Dark Shadows

From the moment she arrives, Victoria becomes the target of someone in the house determined to destroy her. As the wind moans and the rain lashes around the isolated Collinwood, a choking, feels death close in on her, without friends in the manor, Victoria, frightening death . Dark shadows december 1966 despite warnings from the townspeople, Victoria Winters accepts the offer to come to the strange Collinwood as Governess.

For some curious reason she feels the secret of her past may be uncovered in the bleak manor high on Widow’s Hill.

Victoria Winters Dark Shadows

Horrified at their lies and their evil, menacing gestures, Victoria wonders if these guest have come to kill her.  . Victoria winters march 1967 still trying to uncover the secret of her own identity, Victoria Winters continues her life at Collinwood. Terror shrouds Collinwood as Victoria finds herself the prey of these cruel tormentors.

The unexpected arrival of mysterious strangers at the brooding manor instills terrible fears in her.

Strangers at Collins House Dark Shadows

Strangers at collins house september 1967 Victoria Winters at last feels she has a clue to her own identity when she meets elderly Henry Collins. Surrounded by danger, victoria wonders if she is to be the victim of ruthless thieves — or a hidden murderer desperate enough to keep her from learning about her past.

He secretly gives her the jewels which once belonged to his lost love — a woman Victoria strangely resembles. After receiving the gift, Victoria is suddenly terrified by attacks on her life which are masked as accidents.  .

Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows

Barnabas collins november 1968 barnabas Collins, the 175 year-old vampire, is introduced in this story of gothic suspense. Your blood will grow cold as you read the never-before-told story of the foggy night in 1899 when Barnabas Collins first arrived in Collinwood. You’ll chill to the full horror of the real truth about Barnabas—a secret so terrible that it could not be revealed until now.


The Mystery of Collinwood Dark Shadows

He’s hypnotizing me, ” she thought. Think of all those who threw themselves from these very rocks. His eyes seemed to burn into hers. She was unable to make herself look away. No, ” she cried. Next to her stood Professor Mark Veno, a mysterious visitor to Collinwood. She was helpless as she felt her willpower dissolve under his evil spell…  .

He spoke to her in a low, sinister voice. He’s forcing me to jump!” The Professor came a step closer, his eyes still glowing. Victoria found herself unable to move—unable to speak. The mystery of collinwood january 1968 Victoria stood on the ledge known as Suicide Cliffs and stared down at the raging surf and jagged rocks below.


The Curse of Collinwood Dark Shadows

They were unwittingly released from their coffins by a shaft of moonlight – and doomed to roam the earth as “the living dead. ”. Are they figments of her imagination? As the threats to her life become very real, she is forced to accept the horrifying truth. The strange figures are not phantoms but the bodies of Derek and Esther Collins, murdered more than a century ago.

The curse of collinwood may 1968 ​ upset over the death of Ernest Collins, Victoria begins to believe that phantoms are haunting her.

The Demon of Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows

Barnabas meets and falls in love with beautiful film star, Rita Glenn. The demon of barnabas collins april 1969 the arrival of a movie company at Collinwood gives Barnabas a chance to escape Angelique’s awful curse—the curse which has made him one of the living dead. Suddenly he is in a life and death battle with another vampire—with Rita’s life at stake.

In order to save him, she introduces him to the mysterious Dr. The only way to save her is to return to the curse once again. This is the first book to present Barnabas in a heroic vein rather than as the villain, following the trend set by the television series. Moreno who has a cure for Barnabas. Barnabas is jubilant over his recovery—but not for long.


The Phantom and Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows

Will he live long enough to save her? She has fallen into the hands of Dr. Giles collins, whose mysterious experiments with human blood have already taken several lives. The phantom and barnabas collins september 1969 ​ Maggie Evans visits the Collins family graveyard and is transported back in time to the year 1880

Slowly, maggie learns she is trapped in a nightmare. Now she is slated to be his next victim. Though maggie is warned by the others that he is a vampire, she turns to Barnabas for help. But barnabas, too, is in danger from the evil doctor. There she awakes, an amnesia victim, at a Collinwood she barely recognizes.

All that seems familiar are the house itself and the family’s guest, Barnabas Collins.

The Foe of Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows

He feels protective towards the lovely heiress because he suspects Christopher is the werewolf who has been ravaging the countryside. The foe of barnabas collins july 1969 Barnabas befriends lovely Paula Jennings right after her marriage to strange, mysterious Christopher Jennings. Barnabas knows he can defeat the evil werewolf.

But will his powers be stronger than those of the beautiful and deadly Angelique? When christopher is joined by Melissa Henry the reincarnation of the evil Angelique, Barnabas is certain Paula is in terrible danger.

The Peril of Barnabas Collins Volume 12 Dark Shadows

Graves in the family cemetery are desecrated and a young girl is found murdered. The peril of barnabas collins november 1969 After falling in love with beautiful heiress Diana Hastings, Barnabas Collins makes a desperate attempt to find a cure for his vampire curse. Though he knows Dr. Barnabas is denounced by the villagers, who try to storm Collinwood.

Rudolf padrel, a strange scientist who claims he can develop a serum that will make Barnabas a normal man again. Can he risk destroying the one man who can cure him?  . But as time passes, barnabas wonders if the mysterious scientist isn’t merely using him for his own evil ends. Padrel is responsible, Barnabas hesitates to expose him.

He summons to Collinwood Dr.

Barnabas Collins Versus the Warlock Volume 11 Dark Shadows

At first their pranks only annoy Maggie Evans, their governess. But soon she realizes they have become malicious, bent on destroying all of Collinwood. Barnabas Collins Vs. The warlock october 1969 david Collins and Amy Jennings, two charming, innocent children are suddenly turned into demons. Convinced the children are possessed by a mysterious, supernatural power, and frightened for her life, Maggie turns for help to Barnabas Collins.

Will his powers be strong enough to overcome the evil forces that captured the minds of the children before they—and Barnabas—are completely at the mercy of the devil himself? .