Macro Social Work Practice: A Strengths Perspective with InfoTrac

Used book in Good Condition. It is presented in structured fashion that is both theoretical and applied in nature and makes use of summaries, key terms and case examples to help students master the content. Providing an in-depth introduction to community and organizational practice, this macro practice text gives students a philosophical foundation of core macro practice concepts and skills.

. This text utilizes the strengths perspective as its unifying theoretical model and offers detailed premises and strategies for working with communities and organizations and for promoting social justice.

Crisis Intervention Strategies

New videos in mindtap available with the text correlate with the text and demonstrate crisis intervention techniques, ensuring that you not only understand the theoretical underpinnings of crisis intervention theories, but also know how to apply them in crisis situations. The authors' task model clearly illustrates and elucidates the process of dealing with people in crisis, from defining the problem to obtaining commitment.

Brooks Cole Pub Co. This authoritative, best-selling text presents the latest skills and techniques for handling crisis situations. This book puts you on the front lines with the crisis worker throughout the chapters, and then illuminates the techniques and strategies the worker used. Using this model, the authors build specific strategies for handling a myriad of different crisis situations, accompanied in many cases with the dialogue that a practitioner might use when working with the individual in crisis.


The Community Needs Assessment Workbook

This workbook helps community groups, and government agencies collect, social service organizations, prioritize, analyze, and present local data in a way that will ensure that a community's needs are understood and met. Employing a learn-by-doing approach, the book walks readers through the actual steps of creating a comprehensive needs assessment.

. In planning community and social services, perceptions of need come from many sources-from the local news to political interest groups-but the first step in conducting efficient and effective community interventions is to look beyond perceptions and identify the actual needs based on available evidence.

Brooks Cole Pub Co. The workbook offers thorough background information and provides step-by-step activities to address the entire process beginning with the planning stage, followed by data collection and analysis, and concluding with preparing your report and implementing findings. Creating a comprehensive needs assessment is essential for securing funding and designing programs in governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Whether in a classroom setting or in the workplace, this is the book that practitioners will use throughout their entire careers.

Current Psychotherapies

Current psychotherapies 10/E by Danny Wedding, Raymond J. Used book in Good Condition. Corsini brooks Cole Pub Co.

Community Economic Development in Social Work Foundations of Social Work Knowledge Series

Used book in Good Condition. This cutting-edge text explores the intersection of CED and social work practice, which both focus on the well-being of indigent communities and the empowerment of individuals and the communities in which they live. This unique textbook emphasizes a holistic approach to community building that combines business and real-estate development with a focus on stimulating family self-reliance and community empowerment.

Community economic development CED is an increasingly essential factor in the revitalization of low- to moderate-income communities. Columbia University Press. The result is an innovative approach to rehabilitating communities in decline while preserving resident demographics. Brooks Cole Pub Co. Throughout, they integrate case examples to illustrate their strategies and conclude with a consideration of the critical role social workers can play in developing CED's next phase.

The authors delve deep into the social, human, political, and financial capital involved in effecting change and how race and regional issues can complicate approaches and outcomes.

Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis in Social Work Practice

Columbia University Press. Used book in Good Condition. Students and practitioners alike will appreciate the wealth of case examples, evidence-based assessment instruments, treatment plans, and new social diversity sections that make this an essential guide to the assessment and diagnostic processes in social work practice.

Brooks Cole Pub Co. The authors also catalog the latest evidence-based assessment instruments and treatments for each disorder so that social workers can intervene efficiently and effectively, using the best resources available. In clinical assessment and diagnosis in social work practice, bipolar disorder, depression, including anxiety disorders, seasoned practitioner-scholars Jacqueline Corcoran and Joseph Walsh provide an in-depth exploration of fourteen major mental disorders that social workers commonly see in practice, and schizophrenia.

They skillfully integrate several perspectives in order to help practitioners meet the challenges they will face in client assessment, and present a risk and resilience framework that helps social workers understand environmental influences on the emergence of mental disorders and the strengths that clients already possess.


DSM-5 Clinical Cases

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Columbia University Press. Anyone interested in understanding the interface between disorder classification and patient diagnosis will find DSM-5trademark Clinical Cases compelling, captivating, and enlightening to read. Brooks Cole Pub Co. A companion to dsm-5trademark, Clinical Cases brings DSM-5trademark to life through engaging narratives of every disorder.

Each case is presented by an expert who concludes with a discussion of the context of the diagnosis. Dsm-5trademark clinical cases is a versatile volume designed to be used in a variety of contexts and for an audience that includes teachers, students, and clinicians. Faithful to the new edition, age and development, dimensionality, the book emphasizes the diagnostic concerns of severity, culture, and gender.


Strategic Leadership and Management in Nonprofit Organizations: Theory and Practice

Strategic leadership and management in Nonprofit Organizations provides the tools leaders need to secure vital resources and make sound decisions for their organizations. Columbia University Press. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Martha golensky, provides a comprehensive picture of the challenges confronting nonprofits and shows how they can be met in the most effective, consultant, efficient, and educator, with her extensive experience as a nonprofit executive, and ethical manner.

This book is a useful guide for students and professionals new to the workplace as well as a handy reference for experienced managers. Topics include successfully managing change, strengthening programs, and building a strong, nurturing a dynamic board of directors, diversifying revenues, committed staff and volunteer corps.

Survival is a critical concern for nonprofits in today's competitive environment. Brooks Cole Pub Co.

Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy

Columbia University Press. Used book in Good Condition. Brooks Cole Pub Co. New learning objectives identify key aspects of each theory and focus your study. He shows you how to apply theories in practice, and helps you learn to integrate the theories into an individualized counseling style. Incorporating the thinking, feeling, and behaving dimensions of human experience, the tenth edition of Corey's best-selling text helps you compare and contrast the therapeutic models expressed in counseling theories.

Used book in Good Condition. Corey introduces you to the major theories psychoanalytic, cognitive-behavior, person-centered, feminist, existential, behavior, reality, Adlerian, Gestalt, family systems, postmodern, and integrative approaches and demonstrates how each theory can be applied to two cases "Stan" and "Gwen".


Program Evaluation: An Introduction to an Evidence-Based Approach

The authors present and simplify all the essentials needed for a critical appreciation of evaluation issues and methodology. Program evaluation, 6th edition helps readers learn how to evaluate services and programs that they will encounter in their professional practice. Brooks Cole Pub Co. In the process of learning evaluation techniques and skills, readers will become proficient at critically analyzing evaluation studies conducted by others.

Used book in Good Condition. Columbia University Press. Used book in Good Condition. This edition's up-to-date coverage includes a greater number of references to current literature, developing, emphasizing that consulting the literature is an important step in recognizing, and evaluating evidence-based practice or research-informed practice.

Cengage Learning. The book's clear writing style and clear presentation of concepts, as well as the its hands-on and applied focus, will guide readers on how to gather evidence and demonstrate that their interventions and programs are effective in improving clients' lives.

Evaluating Practice: Guidelines for the Accountable Professional 6th Edition

Focusing on single-system designs, understanding and analyzing data, 6/e presents clear guidelines on conceptualizing and measuring problems, Evaluating Practice, developing practice-oriented evaluation designs, and ethical guidelines for practice evaluation. This text is unsurpassed among human service evaluation texts for bringing clarity to evaluation procedures.

Single-system designs guidelines analyzing data conceptualizing measuring. Used book in Good Condition. Evaluating practice continues to be the most comprehensive practice evaluation text available. Used book in Good Condition. Brooks Cole Pub Co. Cengage Learning. Columbia University Press.