Bonded by Blood: Three Brothers, One Promise

Lock Down Publications - Hustlin' is in their blood from both ends -- hers and their father Raphael's, who was Black Girl's pimp before drugs knocked them both on their asses and destroyed Raphael's stable of top-notch ho's. In khalil, black girl sees the making of a boss mack, much like his pops. From her deathbed, an infamous ex-prostitute of atlanta's Auburn Avenue ho stroll, B-Man, Black Girl, exacts two promises from her three young teenaged sons, where HIV is choking away her last breaths, Khalil, and Quantavious.

In her baby boy, Quantavious, Black Girl prophesizes a major drug kingpin. But some promises are hard to keep, especially when bitterness runs deep. When fast money, unspoken grudges and unforgivable violations are tossed into the mix, irresistible women, will a deathbed promise to their mother be enough to stop the bloodshed once it begins?Which brother will remain standing in the end? .

Bonded by Blood: Three Brothers, One Promise - She does not try to fool herself that the boys will be anything but hustlers. But to do so, women, they must never let money, jealousy or greed come between them. They must remain bonded by bLOOD, which she makes them promise at her deathbed. Black girl also makes her boys promise to forgive Raphael, and not hold her demise against him.

In b-man, her youngest son, she sees a fierce jackboy and a heartless killa. Together, she knows her sons can rule the streets from all angles.

Blood Stains of a Shotta: Da Life of a Rude Boy

Lock Down Publications - But rocket is cut from a different cloth. As if the game he strives to master doesn't offer enough trials and tribulations, Rocket must overcome the cold-hearted treachery of his own flesh and blood, a type of betrayal that would bury a lesser man. Rocket was destined to be a bonafied, unrepentant gangsta from the day he came out of his father's nutsack.

And by his side is jae, a jamaican femme fatale, who's loyalty to him is just as resounding as her beauty, and Jae's gun is no joke. Once a bk gangsta hooks up with the quintessential rude gal, brooklyn and the other Burroughs of New York become dog food for the inseparable couple, as rivals find out exactly how devastating the BLOOD STAINS OF A SHOTTA can be.

Blood Stains of a Shotta: Da Life of a Rude Boy - Born to a woman who didn't give a damn about him and a father who's a certified thug, Rocket is raised by the streets of Brooklyn, serving a life sentence in the penitentiary, New York, where only the strong survive.

Bred by the Slums: Loyalty in Blood

Lock Down Publications - Snatched up by child protective services at the tender age of nine years old, SHEMAR was destined for a life of struggle and dysfunction. He's determined to rescue his younger sister, PURITY, from them hell she fell in to when they were separated by the system. But those that counted him out had no way of measuring the heart of a young savage who's been BRED BY THE SLUMS.

As he ages, young, beastly shemar is motivated by more than just the shine and money that comes from hustling and murder in the hood.

When the Streets Clap Back: Prepare for War

Lock Down Publications - When the streets clap back, the predators become the prey. Throughout the grimy streets of newport, BKA Bad Newz, Virginia, there was big money to be made by those who didn't hesitate to get it how they lived. Will the former beastly killaz cower to the streets? Or will they prove that a killa with money will still bust his gun?The answer will leave blood, heartache and a river of tears in its wake.

For skalez and his partners in crime, bloCK and 40, that meant donning the ski masks, all-black attires and taking what they wanted. While his two comrades go from robbing drug dealers to becoming major dopeboys themselves. But, as success starts to multiply for the trio, in their different endeavours, they quickly find out that it's not easy to leave the past behind.

When the Streets Clap Back: Prepare for War - If opposed, they killed, without hesitation or remorse. After pulling off a very lucrative robbery, Skalez wants to make the transition from jack boy to legitimate business man and settle down with his girl.

Godfather Of Atlanta

Cole Hart Presents - This entertaining triumph goes from the streets, to the prison system and to the corporate world of record labels and rap entertainment. Young hollywood, the youngest goon of a notorious rich clique from Hollywood Court projects is destined to make his name known throughout the entire Westside of Atlanta.

Violated, blood thirsty and reckless, he vows for revenge as he combs the city for answers. This highly anticipated, descriptive urban novel about crime, corruption and passion in Atlanta's own underworld will have you on your toes from the first page to the very last. Young hollywood s home is invaded, and his son is held for ransom.

Godfather Of Atlanta - There, young hollywood meets up with a man he never knew before. Certified and ruthless, young Hollywood is worth a half a million before the age of sixteen, and is well on his way until tragedy strikes. Once inside the georgia penal System, Young Hollywood continues on his ruthless traits until he is placed on high max with hardened criminals.

After they untie, the real a-town veteran is released from prison after serving twenty straight years, but not before sucking up every piece of game and knowledge he could. This is one masterpiece you'll never want to end.

Blood Stains of a Shotta 2: Feel my Pain

Lock Down Publications - Anyone who opposes them will be met with an unmerciful burst of gunfire. As the bullets fly back and forth and the drama mounts, Jae shows the BK just how thorough her Jamaican pedigree is, especially when they come for her man. Dead or alive, they will respect Rocket, she vows. But the other side is determined to annihilate everything that Rocket has built, including his loyal homie and his ride or die woman.

