Caravans: A Novel of Afghanistan

Bonus: this edition includes an excerpt from James A. Michener has a wonderful empathy for the wild and free and an understanding of the reasons behind the kind of cruelty that goes with it. Newsday   “michener has done for Afghanistan what. Michener's Hawaii. Michener’s gripping chronicle of the social and political landscape of Afghanistan is more relevant now than ever.

. His first book did for the South Pacific. The new york Herald Tribune. Combining fact with riveting adventure and intrigue, michener follows a military man tasked, in the years after World War II, with a dangerous assignment: finding and returning a young American woman living in Afghanistan to her distraught family after she suddenly and mysteriously disappears.

. Praise for caravans   “Brilliant. The old nomadic trails across the mountains spring into existence. The new york times   “Romantic and adventurous.

The Covenant: A Novel

James A. Rivalries and passions spill across the land of The Covenant, a story of courage and heroism, love and loyalty, and cruelty and betrayal, as generations fight to forge a new world. And the wealthy saltwoods are missionaries and settlers who join the masses to influence the wars and politics that ravage a nation.

The nxumalos, inhabitants of a peaceful village unchanged for centuries, unite warrior tribes into the powerful Zulu nation. Bonus: this edition includes an excerpt from James A. Praise for the covenant   “A prodigious endeavor. From the java-born van doorn family tree springs two great branches: one nurtures lush vineyards, the other settles the interior to become the first Trekboers and Afrikaners.

. Michener’s masterly chronicle of south Africa is an epic tale of adventurers, and ministers, scoundrels, the best and worst of two continents who carve an empire out of a vast wilderness. Nowhere else could an american reader unfamiliar with South Africa get so full an understanding of its problems in so engaging a form.

The new york Times Book Review. Michener's Hawaii.

Texas: A Novel

Bonus: this edition includes an excerpt from James A. With michener as our guide, texas is a tale of patriotism and statesmanship, growth and development, violence and betrayal—a stunning achievement by a literary master. Among his finely drawn cast of characters, emotional and political alliances are made and broken, as the loyalties established over the course of each turbulent age inevitably collapse under the weight of wealth and industry.

Michener grapples earnestly with the Texas character in a way that Texas’s own writers often don’t. The washington post book world   “vast, and eclectic in population and geography, sprawling, the state has just the sort of larger-than-life history that lends itself to Mr. Spanning four and a half centuries, James A.

. Michener manages to make history vivid. The boston globe   “A sweeping panorama. Praise for texas   “Fascinating. Time   “a book about oil and water, frontier and settlement, rangers and outlaws, money and power . Michener’s monumental saga chronicles the epic history of Texas, from its Spanish roots in the age of the conquistadors to its current reputation as one of America’s most affluent, diverse, and provocative states.

James A.

The Fires of Spring: A Novel

Soon he discovers that his longing to embrace the world is stronger than the harsh realities that constrain him. Featuring autobiographical touches from michener’s own life story, brimming with wisdom, longing, The Fires of Spring is more than a novel: It’s a rich slice of American life, and compassion.

. As an adolescent con artist and petty thief, David spends his days grifting at an amusement park, the place where he first learns about women and the mysteries of love. Bonus: this edition includes an excerpt from James A. Michener's Hawaii. Michener is a born writer. The new york times   “Michener is a gifted storyteller.

Kirkus reviews   “Brilliantly done. Library Journal. Praise for the fires of spring   “A warm-hearted, readable story, crammed with lively incident and remarkable characters. The atlantic   “Heartfelt. An intimate early novel from James A. Immensely readable.

The Drifters: A Novel

Full of surprise, drama, and fascination. Philadelphia bulletin   “The Drifters conveys a sense of a new time, a new generation. Chicago sun-times   “michener has slid open a window on the world of the dropout and has spared no effort to make the reader aware of this new world. The salt Lake Tribune. Michener unfolds a powerful and poignant drama of disenchanted youth during the Vietnam era.

Rings with authentic detail and clearly descriptive sights and smells. Praise for the drifters   “A blockbuster of a book. Against exotic backdrops including spain, and mozambique, shocking tribulations, Morocco, he weaves together the heady dreams, and heartwarming bonds of six young runaways cast adrift in the world—as well as the hedonistic pursuit of drugs and pleasure that collapses all around them.

. The drifters is to the generation gap what The Source was to Israel. Publishers weeklyIn this triumphant bestseller, renowned novelist James A. Michener's Hawaii. Bonus: this edition includes an excerpt from James A. With the sure touch of a master, Michener pulls us into the private world of these unforgettable characters, exposing their innermost desires with remarkable candor and infinite compassion.

Journey: A Novel

. The promise of untold riches lures thousands of dreamers from all walks of life on a perilous trek toward fortune, failure—or death. Michener's Hawaii. Journey is a book that envelops the reader in an atmosphere of hazardous escapades. Richmond times-Dispatch   “Remarkable. Praise for journey   “Stunning.

