Light of the Naam: Morning Chants

Snatam kaur takes the listener inside the intimate experienceof her daily morning chants on her latest release, Light of theNaam.




It is not about you or me, it is about Grace. Of the album, """"this timeless, Snatam says, sacred energy comes to us by Grace. And so, with this album called grace, I honor and give thanks to my Guru, the Divine Sound Current that resonates within.

The Essential Snatam Kaur: Sacred Chants For Healing

Spiritual music. Acclaimed chant star snatam Kaur offers a heartfelt collection of her favorite songs for healing, strength, and peace. Mantras and chants to elevate your inner feeling. Great for yoga or meditation. With snatam's crystalline vocals floating through a landscape of guitar, tabla, violin, flute, harmonium, and other traditional Indian instruments, The Essential Snatam Kaur offers listeners a blissful collection and personal testament to the beauty and power of sacred sound.


Heart of the Universe

We invite you on a journey through the intimate pathways of these soulful songs and ancient mantras enlivened by soaring piano arrangements and the rich textures of the Macedonia Radio Symphonic Orchestra. Mantras and chants to elevate your inner feeling. Allow yourself to surrender and fall deeply yet lightly into this very personal unfolding, and you may just find your Self at the Heart of the Universe.

Heart of the universe is a ground-breaking musical partnership between multi-Grammy Award nominated pianist, Peter Kater, and renowned Sacred Chantress, Snatam Kaur. Spiritual music. Great for yoga or meditation.

Source Of Strength: Meditations For Transformation

Source of strength: meditations for Transformation shares three powerful meditations from Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. The internal pressure is applied, which in turn melts the external pressure. These meditations will allow you melt away the negativity in your life, strengthen your five tattvas and deepen your connection to the Divine.

Spiritual music. Great for yoga or meditation. Meditations: meditation to call upon the divine mool mantra meditation to melt negativity Aap Sahaa-ee Ho-aa Meditation to Command Your Five Tattvas Aap Sahaa-ee Ho-aa The first meditation gives you an opportunity to call upon the Divine, with compassion, love, and the blessing of the Mool Mantra which gives universal consciousness.

The third meditation gives you protection and mental balance. The second meditation clears your path from negativity. It allows you to penetrate into the unknown without fear and command your five tattvas for effective living. When the call is made in this way, the Divine comes to the aid of the devotee. Credits: vocals: snatam kaur keyboards, bass, tabla guitars: simone sello, & thomas barquee produced & Vocals: Thomas Barquee Tabla: Satnam Singh Ramgotra Girish: Percussion, GuruGanesha Singh Flute: Manose Music composition by Snatam Kaur & Arranged by Thomas Barquee Mantras and chants to elevate your inner feeling.

The tracks on this meditation album are extended tracks from previously released albums by Snatam Kaur, offered in extended versions here to support your meditation experience.

Original Light: The Morning Practice of Kundalini Yoga

The kundalini yoga tradition speaks of a call to the Divine that awakens "the Original Light of the soul. In gatherings across the globe, Snatam Kaur and her fellow musicians have shared that radiance through sacred chants. With original light, this beloved devotional singer guides us into the heart of the path, morning practices, with the Aquarian Sadhana as a foundation to understand the tradition's daily principals, and sacred chanting experiences.

Spiritual music. Kundalini, the universal life force, has for centuries been shrouded in misconception and lore. Mantras and chants to elevate your inner feeling. Readers first explore the philosophy and foundational principles of kundalini yoga as taught by yogi bhajan, healthy diet and elimination guidelines, this sacred recitation is both a map and a direct expression of our union with the divine • kundalini Yoga Kriyas―nine energizing posture and movement sets for creating a somatic space for your spirit • Aquarian Sadhana Mantras―seven devotional chants as the sun rises to open the doors of liberation and experience bliss and ecstasy through sacred sound • Gateway to Divinity―the closing transition stage that integrates your own spiritual tradition and helps you to focus your energies and set your intentions for the day ahead For those of all faiths, Guru Nanak, Original Light provides an ideal introduction and resource to improve our health, and then learn the five morning practices of the Aquarian Sadhana, including: • The Wake-Up Routine―establishing a sacred space, bathing and purification, find greater freedom and stillness within, and more • Jap Ji―from 15th-century sage and founder of the Sikh tradition, and illuminate each moment of the day.

Includes two cds of guided chants and practices with Snatam Kaur. Great for yoga or meditation. Sound True.

Liberation's Door

This album builds on the fluid, soaring music that Snatam is known for, but raises it to a new level with her maternal energy unleashing a depth of emotion and richness beyond anything weve heard from Snatam before. Blending gurmukhi mantra, shabds traditional Sikh prayers put to music and the sweetest of songs, Snatam lays her heart and her devotion at the feet of the listener.

Sound True. Spiritual music. Great for yoga or meditation. Mantras and chants to elevate your inner feeling.

Live In Concert

Mantras and chants to elevate your inner feeling. Spiritual music. Sound True. Recorded at concert halls, churches and yoga studios as Snatam Kaur and her ensemble traveled across North America, you?ll hear performances which soar to the heights of these sacred spaces and find a home in the hearts of their audiences.

Also includes a bonus DVD, Path of Peace, that intimately chronicles this tour. Join in the magical experience of Snatam Kaur Live in Concert. Great for yoga or meditation.

Evening Prayer: Kirtan Sohila

Spiritual music. Great for yoga or meditation. On this release, benjy wertheimer, snatam kaur sings a 45-minute musical version of the Kirtan Sohila, featuring guest assistance from Thomas Barquee, Satnam Singh Ramgotra and Simone Sello. Sound True. The "kirtan sohila" is an evening prayer that allows the listener to connect with the essence of the earth element.

It can be used to provide tranquility, freedom from stress and the reduction of negativity in your life. The program also features a short recited version of the Kirtan Sohila with minimal accompaniment. Keyboards and tabla rhythms add the finishing touch, moving the music along and creating a very hypnotic, powerfully meditative atmosphere.

Mantras and chants to elevate your inner feeling. The atmosphere is light and lilting - guitars provide a soft, welcoming bed of instrumentation, while Wertheimer's esraj gives the melodies an appealing Indian flavor due to the instruments exotic sound.


On snatam s timeless album, Anand, layers of musical alchemy weave an incredible landscape behind Snatam's ethereal and deeply prayerful vocals. Her music carries a message of profound bliss and joy which uplift the spirit and is the perfect background for inspiration, relaxation, and yoga. Spiritual music.

Mantras and chants to elevate your inner feeling. Sound True. Great for yoga or meditation.