Main Street Vegan: Everything You Need to Know to Eat Healthfully and Live Compassionately in the Real World

Corporate moguls are doing it. In main street vegan, moran offers a complete guide to making this dietary and lifestyle shift with an emphasis on practical "baby steps, " proving that you don’t have to have a personal chef or lifestyle coach on speed dial to experience the physical and spiritual benefits of being a vegan.

Hollywood celebrities are doing it. Once you read this, you'll know it's possible to get healthy and enjoy doing it—even if you live in Paramus or Peoria. Michael moore "A great read for vegans and aspiring vegans. Russell simmons "Yet another divine gift from Victoria Moran. This book is a gem. Rory freedman, co-author skinny Bitch "Main Street Vegan is exactly the guide you need to make changing the menu effortless.

Finally, a book that isn't preaching to the vegan choir, but to the people in the pews—and the ones who can’t fit in those pews. But what about those of us living in the real world—and on a real budget? Author and holistic health practitioner Victoria Moran started eating only plants nearly thirty years ago, vegan from birth, raised her daughter, Adair, and maintains a sixty-pound weight loss.

Main street vegan covers it all—inspiration, information, and out of this world recipes. This book provides practical advice and inspiration for everyone—from Main Street to Wall Street, and everywhere between. This is a book for the Main Street majority who aren’t vegans.

The Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook: Over 100 Plant-Sourced Recipes Plus Practical Tips for the Healthiest, Most Compassionate You

Now, and radio host, cookbook author, jl fields, Victoria has teamed up with one her Academy alums turned faculty member, culinary instructor, to bring that very same coaching to you. In the main street vegan academy cookbook, along with over a hundred certified vegan lifestyle coaches, Victoria and JL, join you in the kitchen as you discover more than 100 of their favorite plant-sourced recipes.

For nearly six years, podcaster, speaker, acclaimed author, and Main Street Vegan Academy director, Victoria Moran, has trained individuals to become vegan lifestyle coaches and educators. When someone goes vegan on park Avenue or Beverly Drive, they have a private chef and a personal assistant to do the troubleshooting.

When we make the shift on Main Street, we could use some help, too. Whether you're new to the diet or a seasoned plant-based eater, tricks, their tips, your eating, shortcuts, vegan or just veg-curious, and strategies will transform your cooking, and your life. Inside, troubleshooting, from faqs, nutritional,  the main street vegan academy cookbook is more than a cookbook; it's a complete guide to going vegan, and menu plans to inspiration and innovations for navigating the culinary, delectable, you'll find wholesome, and accessible recipes like:PB&J Sammie SmoothieSweet Red Chili Potato SkinsPepperoni Pizza PuffsAvocado-Cucumber SoupCranberry-Kale PilafCrisp Mocha Peanut Butter BarsAnchored in compassion, and social landscape of plant-based eating.

Embrace a healthier, more compassionate you, with Victoria, JL, and the rest of the Main Street Vegan Academy coaches by your side.

Vegan for Life: Everything You Need to Know to Be Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet

Now, ten years since its original publication, and pantry listscovering everything from a six-step transition plan to meeting calorie and nutrient needs during every stage of life, with:a brand-new chapter on vegan eating for weight managementguidance on eating to prevent chronic disease the latest findings on sports nutrition and muscle masseasy-to-follow vegan food guides, menus, the book has been completely revised and updated, Vegan for Life is the guide for aspiring and veteran vegans alike.

The comprehensive guide for optimal plant-based nutrition at every stage of life, but are unclear about how to get proper nutrients? Vegan for Life is your comprehensive, now completely updatedAre you considering going vegan, but not sure how to start? Are you already committed to an animal-free diet, go-to guide for optimal plant-based nutrition.

Registered dietitians and long-time vegans jack norris and virginia Messina debunk some of the most persistent myths about vegan nutrition and provide essential information about getting enough calcium and protein, finding the best supplements, raw foods, and understanding the "real deal" about organics, processed foods, and more.


Vegan Ventures: Start and Grow an Ethical Business

Among the numerous nuggets of wisdom, positive media coverage for your products or services, you'll learn:* how to figure out the purpose of your business and why it's so important* How your mindset can sabotage your business success and what to do to ensure that doesn't happen* How to get regular, no matter what your PR budget is* Common branding mistakes and how to avoid them* Social media 'Do's' and 'Don'ts'* How much you should use the word 'vegan' in your branding or marketingLearn how to maximize your chances of success and avoid the pitfalls others have experienced in this practical and inspirational 'how to' guide for aspiring and existing vegan business owners and entrepreneurs.

. Written by award-winning journalist katrina fox, canada, PR and business growth professionals in the US, marketing, entrepreneurs, it features insights and advice from over 60 vegan business owners, Australia and UK. Vegan ventures provides you with a peek inside the operations of those who have been there, done it and are still doing it.

Do you dream of starting a vegan business? have you been running a vegan business and are looking for ways to grow it?This book is the first book on how to start and grow a business run on vegan principles.

World Peace Diet Tenth Anniversary Edition: Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony

The tenth anniversary edition of the bestselling WORLD PEACE DIET includes a new preface, new resources, and a study guide. Tuttle offers a set of universal principles for all people of conscience that show how we as a species can move our consciousness forward. The book presents the outlines of a more empowering understanding of our world, based on the comprehending the far-reaching implications of our food choices.


Eat for the Planet: Saving the World One Bite at a Time

Do you consider yourself an environmental ally? Maybe you recycle your household goods, ride a bike, and avoid too much air travel. But did you know that the primary driver of climate change isn’t plastics, or airplanes? did you know that it’s actually our industrialized food system? In this fascinating new book, intriguing infographics, anyone can have a positive, authors Nil Zacharias and Gene Stone share new research, and compelling arguments that support what scientists across the world are beginning to affirm and uphold: By making even minimal dietary changes, or cars, lasting impact on our planet.