New york goons are the grimiest but in Rocket's killa band, there are no weak links for the enemy to exploit, unless it is someone from the past who's scorned. With blood stains of a shotta all over the new york streets, who will be victorious in the end? What price will the victors have to pay for the prize?

Blood Stains of a Shotta 2: Feel my Pain - With rocket slugged up and unable to retaliate on his enemies, and his rude gal, it's up to his man TRAP, JAE, to show the streets that he is still calling the shots in Brooklyn.

Married to a Boss, Pregnant by my Ex

Lock Down Publications - Just as she's getting used to being single and independent, along comes DOMINIC, the prefect antidote for her heartache. Dominic's love for Storm is genuine and true. Nor did she realize the deadly consequences this might cause. Will her undying love for the forbidden cause her more pain than pleasure? GOTTI has secrets that run deep.

. When storm discovers his deceitfulness, their unbreakable bond shatters and she must put the pieces to her life back together and stand on her own. Her qualities make her a magnet for almost any man, but her heart just might belong to the wrong one. He gives her the world on a silver platter, but can he protect her from the hatred that's brooding inside the man she left? Or will her past and present collide in a tragic calamity that leaves many lives in tatters?Storm never imagined she would wear the dark cloud of being MARRIED TO A BOSS, PREGNANT BY MY EX.

Married to a Boss, Pregnant by my Ex - Storm is jaw-dropping beautiful, sexy and smart.

Blast For Me: Honor My Gangsta

Lock Down Publications - Encounters two stomp down hood chicks, LiL MOMMA and JENNIFER, whose hearts just might be colder than his. Will there be a clash unlike any he's faced on his journey of duffel bags and limelight? Or will his gangsta style capture the girls' love and loyalty?With money and success comes haters and back-stabbers, and one careless move can cost a man everything, including his life.

. But the streets never bow down unless made to do so forcefully. In the midst of bloody chaos, as he's annihilating all foes, J. T. J. T. Amongst the many lessons he was taught, he knew to move in silence and the importance of out-thinking the competition. Armed with boss jewels on hustling and survival of the fittest, his ascent to the top of the drug hierarchy seems predestined.

Blast For Me: Honor My Gangsta - Blast for me, 2&3, the author of raised as a goon 1, the heart racing new series by GHOST, will leave you spellbound. Is a cold-hearted but thoughtful, young street savage who learned the game from a wizened kingpin.

Ski Mask Cartel: Money Over Loyalty

Lock Down Publications - In the windy city of chicago, also known as chiraq, the sKI MASK CARTEL is robbing and murdering everything moving, Illinois, while laying their claim as the coldest clique to ever walk the streets. Racine, is the type of savage who robs and kills to provide for his loved ones. As the crew's riches pile up, the time-worn devils, greed, deceit and the battle over a woman rear their ugly heads.

Racine is no punk, but is he truly built to go up against RAYJON, the ruthless leader of the murderous gang? Is money and the love of a woman worth a man's life?Sometimes it is! While his cousin, tez, is strictly about the body count and the paper, and all of the prestige that comes with making other boss hustlers lay down.

Traphouse King: Hungry for the Paper

Lock Down Publications - Will the young hood god be able to overcome heartache like he concurs the game? Will a burgeoning love of his own become an added strength or a downfall waiting to happen?The drug trap is where hundreds of thousands of dollars are made, and it's also where lives are shattered beyond repair. It doesn’t take long for the lessons to click in his head and for him to master the trap.

Along the way, the road is bumpy and the monsters of the slums work collectively to bring him down. Which will be Rich's fate? Rich watched his mother overdose from a lethal hit of heroin that he supplied to her. Crushed and reeling from his mom's death, who are now solely depending on him, and his complicity in it, Rich is left with the heavy burden of supporting his younger sisters, KEYONNA and KESHA, but neither of the three are of age to live on their own.

Traphouse King: Hungry for the Paper - In steps andrea, a close friend of their deceased mother, but Andrea isn't just providing them a roof over their heads. But to rich, failure isn't an option and anyone in his way will be dealt with, by any means necessary. The obstacles intensify when Keyonna does the unexplainable, which will knock Rich to his knees.

Immediately, she laces rich with money as she schools the young savage on how to become a true TRAPHOUSE KING.

A Drug King and His Diamond: Supremacy in the Game

Lock Down Publications - After her drug kingpin brother is sentenced to a long prison term in the Fed's, CHANEL and her brother's most trusted comrade, take control of The Circle, CHRIS, the notorious money-getting crew her beloved brother once headed. With chris by her side, the pretty Queen Pin delivers a deadly warning to others who eat from the drug platter.

The men she must eliminate are sick with their murder game, and one in particular is as smooth as he is dangerous, and he too has a boss bytch on his team. Millions of dollars are on the line as the city erupts in a bloody street war. They'll either do things her way or they'll be marked for death. But chanel's opposition is plenty.

A Drug King and His Diamond: Supremacy in the Game - But when unlikely attractions blossom, will the bloodshed stop? or will the true boss of the game outsmart everyone and prove that the thirst for money and power outweighs love?A DRUG KING AND HIS DIAMOND will end all debate as to whether the Boss of Bosses wears pants or a skirt? .