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Seeds - Creamy flesh and is very sweet! Aromatic Flesh!!10 - Israeli Old Original Melon

Yellow-orange rind, with creamy color flesh. Free shipping!!!!delicious and healthyclick on the select tab tochoose the quantity you want!!!!Israeli Old Original MelonI have several listings of Different Kinds of melons and they are ALL Delicious!!!!Israeli Old Original MelonPlant produces good yields of yellow-orange oval shaped melons.

The melons have a creamy flesh and is very sweet. Large melon with oval shape, no ribs or sutures. Israeli melons produce a creamy, yellow flesh with a floral flavor. Oval-round fruits, yellowish orange, slightly netted. Exported by exportYourStore Patternname: 10 - Seeds. Sparse netting. Also worth noting is the texture of the flesh: It's both soft and crunchy, again very much like canned pears but with a powerful essence of freshness.

Israeli melons are one of the highest in sugar content and are popular among home gardeners and specialty growers because of their flavor. Galia style melon with sweet aromatic flesh.

Japanese Long Burpless Cucumber Seeds - Seeds Non-GMO - 18" to 20" Long Dark Green Tasty Cucumbers 25

Japanese long slender green sweet tasting cucumbers are crisp, mild and easy to digest. Free shipping On All Orders. A favorite in japan for its long, slender, dark green fruit that is mild and has few seeds. To save space, give the vigorous plants a fence to climb. Best when harvested when 12" long. No hassle Guarantee.

. They are very mild, very crisp, and easy to digest. A second planting in early summer is recommended for fall harvest. Open Pollinated. Excellent pickling variety with very small seeds! Excellent choice for home gardens. One of the best Japanese burpless cucumbers on the market. If you don€t eat it all at once, wrap the unused portion tightly in plastic wrap to prevent dehydration in the refrigerator.

One of the best Japanese varieties for the home garden. Plant produces high yields of 18 to 20" long dark green burpless cucumbers. Light: full sun fruit size: 1¼ inches by 18 inches matures: 60 days plant spacing: 48 to 60 inches apart Plant size: Long vine GOOD for SPRING or FALL PLANTING! Patternname: 10 - Seeds.

Best grown on a trellis or fence to keep fruit straight and dry. Highest quality Fruit, Vegetable, Herb and Flower Seeds.