Indecent Danger Danger Incorporated Book 3

No wallet needed. Sadly, the only ones he seems to find think that size matters. Handsome, sexy, and rich he could have pretty much any woman he wants. Aubrey thinks Travis is an amazing man, with or without his fortune. When she finds a dead body, Aubrey quickly becomes a suspect and has to come clean to Travis about everything.

So when travis takes her on an elegant weekend getaway in Florida, she doesn’t care about the beautiful gowns and fancy jewels. The size of his wallet, that is. He needs a woman to love him for himself. What she does care about is bumping into the hateful man from her past who decides it would be fun to tell Travis all the shameful secrets she has tried so hard to hide.

If he has to catch the real killer himself, that’s just what he’ll do. Travis anderson is the picture of success. Nothing in the world could be worse than admitting the whole sordid story… unless it’s being branded a killer. But there’s no way travis is going to allow Aubrey to go to prison for a murder she didn’t commit.

. Aubrey grayson just might be the one he’s hoped for. Growing up in foster care, she learned to appreciate the simple things in life.

Hiding From Danger Danger Incorporated Book 2

When gigi’s past interferes with the present she has to finally tell West the truth…about everything. She ought to be moving on to the next town but her feelings for the handsome detective have complicated her plans. If west has his way there will be no more running, no more excuses, and no more lies.

Despite the passionate nights he and Gigi have shared she’s constantly talking about leaving town. Everything in life has come easily for West Anderson. Her ex-boyfriend’s love was controlling, obsessive, and deadly. Until now. She needs twenty-four hour protection and he’s just the man for the job. He’s determined to put the past to rest so that he can be her future.

Now she’s hiding out in tremont, Montana spending her days as a waitress and her nights in West Anderson’s bed. He knows she has some sort of a secret but so far she hasn’t trusted him enough to reveal it. Georgette “gigi” Sidney is a woman on the run. All he has to do is catch a madman and keep her alive while doing it.


Embracing Danger Danger Incorporated Book 4

Thankfully, shane is there to offer a shoulder to lean on and strong arms to hold her. Two shattered hearts…Shane Anderson knows how much a broken heart hurts. She’s never stopped loving shane and there’s no way she’s going to be able to avoid him in this little town. With his shady business and double-dealing, she’s terrified her father is in mortal danger.

Not that it’s helped much. Keeping up the façade of indifference might be more than she can handle. A mystery from the past…when arden’s father goes missing, she has no choice but to turn to Shane and his family for help finding him. He thinks about her every day. Arden cavendish has made more than a few bad decisions in life and coming back home after her divorce just might be the biggest.

How can she tell her heart he’s only a friend? Since the day she left he’s made it a point to never be emotionally vulnerable with a woman ever again. But their search has barely begun when she finds out her father’s disappearance is only the tip of the iceberg as devastating secrets from her past are revealed.


Danger In The Night Danger Incorporated Book 5

Except that it does. Shaken by what she’s seen, Antonia desperately wants the killer brought to justice. What will happen to their growing passion when she finds out Wyatt has a connection to the victim? Despite his misgivings, she turns the tables and he finds himself agreeing to help restore the money trap.

Antonia ross always thought Wyatt got a raw deal in his marriage to her sister, but she never thought about him in a romantic way. Hidden treasures are supposed to be valuable – not a dead body that has been stashed away for years. Nothing is ever as it seems…wyatt stone tries to talk his extremely attractive ex-sister-in-law out of buying a rundown haunted hotel but it doesn’t go at all as planned.

She’s never been afraid of ghosts and monsters but how she’s beginning to feel about Wyatt is truly terrifying. Spending her days and evenings in close proximity isn’t going to change that. He might be handsome, sexy, and fun but she’s all about her career.

Reunited With Danger Danger Incorporated Book 6

Those anderson men are up to something and Zach’s determined to find out what it is. But as the dead bodies of leann’s friends begin turning up at the reunion, Zach realizes they have a much bigger problem. There might be a serial killer on the loose in Tremont. And leann just might be his next target….

Leann anderson has spent the last fifteen years living far away and only coming home to visit. She’s enjoyed her freedom but she misses her family. In town for her high school reunion, she thinks this just might be the right time to move back. Zach gibson thinks leann is lovely and sweet, but as the little sister of his employer she’s completely off limits.

Look but do not under any circumstances touch. Per the bro-code, he’ll simply have to admire her from afar. So it’s a surprise when leann’s brothers start to encourage Zach to spend time with her, pushing them together at every opportunity.

Window to Danger Danger Incorporated Book 7

Through a bedroom window, she watched as her neighbor strangled a woman. Easton anderson is a man who is comfortable with numbers and logic. Something is going on next door, and if she’s right, there’s a murderer living only a few feet away. He doesn’t believe in healing crystals, Tarot cards, or aura cleansing.

But the more time he spends with Dizzy, the more he gets pulled into the mystery. He’ll have to trust more than the figures on his spreadsheets if he’s going to keep the woman he’s falling in love with from becoming the next victim. He truly does. So when dizzy says she witnessed a murder, he wants to believe her.

She might be both of those things but she’s definitely not a liar. She knows what she saw. What would you do if you witnessed a murder but no one believed you?That’s the position Desiree “Dizzy” Foster finds herself in. But it isn’t easy. They’re not buying her story because she has a reputation in Tremont for being a little different, a little strange.

But when the police arrive, there’s no body and no evidence.

Road to Danger Danger Incorporated Book 8

When carter pulls over at a rest stop to change a tire, Mallory heads to the ladies’ room to freshen up. They have nothing to talk about and she hasn’t laughed at any of his jokes. He can’t wait to drop her off and then head straight to his favorite watering hole. She and carter anderson have little in common and she can’t wait for the night to end.

Sure, he’s gorgeous and sexy but clearly he knows it. She might have been desperate enough to get fixed up with him once but she’s not desperate enough to do it twice. A man with this much self-esteem isn’t someone she wants in her life. The date from hell…Mallory Cook is on the worst blind date of her life.

But neither one of them is going to get their wish. Because a mysterious bleeding man has just died in her arms…. She’d rather spend the evening with Netflix. Can’t end soon enough…Carter has been out with many women in his lifetime but this one takes the cake. It’s amazing how incredibly long one night can feel.

That’s when the date really goes down hill.

Unwanted Danger Danger Incorporated Book 9

She doesn’t regret her decision but sometimes in the middle of the night she thinks about what might have been. In a tiny hamlet like Applewood, they aren’t going to be able to avoid each other. Funny how plans can change… Could these two lonely souls have a second chance at true love? Michaela gave up her chance at a lifetime with Caleb to stay and nurse her dying sister and care for her infant nephew.

When caleb runs into michaela it’s agonizingly awkward and more emotional than he’d expected. Years ago, he’d left the little town for the excitement of Chicago and the chance to build a career. After all, he doesn’t plan to stick around town for long. Unfortunately it also meant leaving behind Michaela Adams, the woman he loved and adored.

She wants nothing to do with him, which is probably for the best. Publisher's note: this novella was originally released in Kindle Worlds under the title Discarded Heart. His fbi career in ruins, caleb Faulkner is back in his hometown of Applewood to lick his wounds and start again.

Justice Reborn Cowboy Justice Association Book 8

But if she wants to stay alive, she may not have a choice. Until it’s much more. The former us marshal and small town sheriff isn’t a stranger to sticky situations but she hates to pull him back into the life he happily left. She needs to find someplace she can lie low and figure out just what she’s going to do.

In the meantime, he has a pile of work that needs to be done around his old, rundown family home. Josie’s been told she can’t trust a single soul but Evan isn’t just anybody. Hiring a secretive and obviously desperate girl straight off the bus doesn’t seem like a good idea but something in her pained eyes pulls at his heart.

She’d been living a quiet, unremarkable life and now she’s on the run from bad guys who want her dead and police who want to put her behind bars for a crime she didn’t commit. In one instant…Everything in Josie Carlton’s world changed. It’s only cleaning a house after all. A man figuring out life…Evan Davis has left law enforcement behind and is trying to find a new direction and purpose.

She needs someone to help her and it might as well be him.

Vengeful Justice Cowboy Justice Association Book 9

More nights than not, a snoring dog, there’s a toddler, and at least two stuffed animals sleeping between them in bed. Seth took what he most loved in the world and now the escapee is going to return the favor. For the second time in her life, someone wants Presley dead and this time the stakes are even higher.

It’s all pretty boring and routine until the day Seth gets the news that a man he put behind bars has been paroled and is looking for revenge. Because presley isn’t just the woman Seth loves, she’s his whole world. Cowboy command was only the beginning… follow along as Olivia Jaymes revisits the first couple of the Cowboy Justice series.

Sheriff seth reilly and his beautiful wife Presley have a terrific life - two fantastic children, good friends, and lots and lots of love. Between their busy careers and the needs of their family, it’s hard to find quality time together. Of course nothing worthwhile is ever easy and that’s true for them too.


Dancing With Danger Danger Incorporated Book 10

He never thought he’d have to fight so hard for it, though. The next morning they said their goodbyes and never looked back. That’s crazy, right? It was only one night out of his life. And then just like that, fate has brought them together again. Okay, maybe she looked back a few times. Sadly, their relationship never stood a chance.

Since then, no other woman has ever measured up. A few hundred times, that is. He doesn’t want to admit it, but there are nights when he can’t sleep. Danger lurks in Liz’s past, and someone wants a deadly revenge. Noah anderson can’t get the sultry beauty he met in a Chicago hotel bar out of mind. Life can change in an instant.

No one knows this better than Liz Holden. Noah didn’t see that fateful moment coming, but he can’t say that he’s not glad about it. After only night with Noah Anderson, her world changed forever. He still continues to wonder where she is and what she’s doing. A second chance with Liz is what he’s been wanting ever since they parted ways.

Can he keep her safe from harm long enough for them to finally find their happily ever after?