Being as Communion: Studies in Personhood and the Church Contemporary Greek Theologians Series, No 4

In the context of a complete theology, the eucharist the author propounds a fresh understanding, which includes extended consideration of the major theological topics the Trinity, based on the early Fathers and the Orthodox tradition, of the concept of person, ministry, and sacrament, but above all, eschatology, Christology, and so of the Church itself.

Yves congar has written that he considers the author to be 'one of the most original and profound theologians of our epoch' and that he 'presents a penetrating and coherent reading of the tradition of the Greek '. The voice of john zizioulas may turn out to be the fresh voice for which theology and especially ecclesiology have long been waiting.

His consideration of the local church as 'catholic' in the literal sense, and the need to understand the universal Church not as a superstructure but as the communion of all Churches, provides the program for the ecclesiology of the future.

That All Shall Be Saved: Heaven, Hell, and Universal Salvation

A stunning reexamination of one of the essential tenets of christian belief from one of the most provocative and admired writers on religion today The great fourth‑century church father Basil of Caesarea once observed that, in his time, most Christians believed that hell was not everlasting, and that all would eventually attain salvation.

. But it is not so. With great rhetorical power, wit, and emotional range, Hart offers a new perspective on one of Christianity’s most important themes. And if he is not the savior of all, the Kingdom is only a dream, and creation something considerably worse than a nightmare. On the basis of the earliest christian writings, scripture, and logic, Hart argues that if God is the good creator of all, he is the savior of all, theological tradition, without fail.

But today, this view is no longer prevalent within Christian communities. There is no such thing as eternal damnation; all will be saved. In this momentous book, david bentley Hart makes the case that nearly two millennia of dogmatic tradition have misled readers on the crucial matter of universal salvation.


The Trinity Milestones in Catholic Theology

The ground-breaking treatment of the doctrine of the Trinity by one of the most important theologians of the century is here reprinted on the 30th anniversary of its orginal publication. In this treatise, karl rahner analyzes the place of the doctrine of the Trinity within Catholic theology and develops his own highly original and innovative reading of the doctrine, including his now-famous dictum.


Communion and Otherness: Further Studies in Personhood and the Church

The final chapter responds to the customary separation of ecclesiology from mysticism and strongly favours a mystical understanding of the body of Christ as a whole. With a constant awareness of the deepest existential questions of today, Metropolitan John probes the Christian tradition and highlights the existential concerns that already underlay the writings of the Greek fathers and the definitions of the early ecumenical councils.

Other papers, previously published but some not easily obtainable, are all revised for their inclusion here. This is a further contribution to dialogue on some of the most vital issues for theology and the Church from one of the leading figures in modern ecumenism. In a vigorous and challenging way, he defends the freedom to be other as an intrinsic characteristic of personhood, fulfilled only in communion.

After a major opening chapter on the ontology of otherness, Christology, written specially for this volume, the theme is systematically developed with reference to the Trinity, anthropology and ecclesiology. In this important companion volume he now explores the complementary fact that communion is the basis for true otherness and identity.

. Communion and otherness: how can these be reconciled?' In this wide-ranging study, the distinguished Orthodox theologian, Metropolitan John Zizioulas of Pergamon, seeks to answer that question. In his celebrated book, being as Communion 1985, he emphasised the importance of communion for life and for unity.

Another new chapter defends the idea that the Father is cause of the Trinity, as taught by the Cappadocian fathers, and replies to criticisms of this view.

The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church

In his classic exposition of the theology of the Church, Lossky states that the Eastern Tradition. Has never made a sharp distinction between mysticism and theology; between personal experience of the divine mysteries and the dogma affirmed bu the Church. The term "mystical theology" denotes that which is accessible yet inaccesible' those things inderstood yet surpassing all knowledge.


After Our Likeness: The Church as the Image of the Trinity Sacra Doctrina: Christian Theology for a Postmodern Age

The focus is the community of grace, the Christian church. The point of departure is the thought of the first Baptist, John Smyth, and the notion of church as "gathered community" that he shared with Radical Reformers. Volf seeks to counter the tendencies toward individualism in Protestant ecclesiology and to suggest a viable understanding of the church in which both person and community are given their proper due.

In after our likeness, the inaugural volume in the Sacra Doctrina series, Miroslav Volf explores the relationship between persons and community in Christian theology. In the process he engages in a sustained and critical ecumenical dialogue with the Catholic and Orthodox ecclesiologies of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger and the metropolitan John Zizioulas.

The result is a brilliant ecumenical study that spells out a vision of the church as an image of the triune God.

The Eucharist: Sacrament of the Kingdom

Father alexander schmemann +1983 was a prolific writer, brilliant lecturer, and dedicated pastor. Used book in Good Condition. The eucharist is the crowning achievement of the well-known liturgical scholar, Alexander Schmemann. It reflects his entire life experience and thoughts on the Divine Liturgy, the Church's central act of self-realization.


For the Life of the World - Classics Series, vol. 1 St. Vladimir's Seminary Press Classics Paperback

Humphrey, along with new explanatory notes and an index. Of what life do we speak, as christians, and announce when, proclaim, we confess that Christ died for the life of the world? In For the Life of the World Alexander Schmemann suggests an approach to the world and life within it, what life do we preach, which stems from the liturgical experience of the Orthodox Church.

In for the life of the world alexander Schmemann suggests an approach to the world and life within it, which stems from the liturgical experience of the Orthodox Church. For over half a century for the Life of the World has challenged, illumined, and inspired readers from many backgrounds. Used book in Good Condition.

This updated edition of Schmemann s classic text includes a new foreword by Dr Edith M. For some it is an introduction to the orthodox Church, while for others it is a call to plunge more deeply into the life of the Kingdom, both manifested and anticipated here and now in the liturgy of the Church. He understands issues such as secularism and christian culture from the perspective of the unbroken experience of the Church, in her liturgy the sacrament of the world, as revealed and communicated in her worship, the sacrament of the Kingdom.

He understands issues such as secularism and christian culture from the perspective of the unbroken experience of the Church, in her liturgy the sacrament of the world, as revealed and communicated in her worship, the sacrament of the Kingdom.

The Politics of Jesus

Currently a standard in many college and seminary ethics courses, The Politics of Jesus is also an excellent resource for the general reader desiring to understand Christ's response to the world of politics and his will for those who would follow him. Tradition has painted a portrait of a Savior aloof from governmental concerns and whose teachings point to an apolitical life for his disciples.

The book first surveys the multiple ways the image of an apolitical Jesus has been propagated, then canvasses the Gospel narrative to reveal how Jesus is rightly portrayed as a thinker and leader immediately concerned with the agenda of politics and the related issues of power, status, and right relations.

In this thorough revision of his acclaimed 1972 text, Yoder provides updated interaction with publications touching on this subject. Selected passages from the epistles corroborate a Savior deeply concerned with social, political, and moral issues. Used book in Good Condition. William b Eerdmans Publishing Company.

Following most of the chapters are new "epilogues" that summarize research conducted during the last two decades -- research that continues to support the insights set forth in Yoder's original work. Using the texts of the new testament, yoder critically examines the traditional portrait of Jesus as an apolitical figure and attempts to clarify the true impact of Jesus' life, work, and teachings on his disciples' social behavior.

How, then, are we to respond today to a world so thoroughly entrenched in national and international affairs? But such a picture of Jesus is far from accurate, argues John Howard Yoder.

On the Cosmic Mystery of Jesus Christ

The translations are accompanied by immensely helpful notes, and prefaced by a long, brilliant introduction to the theology of the Confessor. Robert wilken and Paul Blowers have put us all deeply in their debt. Andrew louth, professor of Patristics and Byzantine Studies, University of Durham Paul M. Until very recently, however, little of his work has been available in English translation, save for some collections of brief reflections arranged in centuries and a few brief treatises, too easily classified as "spirituality.

This volume provides translations from st maximus, his Ambigua or Difficulties and his Questions to Thalassius, two main collections of theological reflections, plus one of his Christological opuscula, hitherto unavailable in English. On the cosmic mystery of jesus christ is part of the POPULAR PATRISTIC SERIES.

Kenan, jr professor of the History of Christianity at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia. Blowers is professor of church History at Emmanuel School of Religion and an historian of early and Byzantine Christianity. Used book in Good Condition. Robert louis Wilken is the William R. William b Eerdmans Publishing Company.

The last half of the twentieth century saw the establishment of the reputation of St Maximus the Confessor as the greatest of all Byzantine theologians, with a wholeness of vision that speaks directly to many of our concerns today.

The Orthodox Way

Yet this book is not a mere manual, a dry-as-dust repository of information. A wealth of texts drawn from theologians and spiritual writers of all ages accompanies Bishop Kallistos' presentation. Used book in Good Condition. William b Eerdmans Publishing Company. It raises the basic issues of theology: God is hidden yet revealed; the problem with evil; the nature of salvation; the meaning of faith; prayer; death and what lies beyond.

Spck. Throughout the book, bishop Kallistos Ware shows the meaning of Orthodox doctrine for the life of the individual Christian. Doctrinal issues are seen not as abstract propositions for theological debate but as affecting the whole of life. In so doing, it helps to fill the need for modern Orthodox catechism.

They, reveal orthodoxy not just as a system of beliefs, too, practices and customs but indeed as the Way. This book is a general account of the doctrine, worship and life of Orthodox Christians by the author of the now classic The Orthodox Church.