How to Build Up Your Child Instead of Repairing Your Teenager: 25 Secrets You Wish Your Parents Knew Before They Raised You

This book should be given to every parent as they leave the hospital with their first child…”                      -- review by noelle j“what the co-author revealed about himself in the 'A personal Note from the co-author…' was very heart-warming and I could relate so well to it…”                      --Review by S LaneyBrian Tracy is truly a master communicator and a man of integrity.

Robert rosenthal of Harvard University on how our expectations affect our children. Professor katherine taylor’s eye-opening data on Spanking, conducted in May of 2010 A major 40-yr study at stanford University revealing the ONE key ingredient in turning around pre-teen delinquency. Plus…a special section revealing 25 secrets to raise exceptional kid! Not just to please you & do what you want but empowering them to go after what they want.

Now you can experience this transformation first hand and witness a breakthrough in your children’s behavior in as little as 3 days! Scroll up & click on “LOOK INSIDE!” to get started Right Now! Thank you brian and Alec for your contribution to what is desperately needed in our society. Review by p Judd, Leadership Coach.

How to build up your child instead Of Repairing Your Teenager is a powerful guide on how to parent effectively in our overwhelming modern times. Best-selling author & professional speaker transforms lives with his 53rd book alongside co-expert Alec Forstrom whose 12 years of research and studying parental behavior culminate to reveal a breakthrough in parenting psychology.

This book is for you if you have ever been confronted with the following…Your children disobey you and “act out”; in response you lash out uncontrollably, then feel guilty and realize you should have handled the situation differently.

How to Double Your Child's Confidence in Just 30 Days: 25 Things Parents Can Do to Teach Your Child Unstoppable Confidence

Denny strecker has been teaching children for over 25 years how to improve their self-confidence in his martial arts school. He has helped hundreds of children over the years and now he has taken some of his best kept "secrets" and made them available to all parents in this easy to implement book. Learn simple yet effective ways to give your child unstoppable confidence so they can lead a happy and healthy life.


131 Stress Busters and Mood Boosters For Kids: How to help kids ease anxiety, feel happy, and reach their goals

This coping skills workbook will assist you in diving deeper into the stress management skills and creative parenting ideas inside. Positive coping skills are necessary because studies show that kids who can self-regulate have a higher chance of excelling in virtually every area of life. This kids personal growth book is ideal for parents, coaches, teachers, and anyone who longs to help kids succeed.

Promote stress management for kids and anxiety relief for kids. Then, this kid's personal growth book comes with a free, and achieve their goals!Kids Personal GrowthAs a bonus, inspire your kids to bust stress, be happier, coping skills workbook. These positive coping skills will help your child excel, and this positive parenting book will guide you on the journey!Stress Management for KidsToday, kids are more stressed than ever.

In addition to providing an abundance of stress-busting and mood-boosting skills, it also offers valuable insights into why coping skills work. Coping skills for kids Include:Eleven ways kids can boost their mood by changing their thoughts. Six strategies that encourage children to express how they feel. Eight practices for inspiring children to draw strength from their faith.

Five ways kids can elevate their mood through gratitude. Seven tactics that help children become fully present.

Positive Parenting - Stop Yelling And Love Me More, Please Mom. Positive Parenting Is Easier Than You Think. Happy Mom Book 1

You will learn just how easy it is to embrace a positive parenting style. Tags: parenting, positive parenting, parenting advice, parenting, how to teach my kid, stop yelling at my son, stop yelling at my daughter, good parenting, parenting tips, how to be a good parent, stop yelling at my kids. We can not raise a happy child if we are constantly screaming threats at them.

You will find that your children want to behave and follow your rules. Your house will not feel like a battle zone. You will be less stressed out by the end of the day. You need to understand your triggers and heal yourself. Instead, you can create a home full of peace and love for the whole family. This book will show you why strict and permissive parenting do not work.

You need to change the way you think and react to their behavior. No parent sets out to hurt their child, but this type of parenting does just that. While learning how to be a positive parent, you will not only heal the relationship with your children but heal yourself along the way. To raise a happy child that wants to behave, you need to retrain yourself first.

