to help catholics understand the nature of the crisis and the failure of leadership that has brought it about, and awaken Catholics to the serious need to get our spiritual lives in order if we wish to gain Heaven.

. This has come about as the result of a devastating demolition of Catholic life, divorce, and abort at the same rate as non-Catholics, where Catholics cohabit, contracept, and in some cases at even higher rates. Today's bishops are in a state of what one Canadian bishop has called "managing the decline.

And there appears to be no end in sight to the decline. The culture has turned against Catholic morality and will soon turn completely against the Church itself. How many catholic souls have been lost over these past fifty years? how many have walked away from the Catholic faith either for a false religion or for no religion at all? And why does practically no one in the Church ever speak in these terms anymore?The Church has lost Her self-understanding; Catholics no longer understand who they are, what their role in history is, or what is their proper relationship to God.


Resistance: Fighting the Devil Within

The catholic church finds herself in a condition perhaps never before lived through in Her 2, 000-year sacred history: a near-extinction of the authentic faith in the West, and now beginning to threaten the Church in the rest of the world. There has never been a more urgent time for faithful Catholics to step up and resist.

Yet little is being done by Church leaders to instruct Catholics in sound doctrine and morality—in fact, quite the opposite. Resistance: fighting the devil within traces a broad outline of key points in the attacks of the demonic against the Church, as there has always been only one solution for the past 2, and asserts the need for faithful Catholics to adopt an attitude of resistance to the corruption of the Faith, affirming that there is only one solution, 000 years to the crisis: personal holiness.

Central teachings of the church are now disputed, and this is all brought about by the Demon who "went off to make war on the rest of her offspring, reinterpreted, and refashioned, on those who keep the commandments of God and bear testimony to Jesus" Revelation 12:17.

Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within

It took nearly two millennia for the enemies of the Catholic Church to realize they could not successfully attack the Church from the outside. Indeed, countless nemeses from Nero to Napoleon succeeded only in creating sympathy and martyrs for our Catholic Faith. Gallen mafia and how they plotted to modify Catholic doctrine and elect Pope Francis.

. Their goal: to change Her doctrine, Her liturgy, and Her mission. In this captivating and carefully documented book, Dr. Taylor marshall pulls back the curtain on their nefarious plan, showing how these enemies of Christ strategically infiltrated the seminaries, then the episcopacy, then the priesthood, and eventually the cardinal-electors – all with the eventual goal of electing one of their own as pope.

You’ll come to see that the seemingly endless scandals plaguing the Church are not the result, as so many think, or of Vatican II, of cultural changes, but rather the natural consequences of an orchestrated demonic plot to destroy the Church. In these gripping pages, you’ll discover:• How popes of the 1800s discovered a plot to infiltrate the Church• How theologians suspected of being Modernists became Vatican powerbrokers.

How modifications in catholic canon law enabled predator priests like Theodore McCarrick to stay in positions of power. How our lady of la salette gave a prophetic warning of the plot to infiltrate the Church. How the chief architect of liturgical reforms was discovered to be a Freemason. Archbishop fulton Sheen’s role in exposing the Communist infiltration of the priesthood.

Diabolical: How Pope Francis Has Betrayed Clerical Abuse Victims Like Me—and Why He Has To Go

Now he wants to fix it—starting with pope francis. Who is the real pope francis? and can the church survive him? Milo Yiannopoulos traces the origins of the Church’s descent into sin and shame, gay clergy, trendy progressive bishops, pointing the finger at left-wing reformers, and ultimately, Francis himself.

. Yes, there really is a gay mafia. And yes, their outfits are fabulous. The catholic church hasn’t had a crisis like this since the Reformation. From the bestselling author of how to be poormilo yiannopoulos has experienced the moral decay oF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH FIRST-HAND. In diabolical, milo yiannopoulos levels his critical eye and legendarily caustic wit at the Catholic Church, an institution he reveres but which, under the leadership of a “Lavender Mafia” of left-wing gay bishops, has become shambolic and depraved.

It won’t survive unless it learns how to talk to men again, sets aside transitory political nostrums like environmentalism and identity politics, and gets back to worshiping Almighty God.

The Smoke of Satan: How Corrupt and Cowardly Bishops Betrayed Christ, His Church, and the Faithful . . . and What Can Be Done About It

In the smoke of satan, veteran catholic journalist philip Lawler explains why the crisis is even more severe than when it first commanded headlines in 2002, and how the failure of Church leaders goes all the way to the Vatican. Details the charges in the explosive “Vigano testimony, ”— and the efforts by Vatican officials including Pope Francis himself to ward off a thorough investigation.

Concludes with a program for reform, led by faithful lay Catholics, demanding a new policy of candor and a forthright proclamation of Church teaching. In these pages, lawler details the problems besetting the Church…and lays out a clear plan to overcome them in order that the Church and Her members may once again thrive and bring souls to Christ.

In this unflinching look at the crisis threatening the Church and her members, Lawler:--Shows how the sex-abuse scandal is not a question of pedophilia, but of homosexual activity within the clergy. Explains how catholic bishops have developed a habit of covering up serious problems, to avoid the serious divisions that have developed within the faith since Vatican II.

Demonstrates a catastrophic rupture in Church unity, and laity, bishops, causing a breakdown in morale and discipline among priests, paving the way for the current crisis. Reveals the growth of a faction within the Vatican that is ready to make peace with secularism. This crisis, brought about by the failures of corrupt and cowardly bishops and clerics, has been allowed to fester long enough.