. Journey is an immersive account of the adventures of four English aristocrats and their Irish servant as they haul across cruel Canadian terrain toward the Klondike gold fields. Vivid and sweeping, featuring michener’s probing insights into the follies and grandeur of the human spirit, this is the kind of novel only he could write.

Michener captures a frenzied time when sane men and women risked their very lives in a forbidding Arctic land to win a dazzling and elusive prize: Yukon gold. Superb literature. The pittsburgh Press. Bonus: this edition includes an excerpt from James A. In 1897, gold fever sweeps the world.

Hornet Flight

He has only an old derelict hornet Moth biplane rusting away in a ruined church—a plane so decrepit that it is unlikely to ever get off the ground. And when he learns the truth, it will fall upon him to deliver word to England—except that he has no way to get there. Meanwhile, across the north sea, eighteen-year-old Harald Olufsen takes a shortcut on the German-occupied Danish island of Sande and discovers an astonishing sight.

Even if harald knew how to fly it. Look out for ken's newest book,  A Column of Fire, available now. He doesn't know what it is, but he knows he must tell someone. With his riveting prose and unerring instinct for suspense, the #1 New York Times bestselling author takes to the skies over Europe during the early days of the war in a most extraordinary novel.

Somehow, the germans are anticipating the RAF's flight paths and shooting down British bombers with impunity. Ken follett and the intrigue of World War II—"a winning formula" Entertainment Weekly if ever there was one. It is june 1941, and the war is not going well for England.

London: The Novel

. We witness first-hand the lust of Henry VIII. The invasion by julius Caesar’s legions in 54 B. C. The rise of chivalry and the Crusades. London tracks the history of the English capital from the days of the Celts until the present time.  . Generation after generation, struggle, these families embody the passion, wealth, and verve of the greatest city in the Old World.

Praise for London “Remarkable. And the coming of the Industrial Revolution. A tour de force. Each episode is a punchy tale made up of bite-size chunks ending in tiny cliffhangers. The new york times“hold-your-breath suspense, buccaneering adventure, and passionate tales of love and war. The times London“Fascinating.

. Breathtaking. The orlando sentinel a master of epic historical fiction, Edward Rutherford gives us a sweeping novel of London, a glorious pageant spanning two thousand years.

Coyote Waits A Leaphorn and Chee Novel Book 10

But the hungry and mythical trickster Coyote is waiting, as always, in the shadows to add a strange and deadly new twist. And the old man in possession of the murder weapon is a whiskey-soaked shaman named Ashie Pinto. The car fire didn't kill Navajo Tribal Policeman Delbert Nez—a bullet did. Officer jim chee is devastated by the slaying of his good friend Del, and confounded by the prime suspect's refusal to utter a single word of confession or denial.

Lieutenant joe leaphorn believes there is much more to this outrage than what appears on the surface, as he and Jim Chee set out to unravel a complex weave of greed and death that involves a historical find and a lost fortune.

A Hero of France: A Novel

But in paris and in the farmhouses, and churches of the French countryside, barns, small groups of ordinary men and women are determined to take down the occupying forces of Adolf Hitler. Mathieu, a leader of the french Resistance, leads one such cell, helping downed British airmen escape back to England.

Aiding mathieu as part of his covert network are lisette, a seventeen-year-old student and courier; Max de Lyon, a Jewish teacher fueled by revenge; Joëlle, who falls in love with Mathieu; and Annemarie, a willful aristocrat with deep roots in France, a woman of class and confidence; Daniel, an arms dealer turned nightclub owner; Chantal, and a desire to act.

As the german military police heighten surveillance, Mathieu and his team face a new threat, dispatched by the Reich to destroy them all. Shot through with the author’s trademark fine writing, breathtaking suspense, and intense scenes of seduction and passion, Alan Furst’s A Hero of France is at once one of the finest novels written about the French Resistance and the most gripping novel yet by the living master of the spy thriller.

. Alan furst’s suspenseful, fast-paced thriller captures this dangerous time as no one ever has before. From the bestselling master espionage writer, hailed by Vince Flynn as “the best in the business, ” comes a riveting novel about the French Resistance in Nazi-occupied Paris. 1941. He brings paris and occupied france to life, informers, along with courageous citizens who outmaneuver collaborators, and spies, blackmailers, risking everything to fulfill perilous clandestine missions.

The Alexandria Quartet: Justine, Balthazar, Mountolive, and Clea

A four-part story of passion and betrayal in the Mediterranean—voted one of the Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels of the twentieth century. Set in alexandria, during, egypt, including sensitive darley, and after World War II, philosophical Balthazar, the books follow the lives of a circle of friends and lovers, passionate Justine, in the years before, and elegant Clea.

The alexandria quartet is a striking and sensuous masterpiece, breathing vivid life into each of its unforgettable characters and the dusty Mediterranean city in which they live. Written in durrell’s trademark evocative prose, these four novels explore the central theme of modern love, building into a remarkable whole that the New York Times hailed as “one of the most important works of our time.

This ebook features a new introduction by Jan Morris.