Only then you can begin to heal your relationship with your children.

131 Conversations That Engage Kids: How to Get Kids Talking, Grow Their Friendships, and Inspire Change Conversation Starters Books Series #5

In addition, parents will gain an abundance of new parenting ideas. Creative parenting ideasFirst, discover why conversations matter, and why connecting with your kids is essential. Next, lean three strategies to engage kids and keep the conversation going. After that, dive into five strategies to help kids and tweens grow their social skills.

Finally, we'll examine creative ways to encourage positive change in children's lives. Kids talking bookin this kids talking book, engaging, your child will dive into 131 creative, and fun conversations starters. If your middle schooler is disengaged, then this book is for you. What is something that makes you unique? Use these questions for kids to:Stir-up fascinating dinner conversations.

Keep your kids entertained on rainy days. Speak your children's love language. As creative car activities for kids travel. Ask these kids questions on camping trips and around summer bonfires!these questions for kids are part of a conversation starters books series which includes:131 Creative Conversations for Couples131 More Creative Conversations for Couples131 Necessary Conversations Before Marriage131 Creative Conversations for Families131 Connecting Conversations for Parents and Teens131 Conversations for Stepfamily SuccessConversations Starters for TweensThese conversation starters are perfect for kids and tweens alike.

Inspire your kids to pause their electronics, grow their social skills, and develop lifelong friendships. These fun conversation starters for kids will guide you on the journey!Conversation Starters for KidsFace-to-face conversations are becoming increasingly rare in our fast-paced, high-tech society.

The Happy Mom Mindset: 7 Ways to Skip the Mom Traps So You Can Think, Feel, and Be Happy

No one told you motherhood would be like this: Pressure, worry, exhaustion. Not exactly what you signed up for. In the happy mom mindset, you'll learn to recognize the "Mom Traps" that keep you from experiencing the joy and fulfillment you’d hoped for. The stories she shares of her own clients will make it easy for you to make the same personal shifts on your own.

You’ll understand why you feel frustrated, rather than fulfilled, so much of the time. Molly has taken life-changing tools and concepts and applied them in a personal way specific to moms. This simple and practical approach will help you build your mom confidence, eliminate power struggles, and create more joy in your life so you can finally show up as the mom you really want to be.

Based on molly claire’s work with her clients, the happy mom mindset will show you how to:• eliminate ineffective and exhausting patterns of worry and guilt• Create more calm within the chaos of family life• Be your own person and a great mom at the same timeIt’s time for you to think, feel and be happy!"This book contains the answer for women wanting a better experience of motherhood.

I’ve seen first-hand the work Molly does with her clients and I’m thrilled to see this work in print. Brooke castillo, founder The Life Coach School.

131 Connecting Conversations for Parents and Teens: How to build a lifelong bond with your teen!

Fortunately, there is much that parents can do to combat this trend. This is important because the recent increase in electronics use has led to a decline in face-to-face conversations and has led to an overall rise in teenage mental health issues. In this creative parenting book, you will find hope and specific action steps for positively parenting young adults.

Christian parentingThese conversation starters are founded on Biblical principles and reinforce essential values. Instead, take action with this Christian parenting book that provides practical strategies for parenting teens and parenting tweens. 131 connecting conversations for Parents and Teens,  is more than just another parenting book.

Lastly, parents will discover practical steps for keeping their teenagers engaged in face-to-face conversations in our increasingly virtual world. Fortunately,  this doesn't have to be the case. Some conversation starters are faith-based. Engage your teenagers and connect like never before! This questions book for teens and parents is packed with creative conversation starters that will guide you on the journey.

Parents and teenagersParents and teens are often disconnected and at odds with one another. Others are fun and funny. Take action by scrolling to the top of this page and clicking "buy now.