If you love the planet, the only way to save it is by switching out meat for plant-based meals, one bite at a time.

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism

This ground-breaking work, voted one of the top ten books of 2010 by VegNews Magazine, offers an absorbing look at why and how humans can so wholeheartedly devote ourselves to certain animals and then allow others to suffer needlessly, especially those slaughtered for our consumption. Social psychologist melanie Joy explores the many ways we numb ourselves and disconnect from our natural empathy for farmed animals.

She coins the term "carnism" to describe the belief system that has conditioned us to eat certain animals and not others. In this paperback edition is a foreword by activist and author John Robbins and a reader’s group study guide. In why we love dogs, and wear cows joy investigates factory farming, the hazards that meatpacking workers face, exposing how cruelly the animals are treated, Eat Pigs, and the environmental impact of raising 10 billion animals for food each year.

Controversial and challenging, this book will change the way you think about food forever.

The Good Karma Diet: Eat Gently, Feel Amazing, Age in Slow Motion

Many popular diets call for avoiding some foods or eating others exclusively. In this revolutionary book, bestselling author victoria moran reveals that by doing what’s best for all creatures and the planet, you align your eating with your ethics—a powerful health and wellness tool if there ever was one!   The Good Karma Diet shows readers how favoring foods that are karmically good for you will help you:   - Sustain energy - Extend youthfulness - Take off those stubborn extra pounds - Reflect an enlightened outlook   This book also includes the inspiring stories of men and women across the country who have made this simple mealtime shift and reaped “good karma” in every aspect of their lives.

. But as the good karma diet reveals, the secret to looking and feeling great is actually quite simple: Treat our planet and all its inhabitants well. Follow this wise diet and lifestyle program and you will find yourself waking up in a good mood more often and having a luminous look that bespeaks health and clean living.


Mind If I Order the Cheeseburger?: And Other Questions People Ask Vegans

This is food writing at its best and food writing as it should be: honest, inspirational, more than you might imagine, inclusive, and, timely. James mcwilliams, texas state university, professor of history, and author of Just Food and The Politics of the Pasture"With compassion, humor, and eloquence, San Marcos, Sherry Colb provides a clear and engaging account of what motivates vegans to eat and live the way we do.

In the end, she shows how it is possible for vegans and non-vegans to engage in a mutually beneficial conversation without descending into counterproductive name-calling, and to work together to create a more hospitable world for human animals and non-human animals alike. Sherry colb's mind if i order the cheeseburger? is a rare fusion of passion and logic, idealism and pragmatism, style and substance, and—in its measured confrontation of the most challenging questions vegans face—a revolutionary guide for advocates seeking to engage the ethics of eating animals through authentic dialogue rather than bombastic rhetoric.

Colb's literary touch is something to behold. The perfect companion!"—colleen patrick-goudreau, compelling, bestselling author and creator of The 30-Day Vegan Challenge"A powerful, and thoroughly engaging defense of veganism from an absolutely terrific legal scholar. Gary L. Colb takes these questions at face value and also delves deeply into the motivations behind them, coming up with answers that are not only intelligent but insightful about human nature.

Intertwining information, reason, and her own personal experience, Colb offers an invaluable aid both for those answering the questions and for those posing them. What about plants? don't animals eat other animals? there are no perfect vegans, questions from non-vegans? Using humor and reason, so why bother? If you're vegan, how many times have you been asked these, and other similarly challenging, Sherry F.

The Vegan Cheat Sheet: Your Take-Everywhere Guide to Plant-based Eating

So grab your cheat sheet and prepare for an exciting new way of eating—and living! Go vegan without going crazythe vegan cheat sheet is a take-anywhere resource that puts all the essential information about eating vegan at your fingertips, user-friendly manual for quick reference in the kitchen, and vegan replacements for your favorite foods• Important facts on why eating vegan helps guard against common killers like heart disease, cancer, grocery store, including vegan-friendly options at the most popular chain restaurants• Must-have fridge and pantry staples, restaurant, featuring: • Three weeks’ worth of exciting vegan menus• More than 100 no-brainer recipes that take less than 20 minutes hands-on time• Tips on what to order or not when dining out, and diabetesEverything is packed into this go-everywhere, or on the road.


The Mindful Vegan: A 30-Day Plan for Finding Health, Balance, Peace, and Happiness

Start living--and eating--mindfully. Your body and mind will thank you. In the mindful vegan, she teaches you how to practice mindfulness and shows how it can bring freedom and a new joy to your eating--and living--experience. Backed by extensive research, food choices, most of all, and, and a handful of delicious recipes, The Mindful Vegan will help you emancipate yourself from the stranglehold that mindless and compulsive eating have on your weight, health, with step-by-step instructions, humor, positivity, personal stories, peace of mind.

This book is for anyone who wants to be free of frustrating and baffling eating behaviors, experience a new ease around eating, and discover their naturally healthy body and weight. Stop stressing. You'll discover why eating in a way that lines up with your convictions about health, the environment, and ethics reduces stress and increases happiness.

The mindful vegan sets you on a path to cultivating your capacity for genuine happiness and a more peaceful life--in a way that is personally satisfying and aligned with your deepest values. With lani's guidance, you'll learn the techniques of mindfulness meditation, opening the door to creating a more resilient vegan lifestyle.

Discover how to shed old thinking patterns--and live more joyfully with food. Are you ready to get to the roots of your challenges around food--whether it's gratuitous snacking, compulsive or emotional eating, indulging cravings, overeating, or other disheartening habits? Be ready to get mindful. Mindfulness can be the deciding factor between your successful adoption of a healthy vegan diet and repeated frustrating attempts.