The sex-abuse scandal, which has erupted anew in 2018, poses the greatest challenge that the Catholic Church has faced since the Reformation.

Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages: A Layman's Quick Guide to Thomism

Have you ever wanted to study the theology of Thomas Aquinas, but were intimidated? This is the perfect book to quickly and simply introduce you to the distinctive teachings of Saint Thomas' philosophy and theology.

In the Closet of the Vatican: Power, Homosexuality, Hypocrisy

It derives from a system founded on a clerical culture of secrecy which starts in junior seminaries and continues right up to the Vatican itself. But the more a prelate is homophobic, the more likely it is that he is himself gay. Behind rigidity there is always something hidden, in many cases a double life'.

These are the words of Pope Francis himself and with them the Pope has unlocked the Closet. No one can claim to really understand the Catholic Church today until they have read this book. The new york times bestseller'an earth-shaking exposé of clerical corruption' - National Catholic ReporterIn the Closet of the Vatican exposes the rot at the heart of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church today.

The resulting schizophrenia in the Church is hard to fathom. The celibacy of priests, the condemnation of the use of contraceptives, the dramatic fall in Europe of the number of vocations to the priesthood, the cover up of countless cases of sexual abuse, the resignation of Benedict XVI, misogyny among the clergy, the plotting against Pope Francis – all these issues are clouded in mystery and secrecy.

In the closet of the Vatican is a book that reveals these secrets and penetrates this enigma. This brilliant piece of investigative writing is based on four years' authoritative research, including extensive interviews with those in power. It is based on the double lives of priests and on extreme homophobia.

It reveals a truth that is extraordinary and disturbing.

2019 Magnificat Lenten Companion

Lent is a time to refocus our hearts and revive our love of the Lord and one another. The lenten companion, good, you will discover all that is true, is designed in a convenient, poetry, for the forty days of Lent from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, easy-to-use format:- Inspiring reflections from some of the most gifted Catholic writers for each day- Faith-filled essays- Prayers, and devotions- Meditations for the Way of the Cross- A treasury of spiritual insightsBy spending a few moments meditating on the inspiring daily reflections and the short prayers that follow them, and beautiful about the Catholic Faith.

Let the profound yet practical insights you will find in this little spiritual treasury form and focus your spiritual life, filling it with new conviction and purpose.

Sword and Serpent

Diocletian rules the Roman Empire. He’s trying to hold his family together after his father died in disgrace, and piety -- even to the Christ -- just isn’t practical. As the fires of suspicion and hatred ignite around them, Jurian and Sabra are drawn together by a mysterious prophecy. One that will set them on a journey to battle an evil beyond imagining.

Saints aren’t born. 299. Every legend has A BeginningThe year is A. D. And the gods have suddenly fallen silent. 17-year-old jurian doesn’t have time for the gods. They are forged. But then a ruthless enemy targets his family, or will he sacrifice everything to protect a faith that was never really his own?On the other side of the Empire, forcing Jurian to make a choice: will he pursue the glory he’s always wanted, the young priestess Sabra shields her people from the terrible vengeance of the old god she serves.

But even as she offers the dark and bloody sacrifices the god demands, visions of desolation haunt her dreams. As suspicion tightens its stranglehold on her city, Sabra must unravel the mystery of the god’s portents before everything she’s ever loved is destroyed. Fear of the gods’ silence sparks a bloody persecution that will soon consume the Empire.


The Final Confrontation

Theconfrontation lies within the plans of Divine Providence. It is, and it must be a trialwhich the Church must take up, therefore, in God’s Plan, and face courageously. In this booklet, ralph martin takes a look at what Scripture says about the final confrontation and the work of the Evil One. John paul ii said, “we are now standing in the face of the greatest historicalconfrontation humanity has ever experienced…the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-church, between the gospel and the anti-gospel, between Christ and the Antichrist.

Many years ago, Pope St. He exposes the lies of the enemy and the truth about Divine Mercy. He also identifies what we must do to face the present trials with courage.

The Anti-Mary Exposed: Rescuing the Culture from Toxic Femininity

The influence of “female” demons, such as Lilith and Jezebel. The repulsive underbelly of radical feminism’s chief architects. A look at the matriarchy, politics, Hollywood, who control the thinking of most women through media, a cabal of elite women committed to abortion, fashion, and universities.

The antidote to the anti-mary is, the mother of God, Mary, of course, known widely as the most powerful woman in the world and the source of the belief that women ought to be treated with dignity. Increased numbers of divorce, sexually transmitted disease, and drug abuse all point to the reality that women aren’t happier, anxiety, depression, just more medicated.

She is the perfect model of christian femininity, leading us to her Son, who desires to be a spiritual mother to us all, and to the fulfillment of our heart’s deepest desires. Sixty million abortions later, women aren’t showing signs of health, happiness, and fulfillment. She is a beacon of all the virtues and qualities—purity, kindness, humility, beauty—that oppose this sinister force that has cast its spell upon so many women.

Misleading generations of women, this anti-Marian spirit has led to the toxic femininity that has destroyed the lives of countless men, women, and children. Also in the anti-mary exposed:-how radical feminism is connected to the errors of Russia, spoken of by Our Lady of Fatima. The involvement and influence of the goddess movement and the occult.