A Convenient Engagement The Countess Scandals Book 1

After she moves to london for her first season among the ton, the ill-mannered Gavan Dalreoch, she immediately finds herself in a heated dispute with her neighbor, Earl of Rhone. Giving the earl a black eye is a lapse in judgment—even though the Scottish scoundrel deserved it. Yet as the charade continues with stolen kisses and a trip to Gavan's Scottish castle, Gavan and Hannah discover that their false engagement may be more real than they imagined.

Includes a preview of the second countess scandals novel, and best of all, hilarious, and engaging read, A Dangerous Damsel“A Convenient Engagement is a charming, full of handsome Highlanders!”—New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Ashley . A young lady makes an outrageous deal with a very handsome devil in this sexy debut romance set in Georgian Era London and Scotland.

An independent young woman of means, Miss Hannah Howard is as stubborn as she is beautiful. Now with her reputation in jeopardy, her only hope for saving face is the man whose face she bruised. Gavan is content to live up to his rakish reputation, but with family pressuring him to marry, he and Hannah agree to get engaged just long enough to appear respectable.


A Ballroom Temptation The Countess Scandals Book 3

Though his father called him home from the Carolinas to find a wife, he wants nothing more than to return to his life of freedom in the Americas. When adam saves jane from an unsavory encounter with Pembroke, the two become allies in navigating the mire of the social season. The unusual character elements and the laugh-out-loud humor make this a real winner.

Rt book reviews, 4 stars. But as a mutually beneficial alliance turns to genuine affection, it becomes clear that their plans may be foiled by their own hearts. She has already suffered enough at the hands of the ton, not to mention her cruel ex-fiance, Geoffrey Pembroke. Unexpected allies find themselves falling for each other in the new Countess Scandals novel from the author of A Convenient Engagement and A Dangerous Damsel.

Arriving for the season in London, the always-proper Jane Bailey hopes to pass unseen and unheard--and return home unwed. Adam clairborne has similar plans.

A Dangerous Damsel The Countess Scandals Book 2

But ewan isn’t like the other men she’s known—and he refuses to be shaken off. Yet when alastair comes after his debt, Deidre and Ewan both get more trouble than they bargained for—and perhaps a love worth fighting for. Includes a preview of the next book in the countess scandals seriesPraise for the Countess Scandals novels"Two outrageously strong, deeply vulnerable characters meet their match in every way in this story, and the way they get to that realization--along with off-the-charts chemistry--make it a Top Pick.

Rt book reviews"a charming, and engaging read, and best of all, hilarious, full of handsome Highlanders!”—New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Ashley . Deidre plans to seduce him, take his money, and leave him behind. In eighteenth century scotland, a born seductress meets her match in the second Countess Scandals novel from the author of A Convenient Engagement.

Deidre morgan survives on her allure, quick hands, and quicker wits. But when her brother tristan’s gambling addiction gets him in too deep with the crime lord—and Deidre's former lover—Alistair, Deidre needs to come up with the money. Fast. Rich and handsome, Ewan Dalreoch seems to be the perfect mark.


A Scandal By Any Other Name Tale of Two Sisters Book 2

But she knows she’ll never experience any of those things. That is, until a handsome duke with a mysterious past of his own arrives…Duke Jasper DeVere left London to grieve his grandfather’s death privately, away from the prying eyes and gossips of the ton. Nor that he agrees a distraction is what they both need.

Romance. Unchaperoned picnics. But what will happen when jasper must return to his duties and leave julia behind? will the memories of their time together be enough for a lifetime of solitude for either of them?Because Julia can never leave her country haven and a duke can never stay…Each book the Tale of Two Sisters series is STANDALONE:* The Importance of Being Scandalous* A Scandal By Any Other Name.

But she longs for more, if only for an evening. Seeking solitude at a friend’s country manor, he’s surprised he finds himself drawn to the company of the shy beauty determined to present the epitome of proper behavior. That is, until the mysterious woman makes an indecent proposal…Julia can’t believe what she’s suggested to the duke.

To kiss a rake in full view of the stable boy. Julia bishop has led a very sheltered life. Protected by her family from those who might ridicule her for her secrets, she stays hidden away in the country.

The Importance of Being Scandalous Tale of Two Sisters Book 1

A horse race in trousers on Rotten Row. The only thing left is to entice childhood friend Nicholas Wakefield into a truly engagement-ending scandal. The wakefields are the height of propriety, and nicholas’s parents have made it clear a wife from the neighboring Bishop family would be unacceptable… But Nicholas would give up his family and his fortune if Amelia would ever see him as more than just a childhood friend.

Sneaking an invitation to a masquerade ball attended by only the wickedest, most debauched members of society… None of these things are scaring off bookish but strong-willed Amelia Bishop’s stuffy, egotistical fiancé. He’ll go along with her scheme, even if it means ruining them both, because he’s got a plan that will change her mind about him being merely the boy next door.

Visiting a gaming hall in a dress that would make her mother faint.

Lord Vile Beastly Lords Book 3

If lord vile thought he understood betrayal and heartache, he hasn’t seen anything yet. The beastly lords serieslord DespairLord AnguishLord VileRead all three in Kindle Unlimited! If the bon ton thinks him a rogue, he may as well shed the burdensome, boring veneer of decency and decorum. Read book three in the bestselling Beastly Lords series.

Until a desirable new lady arrives in London, a polished stranger, not a hint of vengeance. One wronged woman seeking revenge shreds his self-centered world, painfully capturing the heart he didn’t know he had. Lord michael alder has always behaved himself, enjoyed the London social Season, and even became engaged in his quiet, unassuming way.

So be it. Let the decadence begin!viscount alder never meant to earn the nickname Lord Vile, yet he fully embraces it after a nasty betrayal—combining bitter resentment with the soothing taste of gin and a fondness for females. A vile lord unleashed. Worshiping him from afar, Ada Kathryn is thrilled to encounter the dash-fire viscount in the darkened garden.

Then treachery shatters his gentlemanly character. Minutes later, her innocence in tatters, she waits for the noble Lord Alder to do the honorable thing.

Prince of Persuasion Sins and Scoundrels Book 2

Handsome, enigmatic duncan Kirkwood is the prince of London’s most exclusive—and wicked—gaming club. But there’s something about Lady Frederica that stirs more than his desire for retribution. Frederica finds herself drawn to the charming Mr. The gossips say his soul is as black as his cravats. She’ll go to any lengths to conduct research for her manuscript, including infiltrating Kirkwood’s notorious club disguised as her brother.

It doesn’t take long for duncan to realize the oddly garbed stranger penning notes at his hazard table is not who she pretends to be. With reprisal within his grasp at last, Duncan must make the impossible choice between gaining his revenge and persuading the woman who owns his heart to take the biggest gamble of all.

Read for free in kindle unlimited!Book One: Duke of DepravityBook Two: Prince of Persuasion. Kirkwood and curious about the darker side of the world she never knew existed. She knows she should stay far away from him and his life of sin, and yet she keeps returning for more. As duncan and frederica become hopelessly entangled in each other’s lives, passion blossoms.

He founded his empire upon one goal: gaining vengeance against the man who sired him and abandoned his mother. To society, lady frederica Isling is a quiet, proper duke’s daughter and wallflower. Get book two in the bestselling sins and Scoundrels Series - an illegitimate son bent on revenge is swept up in an unexpected affair with an unexpected lady.

Lady Saves the Duke Lord Love a Lady Book 3

Oughtn't to upset his life whatsoever. His heart, however, is another matter. Self-pity, she believes, is for the truly wretched. Marrying her shouldn't upend his life. After all, a man has needs. The week ought to have been pleasantly uneventful for both of them, parlor games, with nature walks, and afternoon teas on the terrace.

. But for some inferior stitchery on poor Abigail's bodice. And now the duke is faced with a choice. Should he make this mouse a respectable offer and then abandon her to his country estate? She's rather pathetic and harmless, really. He's given up on happiness but will not reject sensual pleasure. The duke must decide.

Should he make this mouse a respectable offer?  She's harmless, really. Miss abigail wright, disillusioned spinster, hides her secret pain behind encouraging smiles and optimistic laughter. His heart, however, is another matter.

Six Weeks with a Lord

He just has to ensure she never discovers his secret. Six weeks. Grace alnott is out of time. Hard. Major everett hetherington, new earl of Westbury, has exactly six weeks to convince the very independent Grace Alnott to spend the rest of her life with him. Despite her belief she doesn't belong in his world, he must tempt the alluring Grace into staying, because he has fallen for her.

Handsome but destitute everett hetherington, Earl of Westbury agrees to her offer of a marriage of convenience but stipulates she must live with him for six weeks. No matter how honorable he seems she can’t allow him to get too close, because the aristocracy cannot be trusted. To save her younger brother from an abusive guardian, her merchant father’s will demands she must marry a peer.


The Scandalous Diary of Lily Layton Sweetest Taboo Book 3

Beneath lily layton’s sweet and charming exterior beats the heart of a vixen—one with shocking and scandalous secrets and desires. When he has a secret rendezvous with a mysterious stranger, suddenly he starts to believe she might be the author of the diary. He’s determined to find out who his mystery woman is…His biggest fear—and deepest fantasy—is she may be the one woman he cannot have.

Each book in the sweetest taboo series is standalone:* sin and Ink by Naima Simone* Passion and Ink by Naima Simone* The Scandalous Diary of Lily Layton by Stacy Reid. He just needs to figure out who she is. But as a genteel lady, she confines her forbidden fantasies, like those about her employer’s devastatingly handsome son, to her diary…until she loses it.

Oliver carlyle, marquess of ambrose, has finally found the perfect wife, a woman who will not hide from his dark, carnal cravings.

Never Kiss a Scot The League of Rogues Book 10

She's pretty, intelligent, witty and. On the shelf. But will his secrets and enemies tear them apart?Brock Kincade knows better than to go around kissing English ladies in dark libraries. It's a race to greta Green fora hasty anvil marriage that will change their lives forever. Joanna lennox is a fine bred English lady.

Especially when a lady is the little sister of the man who will shortly be his brother-in-law. He doesn’t believe in love, but he believes in lust, and after that single kiss, he knows he wants her as his wife. With an influential baron as her brother and a hefty dowry, she should have gentleman lining up at her door but instead she seems doomed to become a spinster.

Desperate for a life and a love of her own, brooding, she turns to the darkly handsome, Scottish lord who lights a fire within her with his touch. But joanna is pure temptation, and he's been denied that innocent affection for far too long. There’s just one problem: he’ll have to steal her away from her overprotective brother and his devilish band of friends, the League of Rogues.

. He might not love her, but he'll care for her and fuel the passionate fire between them with pleasure. Then one night a handsome highland lord steals a kiss from her in a library which stirs her deepest desires.