Breaker Monster Tamer Book 1

He breaks the minds of beasts, exerting the steel vise of his will over their own, bending them to his wishes. One man. Most monsters have always been beyond him. And then one day he accidentally breaks a monster girl. Doors begin to open for him faster than he thought possible… Note: this book contains harem elements.

His ability is severely limited in terms of the types of creatures he can control, and how many. Three women. The main character certainly isn't shy around women, and the magic system is unique in ways you might not expect. Also, the story can get a tad dark in places. A whole lot of monsters. Malem is a Breaker.


Conqueror Monster Tamer Book 2

Can he overcome his demons in time to save the world, and more importantly, can he save himself? Note: this book contains harem elements. Malem must somehow find the resources to fight back. But it's not enough. Malem has joined the forces of good and wages war against the vast host of Vorgon, the Balor who has come to destroy the world.

He also has a few hill giants and other monsters ready to follow him to the gates of hell itself. The army of Vorgon stands poised to defeat the defenders. Despite malem's powers, and the unique magic and abilities his lovely companions bring to the table, the enemy has the advantage when it comes to sheer numbers.

Malem has four beautiful women fighting at his side, one of them a former general of Vorgon's army--a night elf tamed by his unique skill.

Defiler Monster Tamer Book 3

This errand might just backfire on Vorgon, however, because if Malem succeeds, he will grow in power far beyond anything the demon ever dreamed of. Besides, they’re super hot. Vorgon doesn’t like the devotion malem shows his women, so the evil demon decides to send him on a fool’s errand—-his mission is to infiltrate the kingdom of the Tree Elves and Break their queen.

Monsters. Girls. Mayhem. The darkness has taken Malem. The breaker fights for Vorgon now. But that doesn’t mean Malem is going to let anyone harm the five women he’s bound to. No easy task, given that she is surrounded by an army of bloodthirsty fighters and merciless mages, not to mention a crapload of monsters.

. They give him the power to control monsters, after all.

Emperor Monster Tamer Book 4

He hasn't figured out how he's going to pay his soldiers, after all, but he's confident things will work out: he has a few princesses and queens serving on his personal advisory board, and they have some experience in nation building among other special talents. He also has a couple of new women who've recently joined his team, and they need to be brought up to speed, in more ways than one.

But it isn't all fun and games in the Kingdom of Malem. His newly acquired army is building a city for him and his companions in the forest. Building a new city in the heart of monster territory is bound to attract some attention, and not the good kind. Malem's back, and he's free of Vorgon and all things demon.

It's time to enjoy the fruits of his labor. So when he faces a large-scale attack from an unknown enemy, it doesn't really come as a surprise. To stave off this latest threat, Malem must once more don his Breaker's hat and return to the fray with his lovely companions. Featuring hot women, a good old-fashioned dungeon crawl, ugly monsters, and a massive battle between armies.


Summoner 9

Gryff and his team travel to the southern continent to address rumors of a risen goddess, and as they trek through the treacherous jungles, Gryff has to keep his wits about him … Because something is watching. Phi might be taken care of, but now another problem arises to the South.

Swing Shift: Book 2

A name that grown men and women wouldn’t discuss in polite company. Except, despite gus’s best intentions to get back to his stable non-life, he’s going to get thrown right back into the fray. One that he sought out after he’d come back from his tour of duty. That was before melody, a contractor, more or less blew his life up as if it were a building packed full of c4.

A gung-ho and eager young detective looking to prove herself. Then commandeering and recruiting a cleaning lady that turned out to be an Elven Dryad Sorceress who viewed killing people as little more than emptying the trash can. Gus had lived through it though. Read at your own risk. Then pranced around the ashes of it like it was the end of the world and she was conjuring up the end times herself.

All while breaking in a rookie by the name of Vanessa into the PID. He could lean into it and make it work for him. He’d done it before when he was in the military. Made a name for himself out there in the bloody desert. He was The Hunter. A name that the Elven mothers now used to instill fear into misbehaving children.

God of Magic

Gabriel would be the most powerful mage in the universe. That's why the goddess of luck has sent him into a fantasy world to help the last of her followers. Now, a cunning dragoness archer, he will use his power to manipulate minds and magic to help an orcish shield knight, and an elven healer create the most powerful guild of adventurers this world had ever seen.

This novel contains harem elements. If he were in the right universe.

Fighter Monster Tamer Book 5

The laid-back days spent roaming the countryside, sleeping under the stars, free of the burdens of rule. He should be happy. And yet he is restless. Quite literally. Sometimes, even emperors have bad days. Unfortunately, this particular friend is not what he seems, and when Malem finally catches him, the man might just bring Malem's world crashing down around him.

Careful what you wish for. When an old friend flees malem's kingdom, bringing with him the secret to escaping the demon that binds Malem forever, our restless emperor must pursue. Malem is emperor. He yearns for the nomadic existence he left behind. He has an army of monsters at his command, and a harem of beautiful women at his beck and call.


Dragon Emperor 3: Human to Dragon to God

Having won the king’s favor, Evan sets his sights on rebuilding the city of Hatra to its former glory. And dragons have no problem crushing their enemies. Suspicious that the villainous Green Glass Sect is behind these latest assaults, making allies, Evan starts looking for answers, and consolidating his power.

Luckily, he’s a kick ass dragon lord now. Until mummified harpies begin to attack them.

Sword of the Tyrant: A Monster Girl Harem Fantasy Celestine Chronicles Book 5

Those uninterested or under the age of eighteen are strongly warned of explicit content. Faced with an antagonist who can vanish without trace at will, Terry struggles to find some way to force a confrontation before the people he was charged to keep safe are lost forever. Meanwhile yuri finds that the area around svartheim has been devastated, and the one clue he has to their disappearance is an ominous note naming the dungeon as both the source of the destruction, its people slaughtered, and the birthplace of a warlord known as Halfrekkr .

. Warning: this book does not pan to waving curtains and fade to black. Never split the party. Tyrfing is both the key to success in Terry Mack's quest to destroy the Dust Lord, and a death sentence for any template foolish enough to go after the cursed blade. With baba yaga prophesying doom should he pursue the weapon himself, Terry is compelled by his lovers and companions to allow Yuri to retrieve the sword instead while he moves to secure the tiger kin and bring them home.

Yet terry arrives to find every male of the tribe missing, captured by a monster with strange, hypnotic powers.


And let me tell you, these women are some real beauties, and they don’t mind sharing Marc. One of the best, and I know good stories. Thank you, thank you, thank you all for coming. As your president, i feel it’s important to tell you all about this guy. His name is marc havak, and let me tell you, this guy is going to be huge.

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