Screamfree Parenting, 10th Anniversary Revised Edition: How to Raise Amazing Adults by Learning to Pause More and React Less

The new, revised edition includes updated practical applications of the foundational Screamfree principles, a new chapter on parenting in the digital age, and a comprehensive Q&A section dealing with everything from behavioral problems to allowances and chores. Now is your chance to join thousands of other parents in a movement of calmer parenting.

You want to feel confident, competent, and hopeful for the future, for both your kids and yourself. All you have to do is learn to pause, so you can respond more and react less. Oh, and along the way, quiet, you’d like a little peace, and respect as well. All of the above are possible, even probable, if you can learn to become “Screamfree.

You can have the structured, rewarding home life you’ve always craved, with respectful kids who are responsible for their own actions. You’re probably looking for something else as well – something a little deeper. Want a peaceful home? this practical, effective guide for parents with kids of all ages introduces proven principles for overcoming the stress and anxiety of parenting, forged in the personal trenches of countless Screamfree families.

If you’re like most parents, what you want right now is pretty simple: an effective plan for getting your kids to behave and be happy. It really is that simple. You want to feel like you can handle anything.

131 Boredom Busters and Creativity Builders For Kids: Inspire your kids to exercise their imagination, expand their creativity, and have an awesome childhood!

Best of all, they encourage your kids to make the most of the supplies they already have at home. Some kids play activities are especially engaging. While the third category stretches the imagination. Parents will gain new insights into the healing power of play, learn to let go of parenting guilt, and discover why free time is a secret ingredient to an awesome childhood.

This makes them perfect for rainy days, family nights, and any time your children require a creativity boost. In home activities for kidsThis is not a book of costly, highly sophisticated projects, which require an advanced degree in parenting. Bust boredom, build creativity, and inspire awesomeness in your kids.

This imaginative play book will guide you on the journey! Imaginative Play for KidsToday's kids are busier than ever. These kids play activities can be done alone, with siblings, or together as a family. These in home activities for children will guide you on the journey! Instead, this imaginative play book is filled with in home activities for children that require little planning.

Children will simply have a blast as they bust boredom and expand their imaginations along the way!Creative Play for ChildrenDon't let your kids fall victim to boredom. Others encourage increased responsibility. Build their creativity, responsibility, and joy instead.

Raising Children Who Make Right Choices: Reduce Parenting Stress while Raising Children who are Poised for Success in Life

Who she would be depended on me! The reality of my responsibility left me feeling very insecure. I'd heard the horror stories. The style is informal because that's who I am. Remember. Diane graciously walks you through her parenting missteps and wins and helps you see you aren't in this alone!Stephanie Roberts - mother of two young childrenFrom the Author:I didn't know how to do it, but I knew one thing.

. I have testimonies of "overnight" changes with "problem" children. This book is for Moms AND Dads. Endless negotiations, tantrums, whining, bickering, and disobedience?ANY parent can improve their child's behavior by using the Bible-based principles in this book. You'll learn how to teach them to take responsibility for their actions and make the decisions that will set their course for a fruitful life.

Testimonial:if our kids came with an instruction manual, "Raising Children Who Make Right Choices" would be it! I knew what I wanted to teach my child, but I was struggling with the "how" part. You'll have great days of parenting, and you'll have times when you think you're the worst parent in the world.

Terrible two's, bedtime battles, public tantrums, disobedience, children who ran the house, strong-willed children, and wayward teens. I didn't want to repeat the same patterns. I was young and inexperienced.

Positive Parenting: Listen To Me, Please Mom! Give Your Child Loving Positive Attention And Enjoy Those Daily Moments Happy Mom Book 5

Did you ever feel like there was someone in your life that was just too busy for you? Think about how it saddened you to feel that you were not important enough to that person for them to make time for you. Many people have simply accepted this as the norm today, but have you ever sat down after a long day, your kids are in bed and you don’t even feel like you got to spend one moment with them.

Guilt begins to fill you as you wonder what it was that they were trying to tell you that morning or what is actually going on at school. Now imagine how your children feel. Our lives are hectic. When your children go to bed at night, they know that the person in their life that is too busy for them is their parent.