Defending the Land: Sovereignty and Forest Life in James Bay Cree Society Part of the Cultural Survival Studies in Ethnicity and Change Series

Part of the Cultural Survival Series. This study serves to balance the more common theme that focuses exclusively on the forces of acculturation and social destruction of native communities. What are the social forces that are destructive to a native society and how are their leaders trying to overcome them? Many have already heard of the campaign of the Cree people to protect their forest way of life from the impact of hydro-electric development in northern Quebec; few have heard in any detail the outcome of this campaign and what it means for the future of indigenous societies.

Used book in Good Condition. Readers will find a systemic method for documenting the social impact of large-scale development on village communities. Sociologists and anthropologists.

Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder

The rate at which doctors prescribe antidepressants to children has doubled in the last five years, and recent studies show that too much computer use spells trouble for the developing mind. Environment-based education dramatically improves standardized test scores and grade point averages and develops skills in problem solving, critical thinking, and decision making.

Some startling facts: by the 1990s the radius around the home where children were allowed to roam on their own had shrunk to a ninth of what it had been in 1970 Today, such as beetles and oak trees, average eight-year-olds are better able to identify cartoon characters than native species, in their own community.

I like to play indoors better 'cause that's where all the electrical outlets are, " reports a fourth-grader. In this groundbreaking new work, child advocacy expert richard Louv directly links the lack of nature in the lives of today's wired generation-he calls it nature deficit-to some of the most disturbing childhood trends, such as rises in obesity, Attention Deficit Disorder Add, and depression.

There are solutions, though, and they're right in our own backyards. Never before in history have children been so plugged in-and so out of touch with the natural world. What's more, obesity, nature is a potent therapy for depression, and Add. Last child in the woods is the first book to bring together cutting-edge research showing that direct exposure to nature is essential for healthy childhood development-physical, emotional, and spiritual.

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Forest Dwellers, Forest Protectors: Indigenous Models for International Development

The guarani of paraguay have survived over four centuries of contact with the commercial system, while keeping in tact their traditions of leadership, religion and kinship. This concise ethnography examines how the Guarani have adapted over time, in concert with Paraguay’s subtropical forest system. The titles in the cultural survival Studies in Ethnicity and Change series, edited by David Maybury-Lewis and Theodore Macdonald, Jr.

Great product! Of cultural Survival, Inc. Harvard university, focus on key issues affecting indigenous and ethnic groups worldwide. Each ethnography builds on introductory material by going further in-depth and allowing students to explore, virtually first-hand, a particular issue and its impact on a culture.


Sacred Rice: An Ethnography of Identity, Environment, and Development in Rural West Africa Issues of Globalization:Case Studies in Contemporary Anthropology

Great product! It is a narrative profoundly tied to a particular place, but it is also a story of encounters with outsiders who often mediate or meddle in the rice enterprise. Although the focal point is a remote area of west africa, the book illuminates the more universal nexus of identity, environment, and development, especially in an era when many people--rural and urban--are confronting environmental changes that challenge their livelihoods and lifestyles.

Sacred rice explores the cultural intricacies through which Jola farmers in West Africa are responding to their environmental and economic conditions given the centrality of a crop--rice--that is the lynchpin for their economic, religious, social, and political worlds. Based on more than ten years of author joanna davidson's ethnographic and historical research on rural Guinea-Bissau, and identity as it explores how a society comes to define itself through the production, consumption, this book looks at the relationship among people, plants, and reverence of rice.


Humanity: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Using engaging stories and clear writing, tenth edition, humanity: an introducTION TO CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY, introduces cultural anthropology within a solid framework centered on globalization and culture change. The authors emphasize the diversity of humanity and reveal why an appreciation and tolerance of cultural differences is critical in the modern world.

Wadsworth Publishing Company. Great product! The book's engaging narrative provides new ways of looking at many of the challenges facing the world in this century. As you explore contemporary issues including recent debates on gay marriage, and the survival of indigenous cultures, cultural and economic globalization, population growth, hunger, you will gain a better understanding of the cultural information you need to successfully navigate in today's global economy.

Peoples and bailey focus on the social and cultural consequences of globalization, emphasizing culture change and world problems.

The Forest People

The forest people is a timeless work of academic and humanitarian significance, sure to delight readers as they take a trip into a foreign culture and learn to appreciate the joys of life through the eyes of the Mbuti people. Turnbull lived among the mbuti people for three years as an observer, so he offers a charming and intimate firsthand account of the people and their culture, not a researcher, and especially the individuals and their personalities.

Wadsworth Publishing Company. The bestselling, classic text on one anthropologist’s incredible experience living among the African Mbuti Pygmies, customs, and what he learned from their culture, and love of life. In this bestselling book, details the incredible Mbuti pygmy people and their love of the forest, Colin Turnbull, a British cultural anthropologist, and each other.

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The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food

Wadsworth Publishing Company. Barber’s the third plate charts a bright path forward for eaters and chefs alike, daring everyone to imagine a future for our national cuisine that is as sustainable as it is delicious. In his visionary new york times–bestselling book, chef dan Barber,  offers a radical new way of thinking about food that will heal the land and taste good, recently showcased on Netflix’s Chef’s Table, too.

Not since michael Pollan has such a powerful storyteller emerged to reform American food. The washington posttoday’s optimistic farm-to-table food culture has a dark secret: the local food movement has failed to change how we eat. Looking to the detrimental cooking of our past, and the misguided dining of our present, Barber points to a future “third plate”: a new form of American eating where good farming and good food intersect.

Penguin Books. Great product! It has also offered a false promise for the future of food.

Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism 6th Edition

Penguin Books. Examines the development and impact of capitalist culture   From its roots more than 500 years ago to the present day, capitalism expanded from Western Europe to the United States and then to much of the rest of the world. How and why capitalist culture developed and the reasons why some groups resisted and continue to resist its development are among the issues explored in Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism, 6/e.

To purchase the text with mysearchlab, order the package isbn:   0205961053 / 9780205961054 global problems and the culture of capitalism plus mysearchlab with etext -- access card package Package consists of:    0205239927 / 9780205239924 MySearchLab with Pearson eText -- Valuepack Access Card 0205917658 / 9780205917655 Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism   Great product!.

Research and writing tools help students master basic writing skills. Used book in Good Condition. Mysearchlab is a part of the Robbins program. Note: mysearchLab does not come automatically packaged with this text. This expansion has not gone uncontested; resistance has been both direct and indirect, religious, and social protest, including political, and even revolution.

With mysearchlab, students can access various academic journals, census data, and Associated Press news feeds, broadening their views on important issues. Wadsworth Publishing Company.

Essentials of World Regional Geography, 3rd Edition

This new edition now offers a suite of digital resources including ConnectPlus, LearnSmart, and SmartBook! Great product! Each regional chapter is consistently organized by three sections. Essentials of world regional Geography, 3e gives readers an approach that combines fundamental geographical elements, internal regional diversity, and contemporary issues.

The first section summarizes the distinctive physical and human geographies of the region; the second section explores the internal diversity of the region at subregional, selected country, and local levels. This approach allows serious discussion of cultural and environmental issues, as well as political and economic issues.

White essentials of world regional geography, 3e encourages students to consider what it means to be part of a global community and to develop their geographical understandings of world events. Used book in Good Condition. Each regional chapter follows the same framework, allowing students to easily make comparisons from one world region to the next.

The third section focuses on a selection of contemporary issues that are important to the people of each region and frequently have implications for the rest of the world. Penguin Books. Wadsworth Publishing Company. Essentials of world regional geography has chapter openings with a physical features map of the region, an outline of the chapter contents, which includes short accounts of people or events to provide a personal flavor of the region, and a short section placing the region in its wider global context.

Social Inequality: Patterns and Processes

Penguin Books. Great product! Used book in Good Condition. The 6th edition carries on the tradition of highly accessible and concise narratives, and includes extensive coverage of the latest issues in society both domestic and cross-nationally. Used book in Good Condition. Wadsworth Publishing Company. Students will gain a keen awareness of the subtle and often unseen ways in which inequality is structured, and how it impinges on virtually all facets of individual and group life.

. Social inequality: patterns and Processes introduces key concepts, theories, research findings, and trends associated with the major forms of social inequality.